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SUPER (3/2/2015)
My wonderful sister ordered soup and challah bread for me and my family. I am pregnant with my fourth child, living in a new community, and working full time. What a beautiful thing to have at my doorstep. I thanked my sister profusely, but I also want to thank you for existing. I am so excited to have our soup and bread tonight. A Friday night with a delicious healthy meal that I just have to heat and serve…there is nothing better. Thank you a million times over!

Jiorgia - Nome, Alaska
Integrity and Class (2/25/2015)
Thank you so much. This is why you are such a successful company. Your company has integrity and class. I will continue to do business with you and refer friends and clients to you as well
Thanks again!

Nancy - Massachusetts
Useful Product (2/24/2015)
Thank You so much and thank you for making such a wonderful and useful ( not to mention delicious ) product!

Carol - New Jersey
My Go-To Website (2/21/2015)
Grandma's Chicken Soup is the only place I go to for gifts for any and all occasions. I have sent gifts from Grandma many times, and everyone has been extremely touched and grateful.

Aurora - New York
Well received gift (2/12/2015)
I happened to be at Ann’s yesterday when my gift arrived. We were all so impressed with the entire order!! The packaging and shipping was outstanding. Then the products were even better. The Challah bread was delicious, Ann thought the lemon bread was the best she ever had, and the soup had not been opened when I left. I was so pleased to have send such a well-received gift. You should be products and delivery. I will certainly use you again and recommend you to friends.


Michaela - Connecticut
The BEST!! (2/10/2015)
I had returned home from the AGH in Pittsburgh after an unexpected critical illness. After being home for a couple days I received a box with this soup and all the fixings inside. It was so fresh and delicious!! I would recommend this to everyone who knows someone who you think might need some of Grandmas Chicken Soup!!! It really made me smile and was one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received ??

Joella - Pittsburgh
The BEST! (2/6/2015)
I send this as a gift for all occasions and it never fails to delight the recipients. If you can't be with them to make your own, this is absolutely the next best thing.

Joan - North Dakota
The best gift ever. (1/31/2015)
This gift was given to me by a friend. So much better than flowers. Soup is gGreat. Thank you grandma, and thank you to the best friend ever for thinking to send this.

Debbie - Monroe, New York
Couldn't be more pleased! (1/20/2015)
My 76-year-old father was hit by the flu and acute bronchitis this holiday season. He and my mother live 500 miles south of me, so stopping by with some hot soup and tea was not an option.

I found Grandma's online and ordered the Get Well Tea Mug and Soup plus an additional 1/2 gallon of soup. The quality and service far exceeded anything I could have offered. My parents loved the soup and I won't hesitate to order again!

Judy - San Francisco Bay Area
Worth every penny (1/19/2015)
I just want to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!, we received the packages and boy were we surprised, not only was it worth every penny we spent, but it was very professionally packaged and the presentation was unbelievable. We will be purchasing from you again. Thank you so much

Davida - Idaho
Wonderful Soup (1/13/2015)
I sent some soup to a friend and there was a problem with the order. Grandma's fixed the problem as soon as I brought it to their attention! What wonderful service and my friend is just delighted!

Susan - Akron, Ohio
Great Variety (1/1/2015)
My mother is going thru Chemo and really likes the delivery and variety of the items we are choosing for her.

Holiday - Tennessee
Amazing Presentation (12/3/2014)
I just want to thank you so much ! My order was for a very ill woman, who thought it was one of the best gifts ever! She said the presentation was amazing! Thanks again, and in will be using you often...and I will spread the word!!!

M BABIN - New York
Delicious (11/20/2014)
The soup itself was perfect...not too salty at all and with a wonderful flavor. It was chock full of noodles and matzoh balls. Far superior to canned products and most soups in local restaurants. Close to home-made taste. A perfect gift for someone coming home from the hospital or for anyone needing a little "TLC". Well packaged for delivery.

Lane - New York, USA
Best chicken soup (11/8/2014)
So good I'm ordereing it for my brother!

Estelle Gielecki - TX
"challah" for the soup and bread (11/3/2014)
Not generally a fan of "frozen" soup but this soup made me break that rule! Delicious and I couldn't get enough of the challah bread! I received this as a get well surprise and Grandma's Chicken Soup is always my first stop when I need to send a get well gift!

