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Wonderful gift!! (10/9/2017)
OMG I was so surprised when I received it and when I tasted the soup it was just what I needed.

Jami - New York, USA
I have been sending packages of Grandma's Chicken Soup & extras for many years now. These packages are wonderful for elderly relatives, get well occasions, and sympathy shipments. Everyone who receives them is surprised & delighted.

Grandma's staff is very kind & caring, and shipments are well-packed.

You are simply the best!

Thank you.

Connie - Connecticut
Great (9/26/2017)
I love Grandma's Chicken Soup.

Karen - Ct
Happy Rosh Hashanah (9/20/2017)
Thank you so much! My kids are in Tuscaloosa Alabama and Pensacola Florida-you have no idea how much I appreciate this opportunity to bring our holiday foods to a very under represented part of the country.

L'Shana Tovah!


Sam - Alabama
Yum (9/18/2017)
Love it

Randi - New York
SOUP (9/19/2017)
comfort food

Mark - New Jersey
Great gift (9/19/2017)
I ordered the original get well gift for my daughter when she was sick at college. She absolutely loved it! I would highly recommend this product.

Trina - New York
Oh My Gosh!!!! (9/14/2017)
Crazy Amazing...and I don't even know ow delicious the products are yet! I am just SO unbelievably impressed with their Customer Service that I AM BLOWN AWAY! Can't even begin to explain what they just did for me. Let's just say, their keeping me in good graces with my mother-in-law. Any business that goes above & beyond to have such superior customer service...definitely will have superior quality/delicious products! Love this place and about to place some more orders! Again, Thank You!!

Shannon - Arkansas
Good for the Soul (8/28/2017)
Dear family members sent me the chicken soup soon after coming home from a long hospital stay and multiple surgeries. It was truly heaven-sent, delicious, and soul-nourishing. I shared it with my sister staying with me during my recuperation and she loved it, too. Great packaging - the soup was in perfect condition! Thank you for this wonderful option - I just sent soup to a dear friend. Just what the doctor ordered!

Pat - Maryland/USA
Received surgery soup (8/18/2017)
My company sent Chicken Soup, Challah bread and chocolate chip cookies following a surgery. It was the most thoughtful and delicious gift I received! What a fantastic idea for all occasions!

Rachel - Richmond, VA
Excellent Chicken Soup ! (7/27/2017)
Recovering from cancer surgery and Grandmas Chicken Soup and extras (decorated cookie, cup, oyster crackers) warmed the soul & belly & made me smile! Great product!

Donna - North Carolina
Delicious (7/14/2017)
Best soup and matzah balls.

Rita - Massachusetts
Most thoughtful (7/11/2017)
I received this package today from some colleagues as a get-well gift after surgery. It is the most thoughtful idea ever! The packaging is adorable, the soup is delicious, and after one bowl I feel better already! Thanks Grandma!

Norma - Brookline MA
Awesome (6/25/2017)
Thanks for making me seem like a good gf lol

Ashley - Alaska
Scottsdale (6/25/2017)
We absolutely LOVED the Gift presentation and the SOUP and lemon cake FABULOUS!

An absolute brilliant idea (6/22/2017)
What a nice surprise when our package was delivered. We've been dealing with a death and cooking has been the last thing on our minds. The Chicken soup and Challah bread was so good and comforting. Coming to Minnesota all the way from Massachusetts and still being frozen was amazing in itself. I would recommend Grandmas Chicken Soup with no hesitations.

Sue - Minnesota
Heard it is delicious! (5/15/2017)
Heard the soup is delicious!

Carol - Massachusetts
Sacramento (5/16/2017)
We love your product! Thank you.

Terilynn - California
God Bless You (5/10/2017)
Dear Betsy,

I am writing to you to let you know of the outstanding customer service I received from Melissa! I called in for the first time today and was ordering soup for a group of Capuchin nuns that have been very sick. Melissa was knowledgeable, efficient, pleasant! It was a joy today to call your company!

As soon as I talk to Melissa and heard about the chicken soup options in a larger quantity and the goodies that you offer and the quality of your product, I knew I was in good hands!

Sincerely, And God bless you, Mary

Mary - Michigan
Chicken Soup for mending (4/27/2017)
I received this wonderful gift from a friend from the Northeast! San Antonio is not a hot bed of kosher or deli foods so this was a most welcome and needed present for an ailing girlfriend! So thoughtful and delicious! Challah is great as well!

