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i love your gifts (9/22/2020)
Betsy, no problem with delivery date..I want to tell you how much my family and I enjoyed our Rosh Hashanah soups and trimmings! Really felt good to be somewhat traditional in dinner fare while on Nantucket!!! I love your soups and am happy your product is my go-to for all sorts of occasions. I do find that the soup+ is very helpful and comforting for both illness,surgery, and sympathy! I'm happy to be a loyal customer! And your personal customer service is so makes me feel that you really care!
Thanks again..Hope you have a wonderful week! Jill

jill - massachusetts
Chicken Noodle Soup (9/21/2020)
My granddaughter was sick & I sent her chicken noodle soup - she said it was delicious & really warmed her heart! It arrived on time & the presentation was very nice! Highly, highly recommended!! 5+ stars!

Barb - MN
Up and down the east coasta (9/21/2020)
I sent three orders for Rosh Hashanah, and am using this one to reply, but all three that I sent- to Orlando, Florida, to Havre de Grace Maryland, and to Scituate, Massachusetts, arrived in a timely fashion, as always, and all three families were very happy with their holiday package.

Thank you for giving me a way to continue to help my adult children and their families celebrate the holiday with matzoh ball soup, round challah and honey even though we are spread up and down the east coast.



Barbara - New York
Can't wait to place my next order (8/2/2020)
Just wanted to tell you package delivered ! Thank you so much for all your help. They loved everything about the gift especially the soup. They said it was delicious! You have customers for life now! Can’t wait to place my next order!
A pleasure doing business with you!

Sandy - Minnesota
Delicious (6/12/2020)
I received a gift from my cousins n this was the BEST!!! Coming out of the hospital n Enjoying my matzo ball soup/ chicken soup, potato pancakes n challah bread . Large matzo balls , chunks of chicken. This rating I give 10 stars !!!!! Makes me feel close to home n family 😊

Kelly - Florida
You made me look good (6/1/2020)
The “thank you” call I received this afternoon from the recipient of the “Comfort Package” was the most heartfelt, excited, choked-up and appreciative call I have ever received. He felt compelled to describe every component (almost as if I didn’t know how diverse and interesting everything was), primarily because he had never received a gift that included so many things to make him feel better.

Thank you very much for offering such thoughtful gifts. You made me look good! 😊


Sissie - Connecticut
Received a Package of Love (5/26/2020)
The most perfect friend sent me a love package with your chicken soup and Mac & Cheese during this lockdown. My parents were gourmet cooks and your soup is superb! I can't wait to try the Mac & Cheese next. I was amazed at your packaging and ice packs. Brilliant! You can bet I'm going to order from you in the near future.

Carol - CA
Disappointed (5/18/2020)
I sent soup, challah & banana walnut cake to my sister for mother’s day. The soup needed salt, there were about 4 carrots & very few small pieces of chicken. Plenty of noodles though. Cake and challah good.

Cookie - United States
My Birthday during this Covid 19 Quarantine. (5/15/2020)
I received a birthday gift while quarantined during this pandemic/quarantine. The chicken soup was better than from any Jewish deli in Philly. Packed with Chicken pieces and noodles. That with an entire loaf of challah made a fulfilling meal which was truly welcomed and appreciated.

Louis - Philadelphia, PA
Mother and Grandmother (5/13/2020)
I received Grandma's Chicken Soup, Challah Bread & Bequet Caramel's for Mother's Day and this is my testimonial : Well packed and each ingredient is high quality and very tasty. Excellent all around !!

Claudette - Watertown, MA
Great customer service (5/12/2020)
Hi Betsy,

My friend received her order and said everything was fine!!! She loved the items and plans on ordering some for her nephew whose family just had a baby. Thank you so much for your great customer service!


Gail - New York
Ordered numerous times (5/7/2020)
My daughter received the package today. She loves it! I have ordered from your company numerous times.

Your products do not disappoint!
Thank you for all you do!


Patricia - New York
A Perfect Gift! (5/7/2020)
In searching for comfort food for my son who is self isolating, I came upon Grandmas. What a find! Not only was the food “outrageous “, but was packaged beautifully, came exactly as promised and cheered my
son up tremendously!! I can’t wait to order again-this is a wonderful company and I’m hoping you expand your menu!