Elaine - New YOrk
Everything you need when you are sick! (10/13/2014)
Thanks for the gift package you sent for me to my daughter Maeve. She told me "the care package was a lifesaver. It has everything you want when you're sick and it is so cute".

Cheryl - Maryland
Great Soup (9/9/2014)
When you feel lousy, there is nothing like finding Grandma's Chicken Soup at the front door.

L - Florida
Amazing (8/29/2014)
Wonderful matzo ball soup and just on time for my sinus infection! As a Jew from Brooklyn, I can say this is really something special!!!

David - Atlanta, GA
Deeeelicious (8/22/2014)
I have given this gift to so many friends and relatives I've stopped counting. Every time it gets rave reviews.

Muriel - California
CHICKEN SOUP (8/22/2014)

Patricia - Massapequa, NY
Best Soup Every! (8/14/2014)
A friend sent us the soup with matzah balls and noodles after our twins were born. Soup was so delicious!

Alicia - Sudubry
Get Well Medicine (7/23/2014)
Came home from the hospital to a gift box of Grandma soup and challah from my Mahjong girls. The soup was amazing and definitely helped to heal the soul after a long hospital stay. Amazing

Neena - Long Island New York
WAY TO GO GRANDMA !! (7/19/2014)
I ordered as a surprise for my husband , and I must admitt I wanted
BALLS myself !! We received it today
and needless to say we already ate
1 of the 2 soups I ordered !!!! IT WAS
They thought it was one of the neatest
Gift Ideas !!! All my FAMILY & FRIENDS all say I FIND. THE MOST
SOUP SO I AM SUPER IMPRESSED !!! Your Customer Sevice was also very helpful ...
Everything was packaged so nice ..
Looking forward to another BOWL OF

Rose - Mokena, Illinois
Will be using you again soon (7/14/2014)
DELICIOUS! My sister sent me the chicken soup as a get well gift after surgery...what a fantastic idea, and I love the soup mug and funky spoon. My kids are still fighting over the adorable carrot pen, and there's enough soup to feed the whole family:) Will definitely be using you in the future. THANKS!

Lizzy - Kansas
Ordered for the 2nd time (6/30/2014)
I just ordered for the second time. The recipients enjoyed the soup and bread so much. Thank you! Grandma's Chicken Soup makes the perfect gift!!!

Druke - Ohio
soup (6/22/2014)

Rebecca - NY
a great reminder that i love her (6/23/2014)
Sent this Get Well Basket with the soft blanket throw to my sister when she started her chemo following breast cancer. It was a wonderful way to remind her I loved her and was with her through the journey. Thankfully, she is in remission now for 2 years.

Denise - California
mac n cheese (6/6/2014)
Love your products

Jackie - New Jersey
great gift! (5/23/2014)
I sent a gift package to a sick friend and she loved it!

Lisa - Pennsylvania
coolest gift ever (5/5/2014)
This is the "Coolest Gift" EVER! My mom got it when she battled breast cancer & it was such a great gift I had to send blanket & soup to sick daughter in law then mac & cheese to my son to feed his kids when their mom was sick! A GREAT SOUP & EXCELLENT IDEA! Congrats!

Mary - New York
Best Chicken Soup Ever (5/3/2014)
When I saw the package, I was so surprised. My first thought was that it could not be as good as the best soups my husband and I make ourselves, ours are great. Well, this was the best chicken soup next to our own I have ever tasted. I was so grateful to have it as I recovered from surgery. I will be ordering some for others.

Pam - Florida
Matzo Ball soup (4/13/2014)
I purchase the soup several times a year-excellent every time

Eric - US
Thank you so much! (4/8/2014)
Since I first discovered Grandma's online about a month ago, I have ordered gift packages four times - three get-well and one sympathy. Each gift was greetied with oohs and ahhs. They all raved about the soup, challah, mac 'n' cheese, etc. I just wish someone would send me some soup from Grandma's. I may end up sending it to myself if they don't take the hint!

Aurora - New York
the best comfort food (4/7/2014)
Our friends and clients have enjoyed receiving this. Thanks so much!!

Ruth - Texas
FABULOUS (4/7/2014)
You have the most awesome items! The soup is the best ever!

