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yummy (2/2/2011)
When my college kids are sick this soup never fails me. Thank u so much

june kraff - florida
It's a Welcome Surprise! (1/26/2011)
I am a very pleased repeat customer. I have purchased your gift packages for people recovering from surgery and cancer treatment, as well as for friends who were entertaining out of town visitors. My dad said your soup is the best he's ever had... little does he know, a new surprise will be waiting on my parents' doorstep in a few days! Thank you for all the smiles and good cheer!

Linda - Illinois
A cold at Christmas (1/17/2011)
I wanted to add a comment on your website for other visitors, but wasn't sure how to go about doing that..... I wanted to tell readers & Grandmas Chicken Soup, that this is such a great unique idea & the recipient that received the soup, loved the idea & the soup as well!! My dad caught a cold around Christmas time, I thought to myself, "wouldn't that be neat to send him some soup." I found your website & sent him some soup all the way to Hawaii!! Not only did it bring a warm smile to his face, it also showed how much I was really thinking about him! And of course he is all better now, with special thanks to Grandmas Chicken Soup!!

Thank you for such a unique (better than flowers) idea!!

Heidi - Hawaii
Loved the Care Package (12/15/2010)
Thanks, Betsy! The recipient LOVED the “care package” from your company. I will definitely keep you info on-hand. Such a better alternative than the traditional mailed gifts.


Heather from Jordan's Furniture - Massachusetts
Thanks, again and again (12/15/2010)
You sent out order to two friends yesterday that were received today.

One made a phone call to me “Thanking me so much for such a great different idea and this e mail I got.

“You are unbelievable. Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift. You didn't have to do that. Thank you again. Very well received. Happy Holidays... see you soon,”

Thanks again and I am sure you always appreciate to hear good things!

Harold - Michigan
the best medicine (12/10/2010)
The perfect "medicine" for my daughter during her first semester at college! She absolutely LOVED the soup and the matzah balls. All the kids on her floor want us to adopt them :) THANKS!

David, - Florida
Warm Holiday Wishes (12/8/2010)
My Dear Betsy and Melissa,
What a wonderful and warm surprise to receive a gift of soup from your company--I was truly overwhelmed. My first thought was that my son and family in Tennessee who is the happy and very appreciative recipient of your soup every month had turned the tables and was sending ME a jar of your special love. It was indeed a lovely gesture on your part, and I am most grateful---and certainly looking forward to enjoying my great gift.

Thanks again and Happy Holiday to you and your families.

Bette - Texas
keep up the good work (11/10/2010)
My girlfriend put me on to you guys and we are really happy with the products and the service.
Keep up the good work-

Mary Jean, - New Jersey
better than flowers (11/10/2010)
I wanted to say thanks so much for the beautiful gift package that you delivered to my sister Maureen. She has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and had a lump- ectomy and will start chemo and radiation within the next month. She was so thrilled to get her package and said the soup looked awesome, stating "The chunks of chicken were HUGE!" It meant so much to her and is much better than the usual gift of flowers that usually die within a week. Thanks again! We'll BOTH recommend your service to others!

Denise - Maryland
thanks (10/18/2010)
Thanks for the email and phone call, I do appreciate the attention to detail!!!

Les, - Maryland
Thanks for your time . . . (9/29/2010)
Thank you for your time. And, I will continue to be a repeat customer because you provide an exceptional product backed by excellent customer service.

Thanks again.


Ruby, - New York
Recovering from Surgery (9/29/2010)
I am currently at home recovering from tongue cancer surgery. Never a smoker and only a social drinker, no family history or risk factors. My tongue is swollen to the point of not being able to get anything but clear liquids down. When I received the package from your company yesterday (my mother-in-laws generous gift) it brought a smile to my face. My family is missing my home cooking and I was craving something warm that would slide down easily. My husband drained some of the broth for me and they ate the rest. This was by far the highlight of my dreadful recovery day.

Thank you to all the Grandma’s!!

Best Regards,


Lisa, - Maryland
No More Fruit Flower! (8/16/2010)
My mom passed away this past December and an attorney who used to be with our firm sent me your give package and it was great. I usually send a "fruit flower", but from now on I am sending Grandma's Chicken Soup!