Cindy - New York, USA
Love your soup and bread (5/6/2020)
Thank you Betsy!
You guys are awesome! Hope you and your families and your entire Team are safe and healthy! Thank you for still helping our loved ones enjoy some wonderful hugs from afar in the way of your soup and bread!

Tina - Cambridge, MA
Many Many Thanks (5/4/2020)
Hi there. My daughter just called shouting with joy and bubbling with laughter. She absolutely loved receiving her package from you! She was totally surprised and completely caught of guard with the contents. With all that is going on in the world right now, she truly felt the love today, which is exactly the reaction I was hoping for. Many, many, many thanks. I will be placing another order with you very soon.


Sheree - New York
Great food, great branding! (4/24/2020)
A group of close friends just sent an amazing gift package from your company to our family, after all 4 of us had just survived this awful virus. The quality, packaging and presentation was impeccable, and all of your little touches were amazing. You did not miss a beat, from the way this was shipped (carefully packed, well insulated, etc.) to the branding on EVERYTHING, from the ribbons that tied the food to the branded ice packs inside the box. This was a nice surprise to receive at a time when we needed it the most! I will be ordering from you in the future as well as spreading the word about your company to other friends and family. Thank you so much!

Stephanie - New Hampshire
quality product (4/23/2020)
Thanks for your ongoing service and quality product. Your soup is my go-to gift for friends who are ill, or who have suffered a loss. A comforting bowl of delicious hot soup is my way of sending them a hug when I cannot be with them in person. 😊

Kate - Illinois
Thanks for all you do! (4/21/2020)
Happy Tuesday!

I wanted to reach out to tell you how amazing I think your company is - I've ordered 3 or 4 times, and the recipients are always completely blown away by the wonderful, delicious food, and the careful, safe packaging.

A family very dear to me received their gift today - both parents and both teenage children are all in the process of healing after battling COVID-19, and they were so emotional and thankful at receiving their order.

I tell everyone about your company, and look forward to placing my next order. Thank you for all you do. I am truly grateful. Have a great day, and stay safe. :)


Ann - Lowell, Ma
You have been wonderful (4/21/2020)
You have been wonderful, thank you!

In the midst of this we had a son-in-law with an emergency appendectomy, a baby due in Oregon and kids move to a new home in LA.

Your care packages are the perfect gifts for all

MaryAnne - Oregon
Wonderful Gift (4/21/2020)
Sent the get well/quarantine gift package to my niece and she absolutely loved it. She said it was the best care package she ever received and the soup was delicious. Will be using this company again. Thank you!

Regina - NC
We ordered again (4/16/2020)
Hello Grandma,

We ordered again your Matzo Ball Chicken soup it was delicious! just like our Grandmas and Aunts. The broth was not salty and the matzo balls were heaven, light and fluffy.

The Challa was like butter delicious.

We look forward to ordering from you again.

Hope you and your family are doing well during this difficult time.

Alan - New York
Omgoodness (4/16/2020)
Omgoodness. This is the most delicious chicken soup & breads we have ever tasted. Thank you for your prompt delivery & fabulous delights.

Jane - Alabama
My daughter was overjoyed! (4/15/2020)
Hi there. My daughter just called shouting with joy and bubbling with laughter. She absolutely loved receiving her package from you! She was totally surprised and completely caught of guard with the contents. With all that is going on in the world right now, she truly felt the love today, which is exactly the reaction I was hoping for. Many, many, many thanks. I will be placing another order with you very soon.

Sheree - Minnesota
Perfect cure for Covid (4/14/2020)
Thank you so much- greatly appreciate that. My cousin who is a nurse got Covid from o working in the hospital and unfortunately, unknowingly infected her 80 year old mom who she was caring for. This will be helpful to them both - thank you for the service you are providing to others. Stay safe and well.

Mary - New York
made it for Passover (4/9/2020)
Hi Grandma, I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for helping to make a difficult situation a little easier. My order for Passover arrived at my sons home on time today as we could not be together for the holiday. I was anxious because deliveries can be delayed, but you came through. Rave reviews all around for the delicious food, as well.

Many thanks from one grandma to another!


Marlene - Texas
Awesome! (3/29/2020)
I sent my brother your soup and he said, "That soup was AMAZING! I don't know how they do it but it was SO rich and delicious."
I placed my order at 1pm and it was there the next day. Great service and great soup! By the way, he said he had it for 3 separate meals!