Judy - MA/USA
Judy Levine (4/7/2014)

Judy - MA
Great soup (3/30/2014)
Best soup since my Mom's. I love it and send it whenever I can.

Rita - Florida. USA
So much love! (3/29/2014)
Thank you for giving me the option to send love and healing vibes to my boyfriend from 100 miles away

Taryn - CT
My go to! (3/6/2014)
I just wanted to tell you what a hit your soup has been. The last order generated about 5 thank yous (way too many but it says a lot). So much better and more nurturing than flowers which keel over quite quickly and remind me of funerals. This will continue to be my go-to order when someone is sick or in need of emotional sustenance. Keep up the great work Grandmas and thank you!

Lee - Michigan
awesome! (2/19/2014)

My daughter in Chicago absolutely loved your soup & thought the choc pretzels & chips were awesome. Packaging is great, too. Thanks so much.

Sunny - San Antonio
It's like sending a hug! (2/14/2014)
I have sent Grandma's Chicken Soup a number of times to friends and family members for a variety of occasions. The soup itself gets RAVE reviews by those who have received it and I always hear how it was unexpected and very appreciated. Grandma's never disappoints!

Lisa - MA
Perfect! (1/28/2014)
When my father passed, my college friends sent me "the complete meal" and it was just what I needed. The soup was just like grandma's. The bread was fresh. Everything was perfect! And what I really loved was that it came frozen so I didn't have to eat it right away. It was just what i needed after all the "dust" had settled and everyone went back to their lives. An ideal and very thoughtful gift.

Suzanne - Long Island, NY
Terrific (12/27/2013)
Love this company

Julie - MA
Always the Perfect (1/5/2014)
For Get Well or esp sympathy, this is an awesome thing to send and so loved and appreciated by the recipients!!!

Eileen - Pennsylvania
favorite thing to send (1/15/2014)
I love giving soup as a present a thank you, a bless you for a cold or something bigger, a I am thinking of you or stay warm or i love you from a distance. My favorite thing to send! xo

Sandra - Massachusetts
Gift for sickness (10/2/2013)
Soup is always a good nourishing item

Jeri - North Caroline
Thanks for your attention! (9/30/2013)
Thank you so much for your added time and attention to my order. One of my friends was severely injured in a very freak horse accident, and after a long, lengthy hospital stay, she has finally been released to go home for a long and lengthy recovery period. I wanted to send her something far more useful than flowers, and more unique than cookies - your chicken soup will be perfect for her as it will save someone time cooking and allow them to spend time with her instead! :)

Laura - Michigan
Wonderful Soup and great service (9/30/2013)
My sister was sick with bronchitis an entire country length away and you managed to allow me to be there for her in a very timely, efficient, and personal way. Thank you so much for your wonderful soup and reliable service. She was so surprised and felt loved. :) It was given to me as a gift before as well and i adored it as well. Thank you again, -Miss Matsuda

Mrs. Matso - California
Thank you Grandma - the best get well gift (9/17/2013)
To all the Grandmas:

We've sent your delicious chicken soup and challah to friends and family in trying times, and always feel we're sending them a hug! It is received with amusement and then with amazement that something so comforting could arrive at their doorstep at just the right moment.

Thanks for being there!

Linda - Massachusetts
Great Company and Service (8/20/2013)
A couple of weeks ago, I ordered Grandma's Chicken Soup to be sent to a sick friend. There was a glitch with UPS delivering the package to the wrong address. After getting nowhere with UPS, I called Grandma's customer support and Melissa (the support agent) immediately contacted UPS and straightened everything out.

My friend really loved the soup and wants to send packages to her relatives. I can't say enough good things about the wonderful product and excellent customer support. I plan on ordering soup for myself in the near future!

Terri - Dracut, MA
The most thoughtful gift EVER! (4/27/2013)
I was home sick and there was a knock on my door....low and behold there was a beautifully packaged box of Grandma's chicken soup with Matzoh balls, plus a box of chocolate chip cookies, that were sent to me by a very thoughtful friend. Not only was the soup delicious, but it came packaged so nicely too. Probably one of the best gifts I've ever had delivered to me. I will definitely use your company in the future to make someone feel as good as my friend made me feel with Grandmas soups!!

