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Post surgery helpful meal (2/21/2024)
Post cancer surgery, when even getting out of a chair or bed is an effort let alone cook, Grandmas Chicken Soup provided not only for physical nourishment but that of the soul. A friend just went through the same surgery so I made sure he had the same gift to look forward to. YESTERDAY was able to WALK 14 miles three weeks after know, I think the soup may have helped me get back to fitness!

Paul - Maine/USA
Perfect Shiva (mourning period) gift! (2/18/2024)
We received the chicken soup, Challah, black and white cookies and mac & cheese from family friends during the mourning period/Shiva. It was a perfect and easy to prepare meal for our family during a difficult time- and it was some of the best chicken soup, and mac & cheese we’ve had!

Ben - Massachusetts USA
Sympathy Gift (2/10/2024)
I sent a package of two containers of soup, hala bread, and pound cake to a family friend that lost a loved one. They were extremely happy with the package and I know that when you are in that position of grief… you don’t even want to eat. I know from my own experience you are overwhelmed with all sorts of deliveries that honestly some go to waste…Sending the soup gave the recipient time to eat it when they were ready. Soup alway is heart warming ❤️

Jane - New Jersey
wonderful gift (1/12/2024)
COVID has brought me down, but receiving this gift of chicken soup and challah from Kathy, a most thoughtful generous friend across the country, has been so uplifting. Indeed it has warmed my soul, without even yet tasting it! Thank you.

noni - Colorado
Thank you, great soup! (1/7/2024)
My sister sent me this long distance gift from y'all when I was down and out with a bad Something that turned out to be just a sinus infection. I was a total wreck, but thawing that container of Granma's and savoring its first bowl was practically a multiple miracle. I could TASTE it - delicious; it was not a threat for diabetes and hypertension; my left ear unclogged; I stopped coughing; I successfully and peacefully succumbed to a great nap attack. Thank you, great soup!

Stacie - California
AWESOME (12/18/2023)
great service and great company

Mary - MA
Very nice get well gift (11/22/2023)
The soup and bread combo was such a nice surprise. The soup was delicious, tasted like Grandma just made it. The bread was the best, we are sorry that it is all gone!

Kathy - North Caroline
Tasty comfort (10/3/2023)
I sent soup, bread, and lemon pound cake to my niece following surgery. She is a first responder in Boston recovering from work injury. I was happy to send such warm comforting (and tasty) hugs. She loved it! Also, many thanks for working with me on a best delivery time. I highly recommend this food and service and will definitely use in future.

Ann - Ashburn Virginia
Grateful Recipients (9/27/2023)
This is the 2nd gift I've sent to two women battling C. Chemo treatments were giving both difficulties with digestion & getting enough nutrients. This soup saved the day. Made and shipped from their hometown of Woburn. Can't say enough and will continue to support this business!!

Dawn - New Hampshire
nice (9/26/2023)
Grandmas never disappoints! After having received Grandmas soup and bread after recovering from surgery I knew this would now be my "go to" gift for others. I've sent food from Grandmas for new baby, new house, new job, get well soon, sympathy, hugs in the form of soup, etc. and each and every recipient gave rave reviews and are now Grandmas customers as well. You cannot go wrong with anything you choose. One taste and you'll be hooked.

Always a Winner - us
Perfect gift to send (9/11/2023)
Perfect gift for a sick relative of mine. The soup and challah bread was a happily received and consumed . Nothing better than Jewish Penicillin!

Lisa - New York
Great service (8/30/2023)
Sent to a friend after her surgery
Arrived on time and she was so thrilled!
Perfect gift instead of flowers!

Jacquelyn - Virginia
The Best Gift Ever (8/25/2023)
I have sent chicken soup to my children and grandchildren for both special occasions and 'just because'. They say the chicken soup is the best gift ever. They love it!!

Bebe - Rockville, Md. USA
Thank you! (8/18/2023)
I just received a package with your chicken noodle soup and the lemon pound cake. Both were delicious and the soup was just like mine. I highly recommend your products. Thank you!

Betsy - CT
Great service and wonderful gifts to support friends near & far (8/16/2023)
Food is always fresh, well packaged and delivered on time!