Maggie - Melbourne, FL
thank you or curse you (3/11/2020)
I don't know if I shoud thank you or curse at you . . . THANK YOU for the soup . . . it was amazing! And as for the lemon cake, well, I'm now a lemon cake crack whore living under an overpass in a cardboard box turning tricks for Grandma's lemon cake . . it's not pretty but you gotta do what you gotta do!

mary jane - california
Great doing business with you (3/3/2020)
Thank you so much, Betsy-

My neighbor lost his wife suddenly, less than 2 weeks ago, and I know your delivery will brighten his day.

A lot of us have dropped off different foods etc. in the past weeks, but this will be an even better treat for him and his young daughter. Your beautiful gift packages never disappoint!

It’s always great doing business with you.

Warm regards-

Connie - Connecticut
Talking it up! (2/24/2020)
Dear Betsy, et al.

I ordered soup and challah as a think you gift for a dear friend who is Israeli and was our family's tutor for b'ai mitzvahs, ages ago. She had a lovely ""Galentine Party"" on the 14th filled with lots of lovely women. She loved the soup. I told her this was a family business and she was thrilled. If Rachel talks it up (and you can't stop Rachel from talking about anything) you may be hearing from lots of Israeli folks here in the DC area.

Love Stefane

Stefane - Washington DC
my husband received this and loved it (2/17/2020)
How are you? I hope all is well. Thank you so much for making the correction on the zip code. I’m so excited for my friend to receive the soup. My husband received it as a gift when he was sick and it was delicious.
Thank you again and have a fantastic day.

Best Regards,


Robin - Nebraska
i loved my gift (2/5/2020)
I just want to let you know how much I truly loved your unique chicken soup gift that was sent to me from a wonderful friend. It was absolutely delicious. The packaging was wonderful and arrived perfectly. I keep your card and will be ordering from you in the future. Again thanks and keep up the good work.


Sharon - Minnesota
Blessings! (1/9/2020)
Yesterday (Jan 8th) I received a beautiful gift in the mail. My son and his family sent me: Grandmas Chicken Noodle Soup and two loaves of Challah Bread. They knew that mama/grandma needed something to cheer her up.

What a surprise, little did they realize, I had had a rough emotionally a melt down on that morning over the loss of my husband. What a special surprise. Thanks for helping them reach out to me in such a special way. The soup [totally frozen] is in the freezer and one loaf of bread. Another dear long-time Sister-friend had given me some fresh homemade chicken noodle soup to0.

Kathleen - New York
amazing! (11/2/2019)
Excellent service and delicious products! A win win for any occasion!

Troy - Lynnfield
Great Chicken Soup (10/2/2019)
Always delicious

Diane - Massachusetts/USA
Samantha (9/27/2019)

Samantha - Nyc
best soup !!! (9/17/2019)
give this as a gift often.. always rave reviews

Kim - New York
Hearty and Flavorful! (9/16/2019)
I just got the delivery! I took a taste of it and I am quite impressed. It has big chunks of chicken and lots of flavor! So many commercial chicken soups these days are bland and/or under-salted so they don't offend timid palates. But yours is hearty and flavorful! And I love that it's a big quantity, too. That will last me quite a while as I nurse my broken leg. Thank you so much!

Lynell - New York
Grandma's chicken soup (8/20/2019)
This gift is loved by everyone I have sent it to.

Fran - New York
Great gift (8/21/2019)

Lois - MA/USA
Finals Stress Relief (7/6/2019)
Thank you so much for the amazing soup that we were able to send to our freshman during finals while she was sick. She LOVED it!!!!!!

Donna - NY
Best soup and idea ever (6/15/2019)
I am fortunate to work with some amazing people who were kind enough to send me your soup when I wasn't feeling well. Seriously, maybe the best gift I had EVER received and the soup (Chicken Soup with Noodles and Matzo Balls) was delicious!

Karen - VA, USA
That Challah! (3/4/2019)
We recently ordered Grandma's Chicken Soup for a Crowd along with two loaves of Challah for a party. The soup, of course, had rave reviews. Comments like, ""This is just like grandma used to make- not too salty!"" and then the bread: Where did you get this bread? One of our guests almost consumed the entire loaf. He's from NYC and would like to know where it came from. I remember seeing the word BROOKLYN on it, but am not quite sure because the bread disappeared so quickly along with the soup. . . not a nor matzo ball left. I don't remember it being Boston's Best Cheryl Ann's challah bread (a slightly sweet white bread). Could you let us know where that bread came from? Thanks so much. We will definitely be calling Grandma soon.