Paula - Sanford, Florida
we enjoyed your soup (4/24/2013)
I recently received a gift package of your soup and wanted you to know that my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was really delicious.

Rochelle - New York
ate it tonight! (4/1/2013)
Hi we did receive the soup today. Had some for dinner. Delicious.

Gwen - NY
The Best11 (2/17/2013)
Your chicken soup is sublime. It came with knish, and it cured my miserable illness.I've recommended you to everyone I know.

Sari - Scarsdale, NY
best mac and cheese ever (2/6/2013)
Dear Grandma

My daughter was sick with a stuffy nose
And where she got this, no one knows
She lives and works in another state
So shipping my soup? An idea, not great

I saw "Grandma's" on TV
So I sent her soup where I could not be
Threw in her favorite mac 'n cheese
It was so good, she dropped to her knees

"I love you, Mom, you are so dear
I feel much better--it's like you're here"
So thank you Grandma for making her wellin'
She loved your Jewish penicillin!

Rachel admits that although my soup is a bit better than Grandma's (she HAS to say that even if it isn't true!), your mac 'n cheese rocked her world. She told me your somewhat unusual ingredients and how they all made it the best she's ever had. Her only regret is that she had to share it with her fiancé!

Thank you for your delicious product and great customer service. Everything arrived on time and in good condition.



Blair - Illinois
love your soup (1/30/2013)

I love your soup. Have twice gifted it. Thank you for the wonderful flavors.


Julia - New York
Second to Being There (1/16/2013)
My dad started radiation and chemotherapy for esophageal cancer today and walked into treatment with the card I sent along with the Cancer Patient Rejuvenation package he received yesterday. I was so sad to not be there with him, but the care package was definitely second best. Thanks for filling him with needed nutrition and giving me a great way to let him know how much we're rooting for him! Oh, and he was so excited about it, he told the staff at his oncologist's office and they wrote down your website to tell other people about the Cancer Patient Rejuvenation package!

Suzanne - North Carolina, USA
Clients rave about it (1/16/2013)
Dear Betsy,

Thank you for the “article” about Grandma’s Chicken Soup. As you know, I’ve been a user of your product for several years and every client and friend has raved about the soup. You’ve brought a lot of smiles to the faces of those I care about.

Thank you and keep the soup flowing!


Bob - Connecticut
customer service is outstanding (1/16/2013)
Ur follow up and customer service is outstanding!!!!!! Thank You,I look forward to a taste and a long relationship.

Nancy Jo - New York
hard core New Yorkers love it (12/17/2012)
Everyone I have sent your soup to has raved over it being the BEST!! and these are hard core New Yorkers who in spite of being in Florida seem to think it's an extension of New York! and to find out you are my neighbors in MA!!

Thanks again!

Linda - Massachusetts
Everyone Loves It! (11/19/2012)
I would bet that we will order from you again. My Mom has received your soup as a gift in the past and loved it, and she recently sent it to a family member recovering from shoulder surgery, who also really enjoyed the gift.



Colleen - Massachusetts
The Best (11/6/2012)
I ordered one of the well packages for my brother who has brain cancer. He was having radation and couldn't eat anything because of mouth sores. When he ate the chicken soup he said it was the best meal he ever had. He thought I made it!!! His wife cleared that up. It was like the chicken soup my mother made. Thank you for offering such a great meal. I will be ordering it again very soon.

Diane - AZ
Just thought you should know . . . . (11/5/2012)
Hi Grandma,

Just letting you know that my order today, is being sent to the Schneider Family...where my sister is staying, after being rescued from flooding waters, and has lost her home, everything! Its a Miracle shes alive! Thank God! Your Chicken Soup can now be heated up. Power by some generators is helping all. Please know that your very Special Soup is feeding my sister & family. Counting their Blessings!!! Thanks Again!!! God Bless Everyone!!!

Mary Anne

Mary Anne - New York
if you cant make it you can buy it (10/11/2012)
My mother always told me when she was young and it was the depression when the kids got sick her parents had to decide either to pay for a doctor or buy chicken soup. Since I can't cook it I find it the perfect thing to give for a variety of occasions. thank you

ann - california
Taste like home! (8/26/2012)
I like the texture and taste of your soup its creamy and the flavors blend nicely.