Anita - Pa
I had to tell you! (8/7/2023)

Friends just send me the gift bundle of your soup, breads and sweet treats. I recently had major surgery and am having the soup as I write to you. Thank you for sharing your product, the chicken soup has already started to heal me! Everything is so delicious, I just had to let you know!

Rosanne - New York
The Perfect Gift to Warm the Heart & Soul (7/9/2023)
I have sent Grandma’s soup to several friends over the years. Most recently to a friend suffering from Covid who called it the best soup she’d had and it soothed her sore throat as well as lifted her spirits.

Jo - Virginia USA
Great for whatever ails you (7/7/2023)
Easy to make and tastes like my own homemade. Perfect gift after cancer surgery.

Debbie - New York
Best Gift to give or get! (6/12/2023)
I have gifted Grandmas soup a few times and I always get sincere thanks and rave reviews!

Ginny - Massachusetts
Best Gift Ever!!! (5/21/2023)
We love Grandmas Chicken Soup for great gifts for any occasion! It warms the belly and the soul!! If ever in doubt chicken soup cures all!!
Thank you!

Andre - Florida
So many options, easy to order, and delicious food (5/19/2023)
I recently ordered the "complete" soup package for a friend who was grieving a loss of a parent. It was difficult, initially, to figure out how to get food to her due to her comings-and-goings dealing with all the planning. Then I came across Grandmas Chicken Soup. What a no-brainer. Incredibly simple process, exceptional customer service (family run!), and I'd be remiss to not mention my friend and her family raved about how delicious the food was. This is now my go-to when in need of sending a comforting gift to family/friends. Thank you for this wonderful service.

Katie - Connecticut
Thank you! (5/15/2023)
I ordered your chicken soup for the family package for a relative of mine who is going through some difficult health struggles. I wanted to let you know that the chicken soup was very popular and she managed to eat three bowls in one day. Thank you for your excellent customer service and for the excellent quality of your product.

Bobby - Maryland
THE BEST! (5/13/2023)
I sent this to my cousin who had covid and was having trouble eating anything. She said it was the most delicious soup and bread she had ever had. When she went back to work she said she told EVERYONE how wonderful it was and that it was the best company she ever heard of. So now you have someone singing your praises in Washington DC!

Linda - IL
Sweet Surprise (5/10/2023)
I came home from hip surgery to find a gift from Grandma's! It's now my go to gift for everyone on every occasion!!!

Joanne - New Hampshire
Perfect for EVERY occation (5/10/2023)
Grandmas soup is my go to gift for all occasions, I use it for congratulations on your new baby , get well soon, sorry for your loss and happy birthdays!

rob - Arizona
Beef Knishes (5/9/2023)
I ordered from Grandma's and received the best service from Irina. Everything was does as said, packaged perfectly and received product on time. This company knows how to do customer service..
I fully expect to be a long time customer and highly recommend them.

Alan - Cumming, GA
Get Well Gift (5/4/2023)
The gift recipient couldn’t tell me how much they enjoyed the soup, bread and Mac n cheese. Everything was delicious and helped them so much giving them easy delicious lunches & dinners.

Nikki - Illinois
Excellent! (5/3/2023)
I recently sent soup to three friends - one in sympathy and two get-well. Everyone was grateful. When you can't eat many foods, chicken soup is always welcome.

Barbara - MA
Loved !!! (5/3/2023)
received the chicken noodle soup after getting my wisdom teeth removed. Incredible!!!! so tasty and such soul food.

Iveta - Massachusetts
Thoughtful & Unique Gift (5/2/2023)
Food is for celebration and comfort. Grandma’s Chicken Soup and accompaniments are the perfect choice for both! Since receiving it myself after surgery, I have gifted it several times to friends and family for all sorts of occasions! It’s always the perfect sentiment!

Fran - NY
My # 1 Pick for Online Gifts (5/2/2023)
I have sent Grandma’s chicken soup gifts for years for all sorts of occasions. Recipients are always delighted and highly complimentary about the quality of the food. The company also is very responsive and helpful. I highly recommend them!

Claire - Florida
The Best (5/1/2023)
This is the best gift I have ever received and the best I have been able to give. Delicious in every way! And so easy to order.