Brenda - New York
Best anniversary gift ever (2/18/2019)
Our daughter sent this for our 48th anniversary The soup and challah loaf were amazing We enjoyed the evening with this delicious meal and great movie Thank you

Sandra - Virginia Beach virginia
Chicken Soup with Matzoballs (2/8/2019)
My granddaughter loves the Matzoballs in the Soup the best over the Noodles.

Charlotte - New Hampshire
extraordinary! (1/18/2019)
I just want to let you know that my niece received the soup this afternoon and really loved it! She said it was ""such an extraordinarily thoughtful gift!"" Not sure I spelled that right, but you get her enthusiasm!


Linda - USA
sending cheer (1/14/2019)
Everyone loves getting this soup

dee - Florida
Great option for someone not feeling well! (1/13/2019)
Looking forward to my friend receiving this to make her feel comforted.

Jane - MA
Happy New Year (1/9/2019)
Bless you folks who create super soup,
You're a kind and caring group.

As you take orders small and large,
Take some time to re-charge
So your super soup group isn't pooped!

Wishing you all a bright, blessed, healthy Year.

Kathleen - Chicago
Maria (1/5/2019)
Love your soup

Maria - FL - Florida
Great for our occasion (12/12/2018)
Good morning! This is a gift for our daughter and son-in-law whose 12 weeks early son was born on 10/31.

They are at the hospital all day and night. We will go to their home this afternoon or evening to put the soup in their refrigerator.

Your products are great for occasions such as this.


Ruby - - -
you guys are the greatest (12/9/2018)
just wanted to thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! my friend in ky got her soup order this morning!!!!!! so she is happy very happy!!!!! 2nd order to her. you guys are the greatest!!!!!!!

Mary - Kentucky
So amazingly wonderful! (12/2/2018)
Best get-well gift I have ever received. I plan to send the soup and bread to friends and family for the holidays.

Ann - Colorado USA
The real deal (11/29/2018)
Who would have believed it? And by UPS no less. Seriously wonderful product and very comforting (sent as a get well gift).

Jeff - Park City, UT
Outrageously Delicious! (11/10/2018)
Received as a gift. The soup was beyond my expectations! Fresh, tasty, and high quality. It came packed well and oh, the challah bread was fresh and scrumptious.

Elaine - New York
Great soup! (11/6/2018)
I received this soup when I was sick with a terrible tonsil infection. It was just what the doctor ordered and far better than any other commercially made chicken soup.

Meredith - Massachusetts
Simply delish (11/4/2018)
I received grandmas soup when I was receiving & it brought much comfort

Lori - NJ

Oysterville Yacht Club - Massachusetts
Great Sympathy Gift (10/24/2018)
Grandma's is my "go to" for sympathy gifts, get well gifts, or just thinking of you....everyone loves them.

Catherine - MA
Keep up the good work (10/16/2018)
Just want you to know that everyone to whom I have sent your soup and extras has just raved about it. They love the soup and perhaps even better they get a huge kick out of the packaging.
What a wonderful idea and service you are providing. Keep up the great work.

I don’t like sending flowers when someone is ill because flowers die. You have incredible items and I will certainly be using your services in the future.

Thank you for developing such a wonderful product.

Lisa - Chicago
Thanks for a wonderful product (10/4/2018)
Thank you so much. I received an incredible gift from your company after my last cancer surgery and want to tell you how wonderful it was. In fact, I kept the soup hidden in the refrigerator so no one else would eat it. I’ve had a lot of chicken soup and yours is the best. And, yes, I’m Jewish. Everything, including the matzoh balls, were absolutely amazing.

I don’t like sending flowers when someone is ill because flowers die. You have incredible items and I will certainly be using your services in the future.

Thank you for developing such a wonderful product.

Janet - New York
Challah tastes like cake (10/8/2018)
Soup is excellent. Matzah ball soup with chicken and noodles are perfect. So was the challah and potatoes pancakes. Just ordered for a friend the soup and challah. She said the challah tastes like cake.