Sally - San Antonio, TX
Liquid Love (4/26/2017)
Aloha, Grandma & friends - My friend Karen, who is recovering from cancer surgery, recently received her gift box of challah bread & soup. She was over the moon! She said she hadn’t had good chicken soup like that since she was a kid in New Haven. Karen more than enjoyed it, it made her feel loved and cherished and warm on a chilly early spring day.

I just wanted to let you know that you are feeding people’s souls as well as their tummies. Wishing you all a very happy Mother’s day and thank you for the “liquid love” that is helping to heal my friend.

Kathleen - Hawaii
Happy (4/18/2017)
Just like my own chicken soup and knaidels

Judy connell - Massachusetts
Delicious! (4/13/2017)
I love sending this soup.

Richard - NC
BEST EVER (4/5/2017)

Elizabeth - Massachusetts
Just like MOM's (4/5/2017)
I had surgery a couple weeks ago and received 'Grandma's Chicken Soup'! It was not only the best I have had in a long time, but brought back my mom's chicken soup memories when I was a kid and sick.. Highly recommend !

Ed - IL
Delicious (4/3/2017)
I recd grandmas soup after I had surgery. It was so wonderful and filled me with thoughts of my mom's chicken soup when I was sick as a little boy! I head healed immediately! Thank you for the great soup but perhaps for the memory!

Ed - IL
What a treat! (10/25/2016)
I received your soup,challah and banana bread as a gift after a hospital stay. The food was EXCELLENT. A perfect welcome home gift!

Alyce - MA/USA
Absolutely delicious! (10/29/2016)
I just received the chicken noodle soup as a get well gift, and I will be ordering again. The flavor was spectacular. Quality of the chicken and vegetables-fantastic this is a phenomenal gift idea for anyone to enjoy.

Washington - Woodinville
Grandma outdid herself! (11/28/2016)
I received the package: 2 large jars of chicken soup , a braided bread and a vanilla iced pound cake. I rushed home to refrigerate the soup and returned to work. I look forward to having the soup when I return home with pieces of chicken, carrots, noodles, etc. Grandma outdid herself!
Thank you!

Roseanne - New York
Feel Good Soup (12/13/2016)
Love the feedback from friends and loved ones when they receive a gift of Get Well Soup! I received when down 5 years ago and have been sending ever since.

Tammy - MA
donna ct (12/13/2016)
I have been soup for personal as well as my company Home Depot when someone is sick. Everyone loves it delish.

donna cruz - connecticut
Absolutely Suprised (12/21/2016)
Ordered the soup late Sunday night and it got to my Mom early this afternoon! She was so surprised by the box and absolutely loved the soup! She said it was the best she's ever had. What a great concept. Thanks so much, Grandma's Chicken Soup!

Tess - South Carolina
Get Well Care Package (1/8/2017)
Our daughter had your Chicken Noodle soup and Challah bread sent to us when both got sick after the holidays. It was perfect and we are both feeling much better after receiving this delicious gift.

George - Atlanta, GA
An incredible gift! (1/28/2017)
My partner just had a knee replacement which entails a very long, painful recovery. Our wonderful friend sent us grandmas chicken soup which we devoured n just one day. It hit the spot. We felt so comforted and soup could not have been better. Also loved the packaging.

Robin - New York City
An incredible gift! (1/28/2017)
My partner just had a knee replacement which entails a very long, painful recovery. Our wonderful friend sent us grandmas chicken soup which we devoured n just one day. It hit the spot. We felt so comforted and soup could not have been better. Also loved the packaging.

Robin - New York City
A little taste of home! (2/2/2017)
My friend just sent me soup & bread after I got hit with a nasty cold. What a wonderful taste of home! It has been years since I've lived somewhere I could easily acquire matzoball soup and this was just what the doctor ordered! Thank you so much Grandma!

Nicole - Utah
Beats flowers and unrippened fruit (2/10/2017)
I sent 2 packages this week, one to my daughter in college (college stress reducer) and one get well package. I have ordered 4 times and the food is always delivered timely and delicious. The recipients are thrilled !!

New York - Long Beach
Deliciousness Delivered! (2/12/2017)
A friend sent me soup as a get well. It was so good. Right blend of salt and broth. Chunks of chicken. Yumminess in a jar.