Lila - Arizona, USA
Home away from home (5/1/2023)
Grandmas is like a little hug and kiss from home. My grown children love a surprise delivery from Grandmas!

Lori - New Jersey
Karen (5/1/2023)
The chicken noodle soup and challah bread are my favorite go to’s for ailing out of town friends and family.

Karen - South Carolins
Everyone Loved Their Gifts (5/1/2023)
I have sent soup gifts as get well and Christmas gifts, and everyone raved about how good the soup was and how much they loved the bread. Thanks for providing this great service.

Gerri - Boston, MA
Fabulous Get Well Gift (5/1/2023)
A friend sent a challah and chicken matzo ball soup while I was recovery surgery. Perfect gift. The soup is so delicious and the challah was wonderful.

Diane - Massachusetts
Terrific Gift (5/1/2023)
This is my go-to gift when friends are under the weather or are recovering from surgery. It is always a big hit and a greatly appreciated gift!

Phyllis - MD
Great Gift (5/1/2023)
We sent the chicken soup with Matzo balls, the potato latkes, applesauce, and challah bread gift set to a friend who was not feeling well. She and her husband were thrilled with the gift and commented on how good everything was. I will definitely order again.

Barbara - Rhode Island, USA
Best gift for any occasion! (5/1/2023)
I've ordered Grandma's chicken soup for new baby, Mother's day, birthday, and college students gifts. It's the perfect gift for any occasion! Everyone raves about the delicious soup and bread. Highly recommended!

Becky - Omaha, Nebraska
Edible Love (5/1/2023)
When friends & family need a long-distance hug, healing and comfort, I send Grandmas Chicken Soup. It is more than just delicious. It truly is edible love.

Kathleen - Hawaii / USA
chicken soup (4/30/2023)
the soup was delish !!! Came with rolls and cookies and all were excellent.....what a nice idea as I had never seen this but I will certainly send a gift when needed. thank you

Raelene - Texas
Best Chicken Soup Ever!! (4/30/2023)
Since being introduced to Grandmas Chicken Soup by a friend, we received a Get Well package of Chicken Soup, Challah Bread and Whoppie Cookies, and I must admit, this Chicken Soup was even better than my own Grandmothers, and her soup was pretty amazing!!!!
The Add-ons were delicious as well.

We have since sent 3 packages to people for various occasions and they all raved about the items they received.

I would say you have Goldmine here!!

Regina Skinner - Massachusetts
Grandma Saves Passover (4/30/2023)
I wasn't able to be with family or friends this Passover. The kit from Grandma helped fill the void in a delicious way with yummy soup and latkes. The caramel and chocolate dessert was mouth watering and the supplied box of Matzah was actually kosher for Passover. Thank you, Grandma!

David - Tennessee/USA
Comfort soup (4/5/2023)
The Chicken noodle soup is just like the one Mom made and when you were not feeling well, this soup is a bowl of comfort to getting you to back to feeling better. I will continue to send this soup and bread to my loved ones to give them some comfort food.

JoAnn - Connecticut, USA
Chicken Soup (4/4/2023)
Great gift to send to friends out of state. Delicious and healthy!

Pam - CT
Exceptional customer service (4/30/2023)
I was trying to place an order online last Wednesday for myself, and I was doing something wrong, so I sent you all a quick email asking for help. Within 5 minutes of my sending the email, Irena called me and took my order over the phone. I was having a craving for your incredible knishes. On Friday afternoon I was eating your delicious knishes. Thank you so much for your exceptional customer service. You all are the best.

Marcia - Florida
The Perfect Gift (4/15/2023)
Hands down, Grandmas Chicken Soup is always a hit no matter what the occasion. I have sent a variety of items, always including the soup and challah, and the raves are unanimous. The service, quality of product, and continued excellence makes this my first place for gifts!

Ronnie - New Jersey, USA
Great product, great service; has helped us continue holiday traditions though the family is scattered in different directions. (4/18/2023)
My now adult children live in three different states, but enjoy keeping traditions and receiving these favorite foods for the holidays.Thanks for making this wonderful experience available!

