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Tomato soup is out of this world (11/8/2022)
Thank you for the kind delivery! The soup finally thawed and we enjoyed it last night.
The tomato soup is out of this world! Went so nicely with grilled cheeses last night for dinner.
A big hit at the Quinn house! Here’s to future business and continued relationship with your great company!

With best regards, Audra

Audra - boston
Delivered on Friday - wonderful sympathy gift (10/31/2022)
Hi - it was delivered Friday & my mother-in-law absolutely loved it. She had so many baskets of flowers from her son's funeral but was amazed to receive the food basket & texted me that it was such a good idea as she was hungry but exhausted so it was so good for her to have delicious food ready to go. So thank you so much for being there.


Gina - Michigan
Fantastic (10/25/2022)
You chicken noodle soup and bread were fantastic! I cannot think of a better gift than this one! We plan to order more for ourselves and to ship to friends!

Ginny - Ohio
Wonderful Idea (10/14/2022)
I ordered the soup, Mac and cheese, grilled cheese kit and banana walnut bread for my aunt and uncles birthday. My uncle has been sick for a while and I figured it would be nice for my aunt not to have to cook. They both loved this gift. She keeps sending texts on what they ate that night and how delicious the soup is. She said she was shocked at the big pieces of chicken that were in the soup. She is thinking of ordering for her son who lost his home in the Florida hurricane. I will keep this gift in mind for the future. Wonderful!

Laurie - Connecticut
Great for College Kids (10/11/2022)
Our son, away for his first year of college, got a bad cold last month. As hard as it was for us for our kid to be so far away and to not be able to take care of him, we were so delighted to find your care packages online. The care package, including the soup w/matzoh balls was the perfect thing. He may have been the only one drinking it, but that soup made the whole family feel better.
Thanks again! I'm telling all of my friends with college age kids about grandmas!

Jonah - Boston
Absolutely Delicious 🤤 (10/8/2022)
I had to stay in & my brother,
sister n law & nephew sent me this Most Deeeeelicious chicken soup. BIG chunks of chicken, carrots, celery & just the right amount of spices. Thank you sooo much for making me feel better. 🥰🙏🏽👍🏽🤩🥳

Pat - NYC
Great soup! (10/4/2022)
I had brain surgery and my brother and sister-in-law sent me Grandma’s chicken soup when I got home from the hospital. The soup was delicious. Perfect flavor and the matzah balls were fluffy and perfect. I would highly recommend this as a get well gift

Linda - Maryland
Good as it gets! (9/28/2022)
Learned about Grandma's having received their soup last month as a gift.
Just enjoying the Rosh Hashanah pkg. Sooo good!
Made French Toast this morning with Challah. Wonderful

Gerald - New Jersey
Best Soup in Town (9/13/2022)
Best soup ever! Highly recommend Grandma's Chicken Soup for every occasion. Our clients love it and so do I! Fresh and delicious.

Toni - NY NY
Perfect Gift (9/6/2022)
Just want to say that in my recovery from surgery last week, I had received your wonderful matzo ball chicken soup, mac and cheese, 2 challah bread, saltines, fat witch brownies and 2 chicken decorated cookies.
Awesome presentation and awesome gift from Scott and Heather Shultz, my son and family.
I have already shared the joy of your product with friends and other relatives.
I too will utilize your site in the future, and just thanking you for the best of any .com food gift out there!

Cynthia - New York
Spectacular Soup (8/25/2022)
Just received soup and sweet bread. Truly amazing! Wholesome, hearty, delicious!! What an amazing and thoughtful gift idea!!!

Thank you!!

Bryan - New York
Amazing! (8/19/2022)
I am a health care professional (I work in pharmacy) and somehow I have avoided getting Covid, until this week.
My very sweet mother sent me a care package from your business. After taking care of so many patients by helping them manage their medications and countless vaccinations, it was nice to have someone take care of me from a distance.
Thank you from Omaha, Nebraska. ❤️

Kellie - Omaha Nebraska
Amazing Service (7/19/2022)
I just have to say the amazing customer service I encountered. A session had timed out while I was paying, I was followed up with immediately and the order was placed! THANK YOU!!!!!

Vera - North Carolina
Healing Soup for the soul (6/22/2022)
I really loved your soup and the bread was soooo good. My family and I had COVID three weeks ago and my sister sent me your soup and bread. I swear it healed me. It is the best chicken noodle soup I have had ever. I just ordered some for my friend who is out having surgery. Thank you for all you do.

Wendy - Newburgh, NY/ USA
Everyone Loved It - Thank you! (6/13/2022)
I sent a gift from you to my friend's family as her father is in his final days doing in-home hospice.
I wanted to pass along this note she sent me:

""Everyone said the food was delicious. Thank you so much! I guess my dad hasn't been eating and he had a potpie and 2 helpings of mac n cheese!""