Susan - Philadelphia
It's a WINNER! (7/21/2010)
This was the first meal a family member recovering from surgery had. The soup was just what the doctor ordered! The patient and family members wish they had more! The lemon cake was a hit too. It arrived at its Park City, Utah destination without any problems.

This soup is a great gift. Will keep the website handy for future occasions. Thank you Grandma!

Kathy - California
I Love your food! (6/16/2010)
I love your food so much, thank you for it!

Beth, - New Hampshire
I Do LOVE Grandma's (6/16/2010)
I really do LOVE Grandma's soup; I received TWO! for my recent 60th birthday and I tell you, yummy, yummy, yummy! It is the perfect gift for Any occassion. the LEMON CAKE was so good too! (it is gone!) I also received the SPA package; hours of fragrance, soothing neck cozy....delightful! Thanks so much! I tell all my friends about Grandma's Soup and what a thoughtful gift to give. My friend Joyce introduced me a few years ago and I have been back time and again! Always tasty, never a problem. Good thoughts and blessings, Nance (pass the soup, please......)

Nance, - New York
How much more nuturing can YOU be? My Wonderful, wonderful, thoughtful friend Joyce; sent me a pack of Two soups, bread, LEMON CAKE and a SPA getaway for my 60th Birthday!! I could not be more delighted! The soup is delicious as is the bread and the LEMON CAKE is all but gone!!! YUMMY. This is the most thoughtful gift to receive and to send. I sent it once to a friend who was sick and it made me feel better too! knowing that I was sending a good quality Hug of Soup!(c) Thanks for the goodness! nance~~nance's nostalgia on the internet

Top Notch (6/9/2010)
I send Grandma's Chicken Soup to ALL of my clients when they are sick. It is so personal and such a simple gift. It let's my clients know that I care about them on a personal level and not just because we have business together.

I also appreciate your customer service- it is fantastic and appreciated.

Thank you again!

(Hyatt Hotels and Resorts)

Danielle - Chicago
Just gets better and better (5/17/2010)
I have now sent Grandma's Chicken soup to 3 friends in need of a boost and it is always the most appreciated and talked about! We love Grandmas!!!!!!

Julie - Massachusetts
You can count on Grandma (5/4/2010)
I have sent this soup to many of my friends and family and Grandma never disappoints!!!! It so worth it to see how much it is appreciated and enjoyed by all that receive it!!! Thanks for being there Grandma!!! Love you

Margaret - New Jersey
matzah balls were heavenly (4/12/2010)

Received my soup today. The soup is delicious; the matzah balls heavenly!


Todd - New York
The best they ever tasted (3/23/2010)
I ordered soup for my Nana and Papa about a week and a half ago...Just wanted to let you know that they said it was the best they ever tasted...which is saying a lot since we have all been making our own chicken soup for years. :)


Christina - New York
Cure for the cold? Definitely! (3/14/2010)
I was feeling horrible and came across Grandma's Chicken Soup being highlighted on "Unwrapped" and decided to order some soup. It arrived the next day and I have thoroughly enjoyed all the soup and goodies that came with the get well package. Can't say enough good things and will definitely be ordering again!

Wendy - Maryland
thank you for accommodating my request (3/3/2010)
Thank you for your quick reply and for accommodating my request.

I love the idea of sending soup to someone who could use it and will definitely use your business again.

Karen, - New Hampshire
best matzo ball soup she ever had (2/27/2010)
Shortly after I left that concerned phone call about my delivery, my sister-in-law called to RAVE about the soup that arrived. Sorry for the panic. I just wasn't sure how late things were delivered. I received another phone call about 30 minutes later with her telling me it was the best matzo ball soup she ever had. ( we won't tell my mom ). Thanks for a great gift and again, I apologize for the panic.

Deb - Maryland
we are so excited (2/26/2010)
Betsy, I don't even know where to begin! we are so excited about your product! great packaging! great presentation! tomorrow I eat soup! and we're such big babies down here in Florida anytime the temperature drops below 70 we're donning our boots and turtlenecks, of course nothing like Boston the Chicken soup will be such a delight to have tomorrow for lunch!

Christine, - Florida
best matzo ball soup she ever had (2/27/2010)
Shortly after I left that concerned phone call about my delivery, my sister-in-law called to RAVE about the soup that arrived. Sorry for the panic. I just wasn't sure how late things were delivered. I received another phone call about 30 minutes later with her telling me it was the best matzo ball soup she ever had. ( we won't tell my mom ). Thanks for a great gift and again, I apologize for the panic.