Barbara - Maryland, USA
Better Than Flowers (4/30/2023)
Got a package during the Height of Covid. Thought it the best idea. Since then I have sent dozens of packages to friends, family and business associates. Always get the best responses from recipients

Bob - MA US
Amazing!! (4/30/2023)
These soups are just the right gift to lift anyone’s spirits!
I’ve sent multiple people the soups and have added on cakes and cookies as well and they all loved it! I’ve also tried it myself and it’s always great! This is a unique way to show people that you care. Highly recommend!

Christine - NC
Comforting Gift (4/30/2023)
I sent the Mug and Soup package plus a challah to the widow of a friend. It happened to arrive on his birthday, which was especially comforting to her. She said the soup was very good.

Lynne - Massachusetts
What a welcome gift! (4/30/2023)
My bout with Covid this year lasted a full month, during which most of the food in the house was repugnant to me, and I had no strength to cook. A relative sent me Grandma's Chicken Soup and the Bread: it was so appetizing and welcome! The delicious soup slid down my fiery throat easily and soothed my pain. In fact, after the soup, I started getting much better! I will remember this for future reference. Thank you for such a great product!

Carol - Maryland/USA
Grandma is Great every time! (4/30/2023)
I've been ordering Grandmas soup and other items for the last 5 1/2 years and everyone I send it to literally raves about it. I send it regularly to a couple of friends with health issues which make eating difficult but they both say the warm delicious soup is both comforting and easy to eat. Truly, I can not say enough about this wonderful company.

Alice - MA
The Best Chicken Soup Ever!!!! (4/30/2023)
Ordered the Chicken Soup For My Sister Who Was Diagnosed With Lung Cancer A Year Ago, She Absolutely It, She Has Since Been Diagnosed With Brain Cancer & Receiving Treatment, Her Bday Is In May & Would To Order Her A Bday Pkg

Elizabeth - New York/USA
Gift for a friend going through chemo (4/30/2023)
I sent soup and a kugel to a friend in western NY who is going through chemo. She told me it was the PERFECT gift to receive after a treatment an easy to prepare dinner that tasted great and felt like a long-distance hug.

Liz - New Jersey, USA
Thanks, Grandma! (4/30/2023)
College years to my Grandkids means/meant getting packages of Grandma's Grandma's from Grandma. They like the soup but the real star is Mac & Cheese with topping. They love it! And it's so easy to order on-line or by phone with helpful tips from your courteous family-run company. Fun seeing you on Chronicle. I've been recipient too and the special options bring a delivery to the highest level of cheer and thoughtfulness.

Marion - Massachusetts
Great gift idea (4/30/2023)
We sent this is a get well gift for a couple at our church. I cannot tell you how many times they still stop me and rave about how delicious the soup and the bread was. We are getting ready to order it soon for ourselves because this couple can't keep talking about how good it was.

Renae - Brecksville Ohio
Excellent Product-Have used many times! (4/30/2023)
I received a package from Grandma's Chicken soup from a friend during Covid and it was wonderful! I have now used them four times to send to friends and family when ill or during times of need. They have always been amazing and the products arrive packed so well.

Julie - Rhode Island/USA
Wonderful Healing Soup! (4/30/2023)
My daughter’s Mother in Law sent a package of soup, bread and lemon cake for my husband who was recovering from pneumonia. Came in just in time because he finished up my homemade soup. I have to say, this soup was just as good as mine, which was unbelievable to me. Bread was soft and delicious. The lemon pound cake unfortunately I could not stop eating.
Wonderful to know you can send such a healthy, delicious, needy package to someone who is sick and unable to make this for themselves. I plan to do just that for others in the future.
Play it forward…..

Miriam - PA, USA
Great Soup (4/30/2023)
I received this delicious soup as a sympathy gift. It was a wonderful gift. Not only did it taste great and nourish us, it was such a blessing to not have to think about cooking. Now I love to send it to people after surgery, illness or for sympathy. Everyone raves about it!

Patrice - New York
Great comfort food package (4/30/2023)
Recently my sister sent me a care package that included chicken noodle soup with matzoh balls and a loaf of challah. Everything arrived fresh and well-packaged and needless to say the food was delicious. I was definitely in need of some long-distance TLC and the delivery more than delivered on that!

