Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Grandma's Chicken soup?

We are Betsy "Poritzky” Maselek and David Poritzky, a brother and sister team living with our families on Boston’s North Shore. We have been in the food business for nearly 20 years, and we have been eating our Bubby’s (Yiddish for grandma) original chicken soup recipe for our whole lives. We have been selling her chicken soup since 2004 and now we are offering it nationwide over the Internet.

How does Grandma make her chicken soup?

We start with "Grade A” chicken, fresh carrots, celery, and onion. We simmer the soup for hours and then season it perfectly. We then add noodles and matzo balls if you wish.

Is there MSG in your soup?

No, Grandma doesn't use MSG in her soup.

What ingredients are in the soup?

Water, chicken, carrots, celery, onions, chicken soup base, seasonings are in all the soups.
Noodle soup also contains - durum flour, eggs.
Noodle and Matzo Ball soup also contains - durum flour, matzo meal, eggs, oil
Gluten Free soup also contains- white rice

What is the nutritional information for Grandma's chicken soup?

Is your chicken soup kosher?

No, Grandma's Chicken Soup is not a kosher product.

What allergens are found in your products?

None of our soups contain nuts although are made in a facility that processes other foods that may contain nut or nut oils. Our noodle or noodle/matzo ball soups also contain eggs. Some of our baked goods in our gift packages contain nuts. If you have any questions regarding our ingredients, please call us: 781-503-0066

Why Grandma's Chicken

Chicken soup is known to cure more than the common cold. Legend has it that it's even turned fighting men into lovers and has cured the ills of many a grumpy soul. It can help mend a broken heart, heal an injured ego and make even the saddest person feel a little bit better. Order some today to send to someone you love. But remember it must be "Grandma's” chicken soup or it just won't do! They don’t call it Jewish penicillin for nothing.

What does your packaging look like?

Unique Get Well Gifts, Baskets and Soup Packages We freeze our soup so it is fresh frozen; then we pack it in specially insulated packaging that keeps food safe and delicious. We ship it and it arrives ready to heat, eat and enjoy.

Who should I send Grandma’s chicken soup to, and what occasions demand chicken soup?

  • Is a co-worker on the mend?
  • Does your sister have the sniffles?
  • Are any of your babies "homesick" at college? Or away at camp?
  • Is your daughter spending the holidays with her mother-in-law’s chicken soup? (you know, pepper soup)?
  • Is it Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Purim or Shabbat?
  • Is one of your employees out sick?
  • Did your best client just sign another three-year deal?
  • Did your best friend just buy her first home?
  • Is someone engaged? Is someone breaking up? Divorcing?
  • Did your little champ strike out?
  • Feeling guilty - for whatever reason - just guilty?

Does chicken soup make a good business gift?

Absolutely, chicken soup is perfect for:

  • Real Estate Brokers - for clients celebrating a closing.
  • Contractors - thanking past clients for a referral or on completing of a new project.
  • Human Resource Departments - get them back to work. Employees sick at home for an extended period, or in the hospital. The company is thinking of you!
  • Doctors - Chicken soup will speed their recovery.
  • Car Dealers - send one to every new customer or referral - warms their hearts.

Do you have special rates for corporate accounts?

Absolutely, we have many corporate clients that take advantage of our reduced rates for 10+ packages per month. Please contact us at 781-503-0066 or email us at

Can I send to more than one person?

As many people as you like - either include each recipient on our website order form or call 781-503-0066

Can I order different variations of the currently offered packages?

For large customized gift orders (25 units or more), please call us directly. We would be happy to accommodate your individual needs. We would love to introduce our soup to your employees and business associates!

Can I order packages without the Soup?

Yes, please check out our A La Carte drop down page for items that can be purchase separately

How do I join the Once-A-Month Soup Club?

Simply Click Here to order one of our Once-A-Month Soup Club packages online, or call 781-503-0066, and we will process your order. Your soup will arrive once a month on Friday, ready for heating and enjoying.

Do you sell wholesale?

No, we sell multiple orders, but currently we do not sell wholesale.

Do you ship year-round?

We do, and we hope you order year round. Whether really cold or spiritually cold, our soup will warm you through and through.

What states do you ship to?

We ship to all 50 States, including Alaska and Hawaii

How long does it take for the soup to arrive?

If the order is placed before 2:30 est, the soup is sent out the same day (Monday-Thursday) and you select either 2nd day or Next day shipping.

What time will the package arrive?

We ship via UPS so delivery times vary by the route and time of year. We can not predict what time a package will be delivered but it will be there by 8pm local time.

Can I put your container in my microwave?

No, you cannot, but with some of our specialty package orders you will receive one of our famous microwavable jumbo soup mugs.

Does Grandma's Chicken protect our privacy?

Your e-mail address is in safe hands. We will never give out your information or sell it. We have checkboxes on the order form giving you the opportunity to "opt-out" of our e-mail distribution list. If you wish to be removed from our e-mail list, reply to any of our e-mails with "REMOVE” in the subject line; we will immediately relieve you from receiving further e-mails. If an email does sneak by our system, please go to the bottom of the email and hit unsubscribe.

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What is your Return and Refund Policy?

Because our gifts are perishable, once a package has been shipped, we cannot accept returns or exchanges.

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