Deb - Maryland
thank you so much (2/23/2010)
Thank you sooo much for re-sending the soup. You have really gone above and beyond and we promise to recommend your soup to everyone we know (we've already been doing that, of course, but we will do it even more now)! I still can't believe our burglars stole our soup!!! Who wouldn't, I guess, it is delicious, but still..
Many thanks, again...


Scott, - Washington, DC
Nothing could be better (2/17/2010)
I have sent many people Grandma's Chicken Soup and they have all loved it. And NOW kugel!!! I can hardly wait until they receive the soup and the kugel. It is the greatest. Better than flowers.

Fern - Walpole, MA
Just What the Doctor Ordered (1/29/2010)
My mom has been ill for a few weeks, and I sent her a Grandma's care package. She was so impressed she sent me a picture before she opened everything. From the perfectly packaged treats to the e-mail confirming delivery, the attention to detail was impeccable. I am happy to pay for this kind of excellent product and service. I only wish you could deliver to my home state of Alaska! I will definitely be a returning customer.

Melinda - Alaska
Thanks, Doc! (1/18/2010)
My doctor wished me a speedy recovery by sending me some of this soup. It's great, and I want more!

Barb - Wisconsin
you saved another life with your get well gift (1/16/2010)
My sister went back to work today! She said your soup is delicious. Thank You So SO Much! You saved another life!


Denise, - Minnesota
I love Grandma (1/18/2010)
Dear Melissa,

I wanted to tell you that I just received a phone call from my sister-in-law. She just got home from the hospital after thyroid surgery and could barely talk, but she is so happy with her gift. To quote: "How did you know chicken soup was just what I wanted?". Thanks for the next-day shipping! I'm so glad her soup was waiting for her -- I love "Grandma"!!

Thank you again!
-- Patricia

Patricia, - Massachusetts
rave reviews (11/24/2009)
I have used you before and those folks gave you rave reviews AND we are a soup cooking family so that says a lot! Happy Thanksgiving

Virginia, - Indiana
THANK YOU! (11/24/2009)
Thank you!! It be a treasure I'm sure- it's for my cousin who has swine flu-she just called and is back at the doctor's today with her daughter-now her daughter has it too! Will let you know if we need more!

Linda, - Mass
I enjoyed every bite (11/2/2009)
I just ordered my first order and the recipient enjoyed it very much.

Danielle, - MA
I enjoyed every bite (10/19/2009)
I enjoyed every bite this weekend, especially since I have had a cold for the last week and a half. It was perfect.

Ann, - Ca
Will order again (10/14/2009)
Thanks! We'll certainly order again as it was a huge hit!

Have a good day!

Sent from my iPod

Amy - NYC
Great gift for a University freshman! (9/30/2009)
Hi there Betsy,

I was walking across 79th Street at 3rd Ave in NYC early this afternoon when my cell phone rang. The call was from a very happy University of Richmond freshman, our son Sam who just tasted some of Grandma's chicken soup!!! The truth is that he couldn't wait and the first sip was right out of the container before the soup even has a chance to fully defrost! Can you believe it? Not only was the packaging a wonderful surprise, but we later got a call saying the soup, chicken and matzo balls were a huge hit!

Thank you so much.


Fern, - New York
better than my local deli (9/14/2009)
Thanks Melissa,
It arrived and looks amazing - nice big chunks of chicken. Much more than my local deli's I think.
Thanks so much,

Michael, - California
Universally Loved (7/22/2009)
I've sent the soup to friends with HIV, recovering from chemo during cancer treatment, and suffering flu -- all of them told me this soup was as good as any medicine (not that I recommend that anyone abandon their doctor's instruction or therapy)

Richard - Michigan
Thank you for caring!!! (6/15/2009)
Thank you so very much. We had it yesterday and my family loved it. My husband commented that he thought that this container had more of everything, perhaps because of the Matzah balls. I would definitely order it again and recommend the soup, not only because it was good, but because of the service. Thank you for caring!!!!

Kristen - Michigan
sent to many and they love it! (5/13/2009)
i've sent your soup to many, many friends, and i know they all enjoyed it...