Fred - Ohio
Godsend! (4/30/2023)
Our French-Canadian family grew up on GOOD Chicken Noodle Soup. Your soup is just as good!! My cousin is having surgery soon and I will be sending some of your soup as an additional bandaid! Bless you and your wonderful soup!

Diane - CT
Always a Winner (4/30/2023)
Grandmas never disappoints! After having received Grandmas soup and bread after recovering from surgery I knew this would now be my "go to" gift for others. I've sent food from Grandmas for new baby, new house, new job, get well soon, sympathy, hugs in the form of soup, etc. and each and every recipient gave rave reviews and are now Grandmas customers as well. You cannot go wrong with anything you choose. One taste and you'll be hooked.

Tanya - NY
Soup for the soul (4/30/2023)
You are my go to for any occasion it’s the perfect gift to sooth the soul. Love that you can build your own basket to fit any need. Why send anything else??

Alyse - MA
Heal the heart (4/30/2023)
We have been sending this soup & chocolate chip pound cake for years. It's always delicious

Donna - United States
Great way to say, Get Well Soon (4/30/2023)
I’ve sent Grandma’s Hackensack soup and challah to five different friends who were recovering from hospital stays. All were very appreciative and all said the soup was delicious! Much better than flowers.

Susan - Ohio
The Best Gift I Ever Received!!! (4/30/2023)
My dear friend would send me your delicious soup and challah for holidays! Eventually I purchased that for myself!!! Always the best!!!

RW - New York
Sending Soup Success (4/30/2023)
Sending chicken soup to a Grandma from a “Grandma” ? Who knew it would be such a success! The savory authentic soup was just the best gift ever received. High praise!

Beth - Massachusetts
Absolutely Delicious (4/30/2023)
Grandma’s chicken noodle soup is the best I’ve eaten! Too many to remember tried and none compare!

Suzanne - MA
Chicken soup and challah (4/30/2023)
Such a clever and useful gift. I have sent it out several times for people who are under the weather and we are sending one to our son who is having surgery soon.

Judith - S C, USA
Send happiness (4/30/2023)
There’s no better way to send happiness to a friend or loved one!

David - MA/US
A Perfic Gift !! (4/30/2023)
I received a gift of soup when I was ill and loved it !
Since then I have sent several gifts to friends and family...always with rave reviews !! It will remain my first gift of choice.

Barbara - United States
SOOOOOO much better than sending flowers! ;) (4/30/2023)
I have sent Grandma's Chicken soup to people that I love who need a hug and something special! For my daughters upstate during their winter finals week, and to my cousin down south who was under the weather, and even to my daughter in NYC who has all sorts of restaurants to choose from, Grandma's soup was the best choice!! The delivery is always surprisingly quick, and the soup in always SO appreciated! THANK YOU!!

Sheila - New York
My Go-To for Bereavement (4/30/2023)
I've sent about a half dozen bereavement gifts (soups) now over the past few years, and I not only get thanks but kudos(delicious soups) for the type of gift. Flowers are so past tense.

Mike - CT
Great way to show you care (4/26/2023)
This service is a touch of home that can be customized to your recipients tastes and personality. We have sent six customized care packages to families in the last year when they are in need of support , and every time, the feedback is that the food is delicious, comforting and healthy.

Kendra - United States Massachusetts
Best gift ever (4/26/2023)
I received my first grandma soup as a get well gift. I really enjoyed the soups and the bread. Since then I have gifted grandma soup several times. Each time the recipients were so grateful and surprised at how good the soup is. I will continue to order grandma soup in the future as it is great comfort food, and makes people happy.

Eileen - North Carolina USA
What a great higt (4/26/2023)
I recently had shoulder replacement and a good friend sent me chicken noodle soup and challah. It was delicious. Living in Maine I have not had a wonderful challah like this one was and the chicken noodle soup was magnificent

Fran - Scarborough Maine
Fantastic Service! (4/23/2023)
This was exactly the right gift at the right time! A good friend was recovering from unexpected surgery and I wanted to send a gift. Flowers are always nice, but they aren't practical. There really wasn't anything I could think of until it dawned on me that chicken soup would be the perfect remedy. I was able to order it easily and have it delivered the very next day. The recipient loved it and so did I. This will be my go to gift for the foreseeable future. I can't recommend it enough!