Beth - Connecticut
Our companies go-to gift (5/30/2018)
Thank you Betsy!

Your products have become the “go-to” gift anytime we need to acknowledge an employee who has had a baby, surgery or suffered the loss of a loved one. The soup has been a big hit and will continue to pass your website along to others in the company.

Stanley Black and Decker

Alison - Connecticut
best soup (5/28/2018)
Great website and the food it delicious

Joanne - Maryland
Better than mine (4/9/2018)
This stuff is the nectar of the Gods! I make my own wonderful soup from my own homemade stock and I have to say Grandma’s Chicken Soup is as good as my homemade! The Challah is even better than my homemade! Well worth every penny! I have sent this to friends and family and all agree it’s fabulous!

Dee - New Jersey
Thank you!!! (4/9/2018)
Dear Betsy-

I greatly appreciate the huge well-wrapped package that I ordered yesterday. In just a few hours, I will be checking on my elderly friends and delivering your incredible soup and chocolate cake.

One friend is almost 90, and she loves your chicken soup. She also has a very sweet tooth for chocolate.

For my other friends, I will be making grilled cheese sandwiches at their house, so that this elderly couple can have the sandwiches along with their tomato soup. The chocolate cake will be a very nice surprise, especially the way it is gift wrapped.

I do not know what I would do without the products from your company.
Anyone who has ever received a gift from me from Grandma’s Chicken Soup just raves about everything. It’s easy to understand why.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful Spring, (if it ever gets here). We’re expecting a little snow over the next few days, so I know that your warm soup will be a hearty treat for my friends.

‘Til my next order-
Connie Hill

Connie - Washington, DC
Paying it forward (3/26/2018)
I sent your soup and bread to my friend Pat (among others)…. who loved it and sent it to her sister….. who loved it and sent to to a co-worker….. who loved it and plans to keep paying it forward!! Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful food. I have only sent your food as gifts…. I need to order some for myself :-)

Holly - PA
Matzo balls were great. Broth needed herbs and salt.

Where's the chicken? (3/20/2018)
There was too much broth and noodles and not enough chicken to satisfy. I would add more carrots & celery, too!

Dear Anne, Hello,

I'm very sorry to hear that you were disappointed with our soup. Unfortunately everyone has a different idea of what the perfect bowl of soup is - some people like a lot of noodles and veggies while others like very little. When we decided on quantities of those things for our soup we went with what we thought of as a "medium" amount. As for the quantity of soup, each container has a full half gallon of soup. On average, that does in fact provide four 2-cup servings of soup and includes 4 matzo balls. We very much appreciate all customer feedback!

Anne - Florida
Excellent Service with a personal touch (3/6/2018)
I want to thank you for your prompt attention to this! Although the gift was expensive to mail, it was received with joy (and delightful reviews). Your company is now my go to gift site when I need a "personal touch".
Excellent service!

Diane - California
Soup is love! (3/5/2018)
Aloha and Shalom!
Our dear friend Ted is recovering from a stroke & recently received your yummy chicken soup/challah bread. His wife Pat truly appreciated a rare night off from cooking. Soup is love!

Kathleen - New York
Thanks for catching my mistake (3/5/2018)
Thank you so much for catching the error so quickly charged to my credit card. I just signed out and never looked at the total. I 'm in such a state after this storm and finally getting power back!!

I received a gift of 3 months supply from my daughter and family as a Christmas gift and was so pleased with with the soup that I thought this would be a great gift for my sister-in-law who is being treated for cancer. I'm sure this will help her daughter with preparing a meal for the family.
Thank you again for your follow up phone call and honesty with my error.

Mary - Massachusetts
YOU ARE THE BEST (3/5/2018)
Thank you
Thank you
Thank you
Ordered and confirmed.
You are the Best!
Keep it up!!!

Irene - Nevada
good packaging (2/26/2018)
I am writing to follow-up on my inquiry concerning delayed delivery, as noted below. Our gift package was delivered on Thursday, Feb 22, a day later than planned but considering the circumstances, ok. Your packaging apparently is more than adequate. Nothing was spoiled according to the recipient, our niece and her family. I am including a quote from her email, which you may use in your reviews if you so desire.

"You can't believe my surprise and thankfulness to find a package full of yummy dinner, delish soup, soft bread and even dessert, the best chocolate chip cookies!"