Juliet, - Massachusetts
best chicken soup ever (5/13/2009)
Seriously, it was the best chicken soup ever. I remember last year when I decided I was going to conquer chicken soup -- it took FOREVER and was no where near this good. And I will be eating that challah all weekend.

Thank you (AND Grandma!) for a wonderful treat!


Sally, - Michigan
Bless You! (5/13/2009)
Bless you! Thank you so much. You have made our Mother's Day very happy!!


Judy, - Florida
Thank you (4/15/2009)
Hi Grandma,

Thank you for offering up your soup on the web. I've used your site many times to send soup to my friends across the US and each time they tell me how wonderful the soup was!

Keep up the great work and welcome to Facebook!

Laura, - Chicago, IL
OMG!! AMAZING!!! (4/13/2009)
OMG!! AMAZING!! And, my story couldn't be better. My mother was truly sick when the soup arrived (she lives with me). She LOVED it! And so did I. The broth was yummy. The noodles were AMAZING (so fresh and NOT overcooked). I've been sending out lots of tweets about it already on Twitter. WOW! WOW! WOW!! THANK YOU!!

Yeah! (4/1/2009)
Yeah!! Yahoo!! Can we say "we knew you when???" Congratulations and we know this means your business will soar after the TV spot. I also want to compliment you on the follow-through you did with me in my ordering of the three gifts this week. I ALMOST want to get sick so I can order some for myself!!
Carey and Art

Carey, - California
Warmed the Soul! (3/19/2009)
I recently sent the cold and flu package (with some extra additions) to a very special person. I was far from home and my young son got the flu. As a mother, I was tormented because I could not be there for him during his illness. I began to search for something that I could send him and happened on your website. Perfect, I said.

He received the package yesterday and I could see the light in his eyes all the way through the phone. He felt better and honestly, I believe it warmed my soul as much as his.

What a great product you have. You allowed me to be by my son's side even when I couldn't be.

I will recommend to anyone I meet.

God bless. And thank you for such a soul warming experience!

Amy - Kentucky
you went above and beyond (3/11/2009)
Thanks so much! Shortly after our phone conversation, the UPS man showed up with the “soup package.” It will make a delicious dinner, and we’re looking forward to it!

Thanks for your help -- truly above and beyond the call!



Christine, - California
it arrived perfect (3/4/2009)
Thanks. My brother said the soup was great and everything (including the mug) arrived well.

Mary Beth, - Marblehead, MA
HUGE hit (3/2/2009)
Just wanted to let all the "grandmas" there know that your soup was a HUGE hit with my 81-year-old father, who enjoyed it immensely. And since he is quite a matzo ball soup expert, that's quite a compliment! He just got out of the hospital after three weeks, where he lost 15 pounds (and he was thin to start with). So fattening up with some chicken soup was just the ticket.


~ Lisa

Lisa, - New York
Thank you Grandmas! (1/7/2009)
Dear Grandmas,
Thank you so much for your valuable service.
I have a very good friend hospitalized in critical condition in another state. I was at a loss as to how I could help since I could not be there. My usual way of helping in a crisis is to cook, so those involved have good nutrition. Anyhoo, I sent your chicken soup to the husband, who was spending most of his time at the hospital. He received the order today, and was so grateful!

Thank you again.

Sandi, - Michigan
We love your customer service (11/24/2008)
Thank you so much Melissa. Not only do we love your products, we love your customer service.

Lee, - Mass
Plenty for the two of us (10/27/2008)
I had the soup last night - my husband and I both enjoyed it very much. Thank you very much for a splendid dinner. Yes, we had it for dinner. It was plenty for the two of us, and, I even have some left over and that is from the first 1/2 gallon.

Gladys, - New York
Thank you (10/20/2008)
how timely that I was about to order, yet again, my favorite gift, only to receive our own gift of grandma's! my father in law's death seems quite surreal, as much as we knew it was imminent. our grandma's will help soothe our souls for sure!

thank you

Audrey, - Massachusetts
my son is healing (9/24/2008)
Hi There - My son is healing thanks to YOU!!!!

We will certainly be back for more!!

Happy New Year to those at Grandma's who will celebrate Rosh Hashana!

Take Care - Sari

Sari, - California
Nothing Like Chicken Soup (8/13/2008)
Just wanted to let you know that I recently sent your soup to two people who were under the weather and it made a world of difference. They loved the thoughtful and tasty gift. Will definitely order again.