Siobhan - Rhode Island
quite a compliment (2/21/2017)
My sister and her husband were sick. Found your website and sent them soup, latkes, and knishes. Said it was a wonderful surprise and the food was absolutely delicious. Coming from my sister who is a terrific cook, that is quite a compliment. Continued success, Andi

Andi - West Virginia
Making a difference in gift giving with comfort food (3/30/2017)
my dad was put in the hospital 2 days before New Year's Eve with congestive heart failure...he also has a common thing going on that happens to our elders, his throat is restricting and he cannot swallow a lot of diff ordered for the first time from your site. He was in the hospital 9 days and both their birthdays are in January! the 14th & the 17th. I sent them the Soup with matzoh balls & the Challah bread. Weird thing with the throat condition, bread goes down! He thoroughly enjoyed the matzoh balls, broth & bread...while my mother ate the veggies, broth & bread! Thank you so much for being there...making a difference in gift giving. They truly loved it!

Nancy - New York
sent many times (10/17/2016)
Its great. Have sent this many times. The food is outrageous good and the packing keeps it for a few days in shipping.

Doug - Florida
Outstanding!!! (9/30/2016)
Just wanted to let you know how wonderful your food and service is. The recipient of the package I sent could not stop thanking me for everything the food was outstanding!!! She told me she will definitely be using you in the future! Thank you very much!!!

Amy - Boston
Thanks again! (9/29/2016)
Thank you Grandma! I received the package today and loved it! My daughter and her family are so sweet to send me something from you often now! And I always love each gift of food and the pretty mugs!

Thanks for taking such good care of the food you send and making sure it doesn't perish ! And it's always delicious! You do a great job and we all appreciate it! Thanks again, Bonnie

Bonnie - South Carolina
YUMMY! (9/28/2016)
Amazing soup & challah!
Try it, y'all! :)

Regina - North Carolina
Like sending hugs (9/27/2016)
Nothing like good homemade soup to warm the heart and soul. I received when laid up and have been sending ever since to friends needing a lift.

Tammy - Massachusetts
loved the mac & cheese (9/19/2016)
Just want to say Thank you for all the delicious treats that were in that package. My son who is fighting a brain tumor loved the mac and cheese the most. Thank you once again. Grandmaschickensoup is a keeper.

Rowena - New York
Fabulous (9/14/2016)
Ordered this previously for my college girl. Sending it again!!

Lori - New York
Perfect for a Surgery Gift (9/13/2016)
I had a double mastectomy in June. One of my best friends, sent me a grandmas soup and lemon loaf bread package...I swear the soup helped me heal!! Delicious! Then, I found out that I do have to go through chemotherapy ?? And she sent me another delicious matzo ball soup, challah bread and jelly bean package! It was all I could eat after my first treatment. I wanted to say thank you for making my chemo a little more tolerable because of your matzo ball soup! Kindly, Susie

Susie - Arkansas
Thanks so much! (9/13/2016)
You are just TOO MUCH! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! That was really sweet and so thoughtful. I really am out of soup.. :/

I look forward to Grandma's Soup! You are seriously THE.VERY.BEST.

Thank you thank you thank you... <3

Mary - Waltham, MA
commitment to excellence (8/8/2016)
Thank you Melissa and everyone behind the scenes at Grandmas Chicken Soup. Your outstanding customer service, commitment to excellence and just plain old "niceness" made my day. I'll be back but the next order is coming to me.

Ron - New York
Congrats, job well done! (7/25/2016)
Thank you ever so much. My friend who received this gift called me as soon as it was delivered and couldn't stop bragging on how impressive the presentation was and how lovely she felt the gift was........Congrats! Job well done!

M. Brogdon - Maine
A Get better gift (7/21/2016)
My dear friend, David, sent this after i had prostate cancer surgery...HOW FANTASTICAL! Thank YOU!

Roger - Austin, Texas
Wonderful Gift (5/28/2016)
I received the Matzo ball soup and cookies from my sister in Chicago. I am in the hospital and this gift was the first food I could enjoy and tolerate.

Ellen - Greenville, Sc
DELICIOUS (5/18/2016)
My daughter wasnt feeling great and I sent her an order of soup with mac and cheese. She is so excited!!! Keeps sending me texts how delicious the soup and mac and cheese are. I may have to start sending her weekly deliveries!!! LOL! Thanks for making her feel better and me too since I couldnt be there in person to prepare these two favorite dishes.

Karen - New York
Gooood Stuff (5/14/2016)
I really liked my chicken soup, it's the best brighten soup I have ever tasted. Taste like it's REALLY homemade. Thank you so much.

Elizabeth - Illinois
Gooood Stuff (5/14/2016)
Taste like real homemade soup! Best I've ever had!