We have now used your service twice, during this winter's flu season. I would use again, if necessary.

Kathy - Massachusetts
Love without the mess (2/26/2018)
I started using your company when my daughter was in college and I could not get to her to provide soup when she was sick. She has been out of college 4 years Alexandra I continue to sent Grandma’s Soup to friends and family around the country when I can’t be there. I love the ability to send “refuah shlayma” without making a mess in my own kitchen!


Debi - Florida
Thoughtfully Delicious! (2/20/2018)
These soup packages are a perfectly thoughtful gift to send loved ones. Especially people recovering from surgery and welcoming a newborn baby home. Sometimes its nice not to worry about cooking.

Dena - New Jersey
Marvelous Idea! (2/20/2018)
Hello, Betsy!

Thank you very much for your kind email, and for the $10 coupon.

It’s ironic – two weeks ago my boss sustained a fractured knee while ice skating, and I sent her, on behalf of the office, some of your Grandma’s Chicken Soup. She, her husband, and her daughter were delighted!

Last week I was diagnosed with the flu; prior to leaving the doctor’s office I fainted and was taken to the local hospital for observation. My boss didn’t hesitate – she immediately went online and placed an order for Grandma’s Chicken Soup and sent it to me.

Our order is expected to arrive on Tuesday and we can’t wait!

Thank you again for this marvelous idea.

Tufts University
Corporate and Foundation Relations

Cecelia - Massachusetts
I have placed orders from Grandma’s so many times, that I have lost count. The deliveries are well-packaged, and the food is delicious. As a Get Well or Sympathy gift, everyone appreciates their package. Thank you, Betsy and staff, for your hard work & OUTSTANDING customer service.

Connie - Cheshire, CT
I am so glad my daughter had your soup (2/14/2018)
I just wanted to say,”thank you”. My daughter is away in DC at school and had the flu-if she couldn’t have my chicken soup with Cheryl Ann’s challah, I’m glad she had yours! She said everything was “insanely delicious!” Thanks again. Jennifer

Jennifer - Michigan
Fast delivery and excellent quality (2/3/2018)
Sent this to my college daughter when she had the flu. She said both the mac and cheese and soup were delicious - as were the brownies!! Shipping was fast and reasonable. So all around a great product to send to someone who needs a little TLC

Maureen - Illinois
A more than satisified customer (1/31/2018)
Thank you for your attentive service. My friends in NY raved about how delicious your chicken soup and challah is. I will not hesitate to place orders in the future. You came highly recommended.

A more than satisfied customer,

Linda - New York
Very Impressed (1/29/2018)
Our team tested your product personally and were very impressed. And, our feedback from clients has been positive as well.

Thanks again for making this contact. We will be sharing this email with a number of our valued colleagues.

George - Rochester, NY
The best feedback (1/24/2018)
By the way Love your product!! I have been sending your soup and gifts to friends and family for years now and I always get the best feedback!!

Eileen - North Carolina
So much appreciation for your customer service (1/16/2018)
Thank you so very much for making the early January snowstorm delays a fixable situation for our order 73077. Irina was most understanding and helpful. She made the original intent of comfort food to comfort a grieving family possible...even as they had returned to their respective homes. Thank you, Irina. Thank you Grandma's Chicken Soup Company. We will continue to utilize your fine products and to celebrate your fine customer care!
With appreciation,

Aimee - Tennessee
Horrific Customer Service and Ok soup (1/12/2018)
If there was a zero I would give it. First off, it’s over priced for the quality. Secondly, due to the snow storm our shipment was delayed. We ordered Jan 3 but they didn’t get it shipped until Jan 8 which is unacceptable. Additionally, when I complained about that, the woman on the phone said “it’s soup not medicine” so you get a good understanding of how they treat their customers. I wouldn’t recommend you order from this company. There are others that do the same thing and probably better.

Dear Sir, In response to your review - - we did not ship your gift out, because we had what the news called "the Bomb Cyclone Blizzard" and UPS and other delivery services were not shipping. We are very sorry for this inconvenience and what you call "Horrific Customer Service"

Dan - NJ
cured pneumonia (1/9/2018)
I sent your soup to my sister in Atlanta that was dealing with pneumonia. She LOVED it even her Doctor said it helped cure her for sure. Thank you for your healing soup.

