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Shipped perfectly (1/8/2007)
I had sent the soup to my sister who had just gotten out of the hospital, she said it was wonderful and shipped perfectly. Thanks and I hope I've helped forward some business your way.

Beth, - MA
the soup is delicious (11/15/2006)
Grandma et al,

The soup is delicious and I’m happy to spread the word to family and friends.

Noni, - Texas
Great Idea (10/23/2006)
I have to tell you what a FANTASTIC idea your company has!! So many times I would love to send a friend some chicken soup when they’re sick, but can’t because of logistics. This now give me the option to do that!

Nancy, - California
Listen Yankee Lady (8/16/2006)
Listen, Yankee lady! I grew up in south Georgia, poor as dirt, joined the Navy at 17, did OK. Your chicken soup really helped my boy with a strep throat (that's what killed George Washington) up in Vermont. I only wish I had some in Ethiopia and Vietnam! You keep on cookin', I'll keep on ordering! These darn canopeners don't work anyway!
Max F. Foster
United States Navy, Retired

Max, - Navy
I wish someone would send it to me (8/16/2006)
The soup was great - and if I need to send something like that again, I will definitely think of you!!! As a matter of fact, I am just now recovering from being very sick and wish someone would have sent me some chicken soup!

Robin, - NY
We Loved It (7/19/2007)
Betsy, we sampled your soup - and really loved it. Shortly, you will
be featured as our "featured product!" - Congrats!
Best, Sarah,

Sarah, - Colorado
My Cousin Loved It! (4/25/2007)
My cousin enjoyed it so much she sent soup to all her kids. It is a great idea. thanks

Linda, - Kentucky
Always better than just flowers (4/10/2006)
Just a note of many "Thanks" to you...
I've ordered a few times now and always get terrific feedback about your soup !
My Mom recently had surgery there is Mass.---
I live in Texas, I was not able to be there with her... but , she sure enjoyed her special chicken noodle suprise ! ~ always better than just flowers!

Your Sincerely Appreciative customer

Brenda, - Texas
Wonderful Homemade Taste (2/1/2006)
I’ve decided it’s as much fun to send Grandma’s Chicken Soup as it is to receive it. Without exception, I have received a gleeful call from the recipient as soon as Grandma’s Chicken Soup arrives. It gives me joy to hear the person on the other end of the phone describe each detail of the contents included with Grandma’s Chicken Soup gift. I always get a second call after the soup has been eaten to describe the wonderful homemade taste. Grandma’s Chicken Soup is a unique and tasty gift, so it has been a big hit with my family and friends every time!


Lyn, - MA
The Best I've Ever Had (2/1/2007)
Last year I was visiting my sister in Washington, D.C. and she gave me a jar of your soup. THAT WAS THE BEST I'VE EVER HAD!

Violet, - Washington, DC
great title!! (8/1/2005)
we LOVED our grandmas soup! My grandma couldnt have mad it any better!!!!!

Barbara - Farmingon Hills, mich.
You are my Hero (4/13/2005)
You're my hero! Thanks for your call and making all the arrangements!

Elin, - CA
Fabulous (3/31/2005)
Y'all are as fabulous as others say you are!

Babe, - Texas
Matzo balls are the size of baseballs (3/29/2005)
Just to let you know that my brother was thrilled to get the soup and reports that it was delicious, "not at all greasy" and that the matzo balls were "the size of baseballs". He is feeling better already. Thanks so much, and I look forward to more opportunities to send soup long distance, (I'll take care of the locals myself).

Leor, - New York, NY
The best soup ever! (3/29/2005)
What a great idea--my boyfriend and I are long distance and when he got sick with a bad cold, I couldn't be there to take care of him, but your soup did the trick! He loved it! And I'll be ordering from you again!

Kim - North Carolina/US
Bless your heart (3/23/2007)
Bless your heart! The package arrived today and Reba told me that just receiving it made her feel invigorated and much better. I know that when she eats that marvelous soup and those best-in-the-world matzoh balls, she's going to be completely well! Thank you for being such a wonderful person and thank "Grandma" for that incredible product. I will be buying it for myself and sending it out as often as I can afford.

Helen, - NY
I am so glad I found you (3/23/2005)
Dear "Grandma", I am so happy that I found your website. My older (75 years old) brother is sick and lives by himself in North Carolina (I live in NY). I told him I was going to send chicken soup - but was joking when I said it. Then I tried to find a local restaurant in Raleigh that might deliver but there was nothing even remotely close. Then I found you. I heard that you are a brother and sister, also. So it's fitting. I can't wait to hear from him when he gets his soup.

Thanks again,


Lee, - NY
Your customer service is A+++ (3/1/2005)
I hope your soup is half as good as your customer service- I will be satisfied.
You saved me!

Pat, - Minnesota
Fabulous Product (6/28/2004)
You have created a fabulous product that anyone would be proud to send and most delighted to receive. Perfect for a new baby, new neighbor, get well or "thinking of you" in the middle of winter.The occasions for sending are endless. The logo is wonderful and the presentation is terrific. It makes you smile when you open the packaging. The contents are great and most of all the chicken soup is YUMMY!
Thank you for sending me Grandma's Chicken Soup Gift Package.
Warm regards, Carolyn Perlow, EVENTMAKERS

Carolyn Perlow - Masschusetts
The BEST (12/17/2004)
I am coming off of 3 days of chemotherapy and this suited me very well. It is delicious, and I feel like my friend just stopped by with some homemade goodies.

Holly - Maine, USA
Delicious! (12/13/2004)
I sent your "just soup" package to a friend on the West Coast who had the flu. The package arrived right in time! My friend said the soup was delicious and the package was "absolutely gorgeous!" She is well on her way to feeling better. Thanks for letting me be of help from across the country!

Marla - Marblehead, MA
Yum!! (12/14/2004)
I just wanted to comment on a gift of chicken soup a friend sent to us after we moved into our new home. I have to tell you it was a welcome sight in our first frazzled days of unpacking...and yummmmmmmm your soup was excellent!! I had to add a bit more noodles as I have 3 boys and a hubby to share with...but nonetheless it was great!!

Thanks for the great soup....and God Bless!

Pat - Littleton, NH
soup's on (10/22/2007)
for you ...thank you - it was delish

David - Washington/USA
Thank you so much for the incredible soup! (9/20/2004)
Thanks so much for the incredible soup. I was impressed the minute I received it with your packing and care. The soup made the anniversary of my Mom's death a little less lonely.

Rhonda - MA
Soup Club (7/28/2004)
I ordered the "club" for my great grandmother - she is so happy when the soup arrives - she said that it is absolutely delicious and she looks forward to it every month!

Shira - New York
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