Reva - Flushing, NY
My Family Loved It (7/21/2008)
My ordering experience with Grandma's Chicken Soup was wonderful. My soup arrived promptly in great condition. Everyone enjoyed the soup. My mother surprised herself by loving it. She was sure chicken soup bought over the Internet would not be very tasty. But, she loved it. I know I'll be ordering again sometime in the future. I'll be sure to mention your site to others if I can.

Janice - New York
so traditional (4/8/2008)
Eating chocolate macaroons reminds me of when i was a child . . . and the soup is absolutely delicous . . thank you for sending it!

Sarah , - Massachusetts
delighted and charmed by your work (4/14/2008)
I am the recipient of the gift and first, I must tell you the soup is absolutely DELICIOUS! It was a wonderful, amazing surprise, and not only am I enjoying it, but I really do think it's curing my flu - thank you!!
Again, thank you for your part in a beautiful, delicious surprise. You have a great idea, perfectly executed, and it's lovely to think of how many people must be delighted and charmed by your work.
With best wishes and gratitude

Judy - Chicago
OY such soup! (4/20/2008)
Not since my mom's matzoh ball soup have I had such a treat. Thank you Grandma and your kids for making this happen. JUST what we needed! DELISH!

Joan - Washington, DC
Thanks for the high quality product (5/14/2008)
I just want to take a minute to let you know that my family loved your soup and the bread I sent with it.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for having a high quality product I would feel good about ordering again.

Mary, - Michigan
OMG!!! (6/9/2008)
just got the MOST fabulous gift!!!!!! HOW COOL ARE YOU! I called mom, wanted to know how do you find these things??? I just tore off a piece of bread and had an afternoon snack. Looking forward to dinner for the first time in days!!!!!!

VERY VERY COOL! I told mom she can come over after her meeting and I'd share with her.... thank you so much! Sure beats the lipton cup o' soup i've been stomaching!

Beth, - Chicago
Thank you again (7/7/2008)
I wanted to drop a quick email to let you know how many smiles you've put on the faces of our friends/family's. My husband received a gift a few months ago when he wasn't feeling well from our friends. Well, not only was it unique but ABSOLUTELY delicious. Next to my matzo ball soup, yours truly is a close second! So, since then we've had some sickness in our family (my Cousin Mary, My husband's sisters, Francesca and Kristina, and my own sister, Nancy.) They ALL LOVED it...a funny coincidence. My sister had just watched a show about your company the night before she received her "sicky vicky" gift and she thought to herself "I wish I had some of that soup right now" arrived the next morning.

Well, thank you again and we will be sure to ALWAYS use you to help our loved ones feel better. All our best,
Tricia and Steve

Tricia, - Massachusetts
Thank you again!! (6/5/2008)
Thank you for your suggestions last week since an alternative address would not be an appropriate decision. I made other arrangements with my Mom. She later went to her house and notice that their were other parcels there as well. She later called her friend and reported that to her. Her friend later gave the combination to garage and she slid your special recipe still wrapped up in your packaging in her garage refrigerator. She said she was in for a lovely surprise. That way none of her other packages got destroyed in the storm. Is that a God thing or what?! Thank you for all of your efforts. I will try to get the word out about you.

Elizabeth - Illinois
Just What the Dr. Ordered (5/26/2008)
When I was sick no medicine could do what your soup can do. It is delicious, full of flavor, and the best matzo balls ever. I will send your website to all of my friends. Thanks Grandma

Jessica - Boca Raton, Florida
Thank you again!! (5/19/2008)

I really appreciate and thank you for your emphasis on customer satisfaction. That is exactly what keeps people coming back!! I will certainly be sending more chicken soup in the future. Thank you again!!

Susan, - Massachusetts
Good Luck! (5/14/2008)
The person I sent the soup to, who had just had surgery said the soup was DELICIOUS! He loved it.
I will gladly send your website to some people. I actually already told some folks about it already.
I make great soup myself; but how on earth would I be able to bottle it up and freeze and package....
not with my busy schedule.