Jean - Atlanta
Disappointed and Too expensive (12/20/2017)
I was very sick so my dear sister surprised me with your chicken soup and challah bread. The bread was remarkably fresh and delicious, but the soup took more than four days to thaw in the refrigerator. Granted, the insulation in the box did its job but too well. By the time the soup thawed, I was getting well. It would have been so much better to have had it when my sickness was at its peak. I don't know how much my sister spent, but I noticed on FoodyDirect, they are selling this for $90. My mom was a phenomenal cook, and her soup was to die for. She taught me how to make chicken soup, but when you are sick, you don't feel like cooking. Grandmas Chicken Soup was not salty, the soup was a little thin, and the noodles were mostly broken. My sister did such kind deed, but I asked her to please never waste her money on this soup. I will eat Progresso soup in a pinch for just a few dollars.

In response to your review - - We understand that receiving soup frozen is a bit of an inconvenience, but if we do not ship it frozen, we can not safely send it across the country to all of our gift recipients. That is an unusually long time for it to thaw, we recommend putting it in a pot of water in the sink and the soup will melt very quickly . . .

Juliana - Florida, USA
Such a Great Find (12/16/2017)
Just happened to find Grandmas Soup while looking for something to send my sister for the Holidays. Ordered for her family and mine as well.

The Chicken Noodle soup with Matzo Balls is DELICIOUS! SO glad I ordered two of the same soup for us!! Will order again for sure!!

Lisa - Dunstable, MA
The Best... (12/15/2017)
The perfect gift for someone who is hard to please...

Paul - Staten Island , New York
The Best (12/14/2017)
What a great gift!

Davy - MA
Best Hanukkah Gift EVER (12/14/2017)
My sister sent a giant box of the best food we've ever received. We celebrated the second night of Hanukkah with latkes, challah and can't wait to try the matzo ball soup. I will definitely be ordering again. Thanks for what you do - and the packaging that you use keeps it all so fresh. THE BEST

Lisa - Palmetto, FL
comfort food (12/12/2017)
I have received soup and it's great comfort food.

Patricia - New York, NY
Grandmas (12/4/2017)
This is the best gift we have ever sent

Fred - Connecticut, USA
Grandmas (12/4/2017)
Probably the best gift I have ever sent!!

Fred - Connecticut, USA
Absoutely delicious! (12/4/2017)
It has been a tough month for me suffering from pneumonia, but I have been the fortunate recipient of three Grandma Chicken Soup gift packages. The soup was delicious and I am sure that the ""jewish Penicillin"" has helped me to heal. One of the gift packages included delicious salted caramels and I was wondering if you could tell me the brand name. I also loved the chocolate chip cookies!
For years we have been sending Grandma's Chicken Soup gifts to staff members who are under the weather. I had never seen it firsthand, I was so impressed with this gift! I will definitely use this gift idea in the future!

Kathy - Massachusetts
Delicious (11/8/2017)
Delicious and much enjoyed

V - NY
Heard it was great! (11/12/2017)
Have given this soup before and has gotten great reviews!

Vicki - Ga.
Grandmas Chicken Soup (11/12/2017)
Grandmas Chicken soup is a great way to show someone you care. Delicious and comforting!!!!

Debbie Gordon - West Palm Beach, Florida
The BEST (11/5/2017)
Delicious, packaged beautifully and very easy to send

Sue and Mickey Pollock - Raleigh, NC USA
Happy, “Soup”er Halloween (10/24/2017)
Aloha, Hope all is well with you folks. My friend Karen Maloney in Ashland in healing beautiful from her cancer treatments and credits your soup and bread with helping her feeling comforted and loved.

Happy, “Soup”er Halloween!

Kathleen - Hawaii
Another satisfied Customer (10/16/2017)
Dear Grandma,
We just want to thank you for sending us a new soup & making good on the soup that we sent to our daughter in college. We are not sure why she was unable to open it. Perhaps it was a defective lid or pressure sealed. Our soup was beautifully packaged and absolutely delicious! We are looking forward to ordering again in the near future. We will also recommend your soup to friends, family, and patients. I'm a Registered Dietitian & love wholesome food. It reminded me of my Bubby's cooking. My husband is a dentist and appreciates a good bowl of Matzoh Ball Soup.

Davida - New York
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