Elizabeth - Illinois
Great gift idea (4/12/2016)
I started using them 3 years ago after receiving a gift of the soup & challah after an operation and have been a supporter ever since.
A great pick me up - a Jewish elixer.

Steven - Fla
Best Soup (3/30/2016)
I received the soup and challah bread as a get well gift from my co-workers as I was out with pneumonia for extended period. What a surprise receive the package and even more surprised at the great soup and bread. Better than my homemade. My husband and I enjoyed two full meals and am now sending as a sympathy gift to a friend.

Maria - New Jersey
My point to view (2/4/2016)
The soup and stuff included came packaged so cutely. My mom was sick and just got out of the hospital. She received the soup from a friend, and I decided to try it too. Definetly something I will send to a friend, but the soup itself wasn't great. But I love the company concept! SO much better than receiving flowers

daisy - Orlando, FL
OUTSTANDING (3/2/2016)
Just received as a gift and was absolutely fantastic!
I will certainly be sharing with others as gifts as well!

John - Georgia
Delicious! (3/1/2016)
Receiving this soup is like a big hug.
So tasty and packaged sturdily and safely.

Sue - CT
Best Get Well Gift! (2/15/2016)
I broke my ankle this past September 2015, and my cousin sent me your chicken noodle and matzoh ball soup from out of state. It was delicious and fresh! No gift could have been more appreciated!

Patricia - PA, USA
great (2/10/2016)

Jane - West Palm Beach
Jewish penicillan (2/8/2016)
This gift is a real pick me up.
Whoever gets it SMILES & doesn't forget it.
To Grandma

Steve - Fla
Good stuff (2/6/2016)
I sent this to a friend after she had surgery. This is what she said, "We just finished eating. The soup was excellent. Really, really good & the bread was really good; fresh, the cookies were delicious.
Thank you so much. So thoughtful. I'm stuffed now. Think it was the most I've eaten at any time since surgery."
It cost a lot to ship but was well worth it. Unique and practical.

Rebecca - New York
Excellent (1/27/2016)
Had soup once before and it is wonderful that I am ordering it for my friend.

Kathy - New york
iI have sent this so many times!! (1/26/2016)
The last time I sent this to a friend, he never shared with his wife and finished two jars in two days. She got the challah and cake.

arlene - florida
much appreciated (1/18/2016)
I ordered soup to a friend (3rd time I've ordered through you) and it was delivered and very much appreciated by the recipient. Want to pass on good review. Thanks. Best.

Aimee - New York
Praise (1/25/2016)
Mom & Dad (in their 80's) have been struggling with colds & flu for 2 weeks now. They got tired of soup in boxes or cans, so I sent them some of yours, with the challah bread. Mom raves it's better than the medicine, and both of them can digest it easily and feel better. Thanks!

Richard - Michigan

Family Success (1/21/2016)
Sent the soup, mac/cheese, bread, and cake to my niece recovering from knee surgery. Meal fed niece, her husband, a two year old, and Grandma who has been baby sitting and cooking. Fed everyone and will carryover another day. Huge success even with the 2 yr old. Such a blessing to help out from a distance. Ordered online, but they were also a big help with shipping confirmation over the phone. Thank you very much

Ann - Ohio
So pleased! (1/16/2016)
I sent the cancer recovery package to a friend that was stuck at a hotel close to the hospital following surgery to remove a malignant tumor from his neck. He and his wife said it was the perfect gift and that the chicken noodle soup was delicious! I will give this gift again!

Lynda - Texas
WONDERFUL!! (12/11/2015)
Terrific gift to receive after my shoulder surgery. Great idea and absolutely delicious. We had challeh, soup, and potato latkes. A+++

susan - NJ
very good (12/7/2015)
sent the soup to a friend & he loved it

Gail - MD
Whatever (12/2/2015)
Very good

Cynthia - USA
Everyone loves this. (11/18/2015)
Haven't tried the soup yet myself, but it's my go-to when anyone is down for any reason, and without exception everyone raves about it.

Lee - New York (NY)
Delicious (11/12/2015)
I received the matzo ball soup and challah bread for a post-surgery recovery gift. Both were absolutely delicious! My husband said it was some of the best soup he's ever had!

Michelle - Georgia
Wonderful Treat (11/7/2015)
I received a package with soup, hallah bread, potato pancakes, caramel corn and more post-surgery. It was all SO yummy - my family of four devoued it!!