So good luck to you and your company..

dsl, - New York
the most delicious get well gift (5/14/2008)
I have been so hungry for matzah ball soup and could not believe it when I opened the mail today. I haven't felt good because of allergy problems and have gone to the doctor who put me on an antibiotic that only caused me to have horrible diarrhea then he changed it, never took my temp or asked me to come back. They say this is the worst year we have the flowering pollens. I have not any strength but tonight a good bowl of hot soup will appeal to me.

Dotty, - DC
Thanks so much (4/14/2008)
Just wanted to let you know how happy my sister is with her soup. She is still sick with the flu and was SO excited when her package arrived.

THanks so much!!!!!!

Jennifer, - Maryland
Rave Reviews (3/31/2008)
I just placed an order for your wonderful soup and Barbara told me it would be delivered tomorrow so thank you for the great service. My daughter-in-law has sent the soup out many times to such rave reviews and also wanted you to know I saw you all on Chronicle. How lucky you are to be with your family.

Steffie, - Massachusetts
Mother knows best (3/24/2008)
Dear Grandma,
I wanted to thank you for the excellent service I received today. I spoke with Jackie who was patient and beyond helpful. She walked me through my options and could not have been nicer. My mother, introduced me to Grandmaschickensoup. She raved about your service and she was absolutely correct. I plan on becoming a regular customer for all of my gift needs. THANK YOU!

Mary, - Massachusetts
Great Work! (2/13/2008)
Thank you so much for the chicken soup delivery. My daughter was surprised and delighted. She told me how much she loved the packaging and how delicious the soup was. I will not hesitate to recommend your products to my friends. I also appreciated the ease of ordering and the helpful customer service. Keep up the great work.

Diane - New Hampshire
CONGRATS (1/25/2008)
hello! i just saw you on the FOOD NETWORK! congratulations! i am planning on ordering your chicken soup now! it looked really good on tv!

Nicole - California
The best "from home" gift ever! (1/23/2008)
Thanks so much for your reply. She just got it and it really cheered her up. She said it was the best packaged gift for immediate gratification of any of the "from home" gifts I have sent her. Thanks for having something good for a sick kid who is far away.

Sarah , - Massachusetts
Congrats on The Food Network (1/23/2008)
Congratulations on making the Food Network w/your family and the famous GrandMa’s Chicken Soup.

You all look like natural TV stars.. I love the Food Network and the soup is great too.

Marie, - Massachusetts
God bless all Grandmas! (12/28/2007)
My husband and I LOVED this soup and all the adorable accessories this package came with.

My own little Italian grandma went to Heaven many years ago, but having this soup was like having that dear woman back for a few precious moments. And she made her noodles by hand, too!

I cannot recommend this enough! Whoever receives it is getting pure love.

Carmen - NJ
Great Customer Service (12/10/2007)
Just to let you know since you've gone to so much trouble for me, that the first person from whom I've received feedback is raving about the soup. I'm not surprised, since everyone I've ever sent it to raves about it. But this person is 81 years old and said that this soup reminded her of her mother's (I thank God it doesn't remind anyone of MY mother's soup -- remember Buddy Hackett? He used to speak of his mother matzo balls and how they stayed there forever; I think we had the same mother :) ). She shared it with her children, one of whom is a gourmet cook; they too all declared the soup delicious; the best they've had. As well, there was a little left, so they shared it with a sick daughter (laryngitis) since you know what they say about chicken soup.

So, once again I thank you for making me look good. You do all the work; I get all the credit -- what a great deal.

I hope your holidays are happy ones, and all the best in the new year,

Thank you once again for all your help,



Andrea, - New York
best chicken soup (11/26/2007)
Dear Grandma,

I received a gift of your wonderful soup -- the absolute best chicken soup I’ve ever tasted!! -- as a get-well gift, post surgery.

I plan to send soup to mom, aunts and uncles this Christmas. -- What a yummy treat to share.

Thanks for helping me feel better – and giving me a great idea for gifts for our holiday!

Warm regards,


Kate, - New York
Terrific Product (11/12/2007)
Thank you for the wonderful soup! The entire staff enjoyed every drop and we are looking forward to highlighting your site in our upcoming release, You really have a terrific product and website.

The Ratings Guy - New York,
My Grandma Loved It (10/1/2007)
My grandmother has asked for a catalog as she is 97 and does not have a computer. Do you guys produce a catalog? If so, could you send one to her. THAT is the highest compliment as she makes phenomenal chicken soup and really loved yours and gave it rave reviews!!!