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. What a wonderful service and product you offer. You were able to provide the gift one less thing for a tired family to think about, comfort, and a wonderful final meal experience for a great family.

Andrea - Chicago
That Lemon Pound Cake! (5/9/2022)
I just got a thank you note from a friend to whom I sent one of your packages. I thought you might like to hear what she said (in part): "" by the way-the lemon pound cake is the best I have ever had"". She goes on to add that during her cancer treatment, lemon has been very comforting to her and that your cake was a big help. Thought you might like to know.

Jeanne - Maryland
Best soup ever (5/3/2022)
I have ordered many times over the years for friends however this time my sister ordered for me a much appreciated package filled with soup lemon cake and pot pies. As leaving the hospital on a liquid diet having you wonderful package with all the wonderful food was a true blessing. Your chicken soup was so fresh I thought grandma was in my kitchen.

Shirley - Texas
Like sending a big hug (4/25/2022)
I just want to thank you. I am of the age (61) where a number of friends are either suffering with cancer or their family member is sick. Your product is always so well received by the people that I send it to. Many live too far for me to make a meal and send it. So thank you. I feel like I am sending them a great big hug.

Karen - Maryland
2nd Time Ordering - Wonderful (4/19/2022)
Hello! This was the second time I ordered for loved ones. Both times they stated the your soup and your lemon cake was so wonderful and it made them feel better. I cannot explain how relieved I was to hear this. Your food gifts have been heaven sent. I am a nurse. And rest assured I am telling everyone about your wonderful soups and cakes, and your other foods as well. But mostly, I tell my coworkers where to order when the pandemic has come to visit a loved one. Many, many, thanks for helping my loved ones feel better. And for giving me another way to help as well. Blessings on you and your loved ones, Diane

Diane - Michigan
Fabulous Matzoh Ball Soup (4/18/2022)
We ordered a Passover package of 2 jars of soup the quality was far beyond and above anything we expected. Several family members who said they had NEVER before eaten matzoh ball soup LOVED IT. I was overwhelmed by the quality and care taken in shipping and packaging. GREAT JOB and THANKS!!!

Michael - Maryland/USA
Wonderful (4/11/2022)

This was the second time I ordered for loved ones. Both times they stated the your soup and your lemon cake was so wonderful and it made them feel better. I cannot explain how relieved I was to hear this. Your food gifts have been heaven sent. I am a nurse. And rest assured I am telling everyone about your wonderful soups and cakes, and your other foods as well. But mostly, I tell my coworkers where to order when the pandemic has come to visit a loved one. Many, many, thanks for helping my loved ones feel better. And for giving me another way to help as well.

Blessings on you and your loved ones, Diane

Diane - Maryland
Food that you sent to Americorps (3/24/2022)
I would like to let you know that all of the food you sent to Americorps volunteers was a tremendous hit. They thought it was delicious and they truly appreciated it. My son said it was very good and his grandma has a black belt in Jewish cooking. Thank you so much for putting in the time to check to see if we had two orders and then sending out the two orders we needed to feed the 8 volunteers in his group.

My other package of the soup and challah was also well received in Kansas City.

We will definitely order from you again.

Shana Tova,

Heidi - New York
We LOVE Grandmas Chicken Soup! (2/15/2022)
We sent everyone on our team the gift of Grandma's soup and challah bread as a pick me up during the cold winter months and it was a HIT! Our associates felt so nourished and cared for when they received the package. And, raved again once they ate the soup and bread. We will definitely do this again!

Terrie - United States
♥So responsive♥ (2/10/2022)
So love your food. Was originally sent to me by a colleague/friend when I had emergency surgery and I’ve been sending to friends and family at different times too. Your latkas are truly some of the best I’ve ever had and I grew up on NYC deli’s. My partner has been feeling ill (thank goodness not Covid, though we are both boostered) and wanted to surprise him with something special. Your items truly are that.

You were so kind to respond so quickly and I wanted you to know how much it is appreciated.


Jenia - Michigan
Top notch! (2/5/2022)
After surgery, I received a gift of the soup, challah and chocolate chip cookies. What a wonderful treat! Everything was excellent quality and delicious. The soup was packed full of very fresh and flavorful ingredients. The challah was beautiful and the cookies were sinfully rich. Definitely recommended!

Anita - NC
Best chicken soup ever!! (2/1/2022)
I received as a gift the chicken soup, bread, and chocolate pound cake from a friend as I was recovering from surgery and Covid. It was very nicely packaged and arrived as scheduled. It was absolutely amazing!! The best chicken soup I have ever had! Highly recommend this service to everyone.

Marty - Florida
Best tomato soup I have ever had (12/26/2021)
I had the Tomato soup with grilled cheese package sent to Texas to dear friend who's in her 90's. It was a last minute order and it arrived on Christmas Eve as promised. When I spoke to her and the family on Christmas they told me "It was the best tomato soup they have ever had" Wow! I felt I needed to pass on the compliment, so Thank you very much! Love, Amy

Amy - Texas
I will be kvelling (12/27/2021)
You are wonderful to do that! Thank you so much! My friend is very sick with Covid (since Dec 21st). I am sure that your GF soup will help her improve!