Alex - Los Angeles
better than flowers (8/20/2012)
Dear Grandma’s,

Thanks so much for all your help! The soup was FABULOUS and we will definitely be ordering from you in the future – this is a super concept and so much better than flowers! My coupon is on the frig to use at our next opportunity!


Steve and Eileen

Steve - Florida
almost better than my moms (6/25/2012)
Dear Grandma,

Hi. I just placed an order. Your soup is ‘almost’ better than my mom’s was, meaning, we are from Philadelphia,Pa., & back in the 40’s & 50’s all the ‘Bubbas’ knew how to make their own creation of chicken soup with matza balls. My mom’s matza balls were ‘sinkers’, & had their own reputation, & yours are delicious, not that yours are ‘sinkers,’ but your own creation of chicken soup. ((please don’t take this the wrong way)). I LOVE YOUR SOUP!!. Mom has passed away now, & I can’t even come close to her recipe, till I found you. Thank you for all the remembering I do when I eat your delicious chicken matza ball soup. Keep up the wonderful work.

Yours truly, judy - Tuesday night.

Judy - Pennsylvania
Thanks (6/4/2012)
I wanted to say thanks so much for the beautiful gift package that you delivered to my sister Maureen. She has recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and had a lump- ectomy and will start chemo and radiation within the next month. She was so thrilled to get her package and said the soup looked awesome, stating "The chunks of chicken were HUGE!" It meant so much to her and is much better than the usual gift of flowers that usually die within a week. Thanks again! We'll BOTH recommend your service to others!
Sincerely, Denise

Denise - Chicago
The Next Best Thing (6/3/2012)
The next best thing to having your mom take care of you.
I just had gallbladder surgery here in NH and my mom is in CA. Since she could not be here to take care of me, she sent Grandma's Chicken Soup. What a wonderful surprise to come home to and it was exactly what I needed (other than my mom) to make me feel better. It was delicious and hit the spot! Such a perfect idea and greatly appreciated!!

Lori - NH / USA
Great for Personal and Corporate (5/30/2012)
I have ordered from your company in the past and the people I sent the soup to were thrilled. I’m actually a little jealous because I thought I made the world’s best matzo ball soup, and they raved about yours.

I will definitely be ordering from your company in the future – both for personal and corporate reasons.

Thank you again,


Martha - New York
saved her life (5/16/2012)
Just to inform you, I sent your Passover package to my sister who moved into a new home. in the suburbs of Atlanta, Canton. She had no appliances and her car had not arrived yet after being sent from her former home in Pennsylvania. She was so happy to receive the chicken soup plus and said we "saved her life" and by no means underrated was the fact that she said the soup tasted just like our mom's and our grandma's Friday night chicken soup. Thanks much

Elena - Miami, FL
Passover (4/11/2012)
Dear Grandma,

Your chicken soup made our passover just wonderful,every one loved it,and I was very greatful since I am getting on in years and can no longer stand up to do the cooking
Please be sure that you have a new favorite follower from now on. I will be sending a new order to you very soon.

Best Regards,
Tedi....on Long Island in New York

Tedi - New York
Our son just called . . . (3/8/2012)
Our son just called us to tell us he received his amazing birthday package. He is looking forward to sharing everything with his friends. Thank you again for your fabulous service!!

Susan, - New York
Best Gift Ever! (2/24/2012)
I just had knee surgery and my stomach was not feeling well and all i wanted was soup. My husband went to purchase soup for me from the store and when he came back a package was at our door. It was Grandma's soup. My friends send me the soup as a get well gift and I love it. It got me through the weekend on the couch and the inability to eat anything other than that soup. It is a great gift that i will remember for the future.

Vicky - Maryland
The soup was a hit! (2/14/2012)
Hi Grandma!

The soup was a hit! Thank you very much.

Judy - Florida
Linda (1/24/2012)
I have never had Grandma's Chicken Soup. Very, very sad. However, I have sent it to many people for many occasions and everybody has raved about it. What a great gift to send. Flowers wilt and die. Soup and such say I love you and I took time to think about you.