Meredith, - New York
Fabulous! (7/30/2007)
I think you guys are Fab!

Debby - New York
The best chicken soup ever (5/9/2007)
I just wanted to let you know that my grandma said that your chicken soup was the best chicken soup ever. She said that she herself could not make a more delicious chicken soup - - - thank you SO much!

Freida, - New York
Better Already (5/7/2007)
My son feels better already!!!..thanks for a fantastic product.

Joanne, - Florida
My brother loved it (3/5/2007)
My brother was in the hospital with bacterial menengitis, strep throat, & pneumonia. The chicken soup turned out to be a great great gift. The first solid food he was able to keep down!! So I have and will continue to let others know about Grandma's chicken soup!!!

Nise - Florida
Quality (2/28/2007)
I sampled it before I recommended it as an alternative to flowers for our congregation's Caring Committee. I loved it and knew it would be a hit. It's wonderful to find a product with such quality behind it!

Karen, - New York
Shipped perfectly (2/26/2007)
I had sent the soup to my sister who had just gotten out of the hospital, she said it was wonderful and shipped perfectly

Beth, - Minnesota
Marvelous product (2/26/2007)
Just to let you know, Mrs. Maselek, your chicken soup, etc, were a very big hit with my 100 (to be 101 later this month) year old mom. She just loved it, as I did, when my son/daugher-in-law sent my gift to me. You make a marlvelous product, and I won't hesitate to order it at a later date

Marcia, - New York
my boss loves it (2/8/2007)
my boss loves your service. He sends soup to our clients who are under the weather. Everyone loves it.

Mandy, - Maryland
You will be a success (2/1/2007)
The quality of the soup and bread is superb. The delivery was a day ahead of time. Should you continue to deliver like this, I have no doubt that you'll be a great success!

Chris, - Masssachusetts
Will Definately Purchase Again for Get Well Gift (1/8/2007)
I recently ordered your soup for my parents and I added a Challah Bread to go with it. I happened to have had to travel to their home unexpectedly and got the opportunity to taste your product first hand. Needless to say, I was very happy with your products. The soup was very, very good and the bread was the best we had tasted.

Thank you so much for a great experience. I certainly will pass your website to my friends and family and will definitely purchase your soup again!

Cheryl, - Chicago
Shipped perfectly (1/8/2007)
I had sent the soup to my sister who had just gotten out of the hospital, she said it was wonderful and shipped perfectly. Thanks and I hope I've helped forward some business your way.

Beth, - MA
the soup is delicious (11/15/2006)
Grandma et al,

The soup is delicious and I’m happy to spread the word to family and friends.

Noni, - Texas
Great Idea (10/23/2006)
I have to tell you what a FANTASTIC idea your company has!! So many times I would love to send a friend some chicken soup when they’re sick, but can’t because of logistics. This now give me the option to do that!

Nancy, - California
Listen Yankee Lady (8/16/2006)
Listen, Yankee lady! I grew up in south Georgia, poor as dirt, joined the Navy at 17, did OK. Your chicken soup really helped my boy with a strep throat (that's what killed George Washington) up in Vermont. I only wish I had some in Ethiopia and Vietnam! You keep on cookin', I'll keep on ordering! These darn canopeners don't work anyway!
Max F. Foster
United States Navy, Retired

Max, - Navy
I wish someone would send it to me (8/16/2006)
The soup was great - and if I need to send something like that again, I will definitely think of you!!! As a matter of fact, I am just now recovering from being very sick and wish someone would have sent me some chicken soup!

Robin, - NY
We Loved It (7/19/2007)
Betsy, we sampled your soup - and really loved it. Shortly, you will
be featured as our "featured product!" - Congrats!
Best, Sarah,

Sarah, - Colorado
My Cousin Loved It! (4/25/2007)
My cousin enjoyed it so much she sent soup to all her kids. It is a great idea. thanks

Linda, - Kentucky
Always better than just flowers (4/10/2006)
Just a note of many "Thanks" to you...
I've ordered a few times now and always get terrific feedback about your soup !
My Mom recently had surgery there is Mass.---
I live in Texas, I was not able to be there with her... but , she sure enjoyed her special chicken noodle suprise ! ~ always better than just flowers!

Your Sincerely Appreciative customer

Brenda, - Texas
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