Ruth - New York
amazingly thoughtful gift (11/2/2015)
My husband was recently taken ill, and my friends sent the soup and challah. It was the best warm hug we could have gotten. I recommend it to all those looking for the perfect thing to send to someone who is ill.

Paula - Massachusetts
Great gift for picky mother in law! (11/2/2015)
I sent the chicken noodle soup with matzoh balls and challa bread to my mother-in-law after the death of my father-in-law. My father-in-law was the cook of the house and we were all concerned that she was not eating well . We live quite some distance from her so it was impossible to bring her food our self . We tried the local Meals on Wheels but she did not qualify because she is not homebound . Well let me tell you she is one tough customer end she absolutely loved this food ! Now that is saying something ! The only thing she did add was that the mason jar was way too hard to open for an 87-year-old woman. And that's the only reason why I took away one star otherwise kudos fabulous thank you very much for doing what I was unable to do .

Maria - Indianapolis, IN
Send a meal (11/1/2015)
Great Idea

Kathy - New York
Best (11/1/2015)
Just the best. Everyone I send it too loves this.

Marcia - Georgia
Good (10/27/2015)
Great Gift

June - Florida
lala (10/26/2015)
Great for after surgery!

Laura - MA
yum (10/24/2015)

sarah - oklahoma
Wonderful customer service (10/7/2015)
Thank you for your incredible customer service and amazing chicken Soup. I've never tasted it myself but I always hear the most wonderful things from the people i send it to!
Have a wonderful day!

Sam - New York
Senior Citizen (9/28/2015)
My Mother In Law gets this from us every month. I know she's having a good healthy dinner or lunch. She enjoys the special treat every month too!

Stephanie - Maryland
chicken soup (9/24/2015)

Susan - MA
excellent soup (9/24/2015)
best soup next to homemade!!!

Susan - MA
Sick (9/14/2015)
perfect for your kid that's sick and away at college

karen - MA
Best & Most Wonderful Gift (9/9/2015)
Grandmas' Chicken Soup is the most wonderful gift to send for any reason or occasions. It's delicious, made & sent with love and is the best 'feel good food' on the planet!

Peggy - NY, USA
loved the creative wishes (9/8/2015)
Received this wonderful gift of wellness after my motor cycle accident! Fantastic thought and delicious too!

Nancy - massachusetts
Great (7/15/2015)

jillian - MA
You're the best! (7/13/2015)
Thank you so much. I have given many friends and relatives your chicken soup and never fail to get rave reviews. One of my friends returned the favor by gifting me on MY birthday. Grandma et al, YOU'RE THE BEST!

Muriel - Ny
awesome (7/7/2015)
Perfect way to make someone feel better

Jeannette - Ny
Received 2X (4/22/2015)
My name is Melissa and I am home healing from a hysterectomy and appendectomy. This surgery has been rough, both mentally and physically. Two separate friends each sent me your soup, one lives in Los Angeles and one in Rhode Island. I live in Saugus, was delighted to see you are based so closed to home. One sent soup with matzo balls, one without. I loved it! Loved it so much I had to write on your Facebook page, and you responded! I can't believe you actually saw, and responded to my posts. Your soup not only made me feel better, you eased the work of my partner. Poor guy has been doing everything in the house and maintaining his work. Your soup filled our bellies, and helped to mend my heart a little bit too. And I LOVE the spoon too it came with, I grew up with thy style spoon as a kid.

Much appreciation and love to you for doing what you do!

Melissa - Saugus, MA
Best Gift Ever! (4/22/2015)
I have sent Gramma Chicken Soup to so many people! Sick, recuperating after surgery, New baby, New Home ..always an appreciated gift And I especially appreciated it when I received it as a gift myself!

Beth - Mass
Wonderful Gift (3/30/2015)
I received your soup and macaroni and cheese as a gift during a difficult time for my family. The food was delicious and it was a relief to have a break from cooking. Thank you!

Natalie - Massachusetts
Your wonderful customer service (3/30/2015)
I have ordered your incredible Chicken Soup and other delicious items so many times, I have lost count! Whether it's a birthday, sympathy, or get well gift, Grandma's Chicken Soup is a wonderful and welcome surprise, delivered promptly, and well-packaged. Thank you for your wonderful customer service and delicious foods.

Mrs. Hill - Maryland
I will definitely use you again! (3/3/2015)
My friends LOVED soup, bread and cookies!!!
Thank you so much! That was so kind of you. I will Definitely use you in the future and recommend you to my friends!
Thanks again,

Marcy - California
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