Linda - West Virginia
Great gift for a University freshman! (9/30/2012)
Hi there Betsy,

I was walking across 79th Street at 3rd Ave in NYC early this afternoon when my cell phone rang. The call was from a very happy University of Richmond freshman, our son Sam who just tasted some of Grandma's chicken soup!!! The truth is that he couldn't wait and the first sip was right out of the container before the soup even has a chance to fully defrost! Can you believe it? Not only was the packaging a wonderful surprise, but we later got a call saying the soup, chicken and matzo balls were a huge hit!

Thank you so much.


Fern, - New York
Long Distance Healing (1/18/2012)
I sent some of your chicken soup to my oldest brother during Hanukkah. He was having trouble with an eye, was recovering from a cold, and had a lingering cough. When he saw your package on his door step, his first thought was, "Oh, no, not more fruit from Florida!" He was so happy and surprised that he sent me pictures with commentary about opening the package. He thought the packing job was terrific, and loved the taste. He even loved the "Jewish Penicillin" mug. He said that the weekend he spent inside with the soup & the good feelings it conveyed went a long way to helping him feel better. Since I live on the East coast and he lives on the West coast, this was about as good as I could do short of hopping a plane to make him my own soup in his kitchen.

I am very glad that your company was there to help provide a long distance experience of healing of spirit. ----Sarah

Sarah - New York
Thank You Betsy (12/22/2011)
Thank you so much for your wonderful company, great food, and the very lovely representative Betsy, who answered my plea for help.


Davida - New Mexico
Best (12/22/2011)
I sent a the Soup with Matzo Balls, Challa and mugs filled with brownies as a Hanaukkah gift to friends. They said the Soup and Matzo Balls were tremendous and the Challa and brownies were the best they ever tasted. My gift certainly was a HUGE SUCCESS!

Elizabeth - Massachusetts
I LOVE YOUR SOUP!! (11/16/2011)
Your soup is ‘almost’ better than my mom’s was, meaning, we are from Philadelphia,Pa., & back in the 40’s & 50’s all the ‘Bubbas’ knew how to make their own creation of chicken soup with matza balls. My mom’s matza balls were ‘sinkers’, & had their own reputation, & yours are delicious, not that yours are ‘sinkers,’ but your own creation of chicken soup. ((please don’t take this the wrong way)). I LOVE YOUR SOUP!!. Mom has passed away now, & I can’t even come close to her recipe, till I found you. Thank you for all the remembering I do when I eat your delicious chicken matza ball soup. Keep up the wonderful work. Yours truly, judy

Judy, - California
A very grateful mom (10/31/2011)
Dear Grandma,

My daughter LOVED your soup. I am so grateful that you do what you do and that I found you.
Your soup warmed my soul indirectly because I felt so good knowing that she was able to have homemade chicken soup delivered to help her body heal from a bug she caught.
She is better now and she called me tonight to say that she missed your soup so much- especially to warm her bones after Boston's first snowfall. She went to her local market to buy their 'homemade' soup and she said it was "just terrible= especially after that delicious soup you sent me."

I am a very grateful mother.

Susan, - California
Just the Trick (10/25/2011)
Sent your soup to my sick mother-in-law. I usually fly up to visit her and take care of her when she needs me, but couldn't be there--so I sent her soup instead and she felt better instantly! Thank you so much! Said it was better than her own! A++

Adrienne - Baltimore, MD
Best soup ever (10/6/2011)
I was very surprised to see a large box on my doorstep from Grandma's Chicken Soup, and delighted when I opened it. My son who lives and works in Singapore saw it on the Food Channel and sent it to us in NJ.

Everything was so delicious, just like my Polish grandma and my Mom used to make, also like my husband's Jewish Mama made. The Challah and honey bread with nuts were great as well, but the soup was just amazing, the best homemade ever.

I will certainly keep Grandma in mind the next time I have to send a gift. I loved your video too, to see a real Babci in the kitchen, not a soup factory. You really can tell it is made with love. My son loved his grandma, and I was happy to tell him that your soup brought great memories of her back.

Mary Ann - Singapore
OMG!! AMAZING!!! (10/6/2011)
OMG!! AMAZING!! And, my story couldn't be better. My mother was truly sick when the soup arrived (she lives with me). She LOVED it! And so did I. The broth was yummy. The noodles were AMAZING (so fresh and NOT overcooked). I've been sending out lots of tweets about it already on Twitter. WOW! WOW! WOW!! THANK YOU!