Gregory - Beacon, NY
perfect for employee appreciation (3/29/2023)
Hello and best wishes for a great Employee Appreciation Day!

On the occasions I've used your fine service, the recipients have always raved how delicious the items were and were so very grateful for such a thoughtful gift. I've been on the receiving end, too, and whole-heartedly agree.

Thank you for such a delicious product that is always well packaged and delivered as promised.
Kind regards,

Martha - Minnesota
I will be ordering more (3/20/2023)
I sent my cousin, Avda, your chicken soup and chicken pot pies....she said the soup was as good if not better than anything we could make at was a success!! I am so glad I was able to see you on Chronicle.

She loved it, so I will be ordering more...thank you

Barbara - Massachusetts
I couldn't believe it (3/15/2023)
Betsy, trust me. if i knew someone i would. I do, however, have a few friends in the "BIZ". I will ask them if they do. You will not remember this but we had a conversation a VERY long time ago. I have always had a dislike with chicken soup. I would eat the matzo balls, 12 people at the table would laugh at me every family diner and that was it. In 2017 I had a heart attack and could not eat, had zero appetite. two days after i came home from the hospital my office sent me a package from you. best chicken soup ever. Could not believe how great it was. SOOOO when one of my clients was sick i sent a care package to her in New Jersey and she said "it was just what the doctor ordered. During the height of COVID one of my good friends was sequestered in the Hamptons since her comedy club in the city was closed. Called her and asked her what she was doing for Passover and i told her i would take care of it. all she needed to do was to make the main course. Bottom line, she invited 2 other couples over and SHE raved about the matzo balls and Caroline became a customer as well (look what my office started ). this last package was sent to a client in Chico, Ca, who just had major back surgery. it is due tomorrow. Can't wait to get her call. If i remember correctly you said it was not your grandmother's recipe but your mom's or yours., can 't remember. Sounds better saying grandma's I' NEVER TELL. Have a good rest of the week..Joni

Joni - NY
Hmmm Good!!! (3/6/2023)
I received your soup & lemon cake as a get well after surgery frm wonderful was delicious & comforting during our nasty weather..The frosted cake was also delicious..Thank You!!!!

Sharyn - Massachusetts
terrific food (3/1/2023)
Hi All

I just wanted to thank you for your help. My relative just received the second order I sent from you and all went thru without a hitch. Your website is easy to navigate and service is exceptional. Both orders received on time and packaging was great and of course the food is terrific.

Thank you so much, Shelley

shelly - maine
Delicious and superb quality (2/28/2023)
I never knew that such a "food gift" company existed until friends sent us a box containing matzo ball chicken noodle soup and challah! The soup was excellent, the challah soft and fluffy and we couldn't stop eating it. Seriously. You can bet that I'll be using in the future!

Victoria - Pennsylvania USA
I will definitely order again! (2/12/2023)
Hi Grandma,

I wanted to thank you very much for your excellent service. The ordering process was easy, order delivered on time, packaging was perfect( as I was told) you added to my order without making me go thru the process again and finally my cousin told me it has all been delicious.

So glad to know that businesses still take pride in their business.
I will definitely order from you again and will recommend you to all.
Thank you very much,

Shelley - Texas
Just like my mom's! (1/25/2023)
I had surgery and a friend of mine sent me a gift package from you guys.

I just wanted to say this is soup just like my mom taught me to make! Since my mother has recently passed it was nice to get a little feeling of her during my recovery.

The matzo balls or soft the soup was flavorful Mahala fluffy and fresh and the Blondies and brownies yummy! Thank you so so much you made my day.

Sally - New York
Excellent Customer Service (1/11/2023)
I had a couple of hiccups on the two orders I have made. My emails were answered quickly and I was reassured the soup would arrive at the right places at the right time. What a relief, especially when sending perishable items.

Judy - St Petersburg, Florida
THANK YOU! (1/7/2023)
I couldn't Not send you Our Review if your product.