Chicken soup w/matzo balls (10/2/2011)
Just got off the phone with our friend who has just undergone a serious heart op. He was soooo pleased with the soup! Even had some left for a 2nd helping.
So glad I found you folks.

Alice - upstate NY
Wonderful soup (9/26/2011)
I can't say enough good things about this product. I sent the soup and challah to my dad when he was having a very difficult time in chemo. It was the only thing he could eat and it was a relief for all of us that he would eat it. Sadly he passed away a few months later but this soup brought much enjoyment and many happy memories of his grandma's soup in the last stages of his life.

Ellen - US
Great gift for a University freshman! (9/30/2009)
Hi there Betsy,

I was walking across 79th Street at 3rd Ave in NYC early this afternoon when my cell phone rang. The call was from a very happy University of Richmond freshman, our son Sam who just tasted some of Grandma's chicken soup!!! The truth is that he couldn't wait and the first sip was right out of the container before the soup even has a chance to fully defrost! Can you believe it? Not only was the packaging a wonderful surprise, but we later got a call saying the soup, chicken and matzo balls were a huge hit!

Thank you so much.


Fern, - New York
Post Surgery Gift (8/29/2011)
Hubby just received post-surgery chicken soup from his nieces. He's thrilled! Thanks -- who would have thought Grandma was just a website away!?

Sheree - Massachusetts
great idea (8/29/2011)
My dear friend lost her father last week. I loved all that you had to offer since I was out of state and couldn't be with her. Not to mention that your lovely thinking of you cards took the words right out of my mouth. I know she is going to enjoy her gift and feel loved when she receives it. Great Idea!

stephanie - New Hampshire
stands by their product (8/15/2011)
We received the lst order a day late and the product wasn't still frozen. Notified Grandma and she made it right, reshipped and received in perfect condition.

Linda - Georgia
great soup! (8/2/2011)
the best!

karen - kansas
Best Pick me up gift ever! (7/11/2011)
I was recovering from a double mastectomy when a Grandma's Soup package arrived from my cousin! The soup was delicious and the package brought a smile to my face and a laugh to my heart. It truly made my day!

Nicole - NJ, USA
Love in a 1/2 Gallon Jar (6/28/2011)
Thank you for sending a dear friend who was home alone recovering from surgery the much needed delicious 'medicine' to speed along her healing process. She had no appetite until Grandma's Chicken Soup arrived. It was just what the doctor ordered!

Ellin - New York - USA
You made my day (5/25/2011)
Thank you so much for honoring this request. My brother just came home from the hospital and our mother has been gone for 2 years now and there was nothing like her homemade chicken soup, so Gradma's will be the next best thing and he told me today he was craving for some soup. Chicken soup is so good for the soul and he is going to be so surprised to receive this treat!

You have made my day.

Thank you,

Deb - Chicago
If you were here, you would get HUGS! (3/16/2011)
Hi Betsy,
I just wanted to email you to say thanks! The subscription package arrived today, and if you were here, you would be getting hugs from all 6 of us here in the office. Everything is perfect, and we just cannot thank you enough for taking such good care of us.

Thank you !
Debra & The Gals

Debra - Maine
When you are housebound - it's perfect (2/28/2011)
I am originally from Chelsea, Mass... presently living in Bel Air, CA for the past 30 years. I recently had some surgery to repair a ruptured disc in my neck. Friends from Boston sent me some of Grandma's Chicken soup and I have to tell you... it was the most delicious soup I have ever had IN MY LIFE. (I don't think it was the drugs... it was the soup)

When you are housebound and recovering from surgery there is nothing better than chicken soup... and there is nothing better than Grandma's Chicken Soup... thank you for having such a wonderful company. I plan on having more soup when I'm not sick and sending it to friends who are.


Steve - California (formerly MA)
They are going nuts! (2/7/2011)
The soup arrived and they're going a good way! Thanks for a great product and delivery...

Jordan - Massachusetts
Mommy in a jar!!! (2/7/2011)
I have given this as a gift to my daughter who was sick and she said that it was like "having me right there cooking for her" and she felt better almost immediately! The soup arrives frozen, has a fresh-made taste, lots of chunky noodles and carrots and I HAD to get it with the Matzoh Balls, because that's how y grandmother used to make it. YUM!

Beth - Maricopa, AZ
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