We were sent a package containing a half gallon of Chicken Noodle and another one containing Tomato soup along with Iced Lemon Cake, Banana Walnut Bread.
We are Completely, Ultimately Satisfied with your Products! We were So Appreciative for receiving this Gift in the First Place. Call Us Surprised that Everything Tasted Homemade and Incredibly Delicious! I can't even believe that I took Our Time to tell You...But, It was THIS GOOD! THANK YOU AGAIN

You made our day (1/3/2023)
We just baked a couple at 350! Omg they are sooo DELISH! We have not had ‘Boston meat knisles in over 25 years! We will be ordering from you again!!
Happy healthy new year to you and your family.
You made our day!!!!!
Donn & Burt

Donn & Burt - Michigan
Well Done!! (12/21/2022)
I wanted to let you all know that I love your soup and I love every bread and goodie that I've gotten from here! One of my swell friends sent me some soup, challah, and the lemon cake and I have been a fan every since. I've sent soup and breads to family and friends and everyone has been very happy with how fresh and tasty everything always is. Many thanks to Grandmas! You made one of my nieces cry happy tears when she got some soup as it tasted like her grandma's soup! I have ordered some soup for myself as well! It's the very best! Well done!

LouAnne - Michigan
Amazing (12/16/2022)
Thank you for your professional and caring customer service and for your delious soup and sides.

5 stars and them some!

Michele - NH
Wonderful gift! (12/15/2022)
We received a delivery from Grandmas Chicken Soup after a death in the family. It was such a thoughtful gift. That was one night we didn't have to cook and it was delicious! I will be sharing this with others in the future!

Linda - Florida
Blown Away (12/7/2022)
Thanks for your kind help. Grandma’s Chicken Soup was sent to me while I was recovering, and I’m blown away by how good it is! I’ll be sending it as a gift in the future.. You’ve got a great product!

Christine - Michigan
Comfort and healing (12/1/2022)
I have been sending this to family and friends as they have been getting sick with the virus. Each person told me it helped them immediately feel better. Plus the lemon cake is a much loved treat.Thank you for helping me help my loved ones.

Diane - NJ
Tomato soup is out of this world (11/8/2022)
Thank you for the kind delivery! The soup finally thawed and we enjoyed it last night.
The tomato soup is out of this world! Went so nicely with grilled cheeses last night for dinner.
A big hit at the Quinn house! Here’s to future business and continued relationship with your great company!

With best regards, Audra

Audra - boston
Delivered on Friday - wonderful sympathy gift (10/31/2022)
Hi - it was delivered Friday & my mother-in-law absolutely loved it. She had so many baskets of flowers from her son's funeral but was amazed to receive the food basket & texted me that it was such a good idea as she was hungry but exhausted so it was so good for her to have delicious food ready to go. So thank you so much for being there.


Gina - Michigan
Fantastic (10/25/2022)
You chicken noodle soup and bread were fantastic! I cannot think of a better gift than this one! We plan to order more for ourselves and to ship to friends!

Ginny - Ohio
Wonderful Idea (10/14/2022)
I ordered the soup, Mac and cheese, grilled cheese kit and banana walnut bread for my aunt and uncles birthday. My uncle has been sick for a while and I figured it would be nice for my aunt not to have to cook. They both loved this gift. She keeps sending texts on what they ate that night and how delicious the soup is. She said she was shocked at the big pieces of chicken that were in the soup. She is thinking of ordering for her son who lost his home in the Florida hurricane. I will keep this gift in mind for the future. Wonderful!

Laurie - Connecticut
Great for College Kids (10/11/2022)
Our son, away for his first year of college, got a bad cold last month. As hard as it was for us for our kid to be so far away and to not be able to take care of him, we were so delighted to find your care packages online. The care package, including the soup w/matzoh balls was the perfect thing. He may have been the only one drinking it, but that soup made the whole family feel better.
Thanks again! I'm telling all of my friends with college age kids about grandmas!

Jonah - Boston
Absolutely Delicious 🤤 (10/8/2022)
I had to stay in & my brother,
sister n law & nephew sent me this Most Deeeeelicious chicken soup. BIG chunks of chicken, carrots, celery & just the right amount of spices. Thank you sooo much for making me feel better. 🥰🙏🏽👍🏽🤩🥳

Pat - NYC
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