I will be kvelling to everyone about your good customer service! It is so rare to find these days!


Roberta - New York
Thank you!! (1/27/2022)
Hi Grandma,

Thank you. I appreciate the quick response and resolution!

I was lucky enough to receive one of your gifts. The soup and Challah bread was delicious! I heard from my colleague that the pot pie was delicious as well.

You offer wonderful and delicious products and delivery is very efficient and timely. Everything was still frozen when it came so I was able to choose to either continue to let it thaw or put in the freezer for another day.

Warm Regards,

Tracy - Minnesota
Thanks for making my life easier (1/20/2022)
Hi Betsy,

Thank you for the gracious email. Your product is such a nice way to say “We’re thinking about you in your time of trouble,” and ordering is so easy to manage.
Be safe and thanks for making my life easier with your great company.


Kim - Arizona
Thank you (1/8/2022)
Hi Grandma !

They loved the gift. It was packaged so nicely.
They called it the never ending box of goodies.

I had a really pleasant experience dealing with you and will recommend your site to all my friends.

Thank you!

Janice - Minnesota
Best Customer Service (1/6/2022)
You are wonderful to do that! Thank you so much!
My friend is very sick with Covid (since Dec 21st). I am sure that your GF soup will help her improve!

I will be kvelling to everyone about your good customer service! It is so rare to find these days!


Bobbie - New York
So easy to work with (12/15/2021)
She absolutely loved her gift..It got there quickly and she was thrilled..Said her cake looked delicious…Thanks so much for being dependable
reliable and so easy to work with!!

Carolyn - New York
Shark Tank Potential (11/23/2021)
By the way this IDEA is awesome. I first received a delivery when my wife and I had Covid from a dear friend. I was so enthused about the concept. So much better than flowers for many an occasion. Congrats on your success. This is a Shark Tank potential w/o a doubt.

Bob - Avon, MA
Absolutely wonderful (10/9/2021)
Received the chicken soup as a gift from my sister while my husband recovers from back surgery. Absolutely delicious!! Would highly recommend of you are looking for a thoughtful and well appreciated gift.

Melissa - United States
Great Get-Well Gift! (9/26/2021)
Received a delivery of soup when I was ill. It was a great gift and obviously freshly made.

M - Texas
Such a great "Get Well" gift (9/21/2021)
Had a nasty fall, broke my ankle, and need to be house-bound for a while. My thoughtful company and co-workers arranged for this superb delivery of soup and lemon cake. Soooo delicious!! I am going to remember Grandma's and how she made me feel!

Monique - Massachusetts
Thank you (9/21/2021)
We recently received one of your gift pkgs. from friends. Both my husband and I are were sick with COVID and were happy to receive such a wonderful gift of comfort food. Everything was delicious and helped us get through a few rough days.
Thank you so much for offering such delicious gifts.

Carol - Florida
Thank you for your kindness (9/14/2021)
Thank you so much for all of your kindness when I made the mistake in the delivery address for my order. It is fitting that you create a product that is so comforting!

Joan - New York
Really Really Good (9/5/2021)
I sent this to my son and his group in Americorps. Most of them have not had Challah or Matzoh ball soup before. They all agreed the food was very good. They took the time to check that I placed two entire meals and then got it there on time as well. Couldn't be more pleased. Will order again, and again!!!

Heidi - United States
Thanks for such a great product (7/20/2021)
You have the best product ever. I just sent your soup and challah to a friend undergoing chemo. She loved it and this is my go to gift which I frequently send. Thanks for such a great product!!

Debbie - New York
Delicious Chicken Noodle Soup after hip replacement (7/17/2021)
I was recoverying from hip replacement surgery and a friend from NYC sent me a delivery from your company. The chicken noodle (and matzo balls!!) soup was delicious!! My husband loved it too. It came with a wonderful Challah. I have had many challahs over the years and this was the best! Eggy and sweet and terrific! Packaging was perfect and it got to Florida in great shape. Thank you

Caren - Florida/US
Amazing (6/24/2021)
I was trying to find something to send my husband who is NY and came across this website. He just sent me pictures of his soup and said it’s absolutely delicious! Not gonna lie kinda jealous I don’t have any! Thinking of sending some to myself soon!

Michele - Florida
Great customer service (5/13/2021)
Dear Grandmas customer service person,

I can't believe how fast you responded to my question. In this day of impersonal service and computer generated support it was a real pleasure to have a human answer my question. I guess Ruth just isn't up to letting us know that she appreciated your wonderful soup. At least I can see it was delivered.

Grandmas soup not is a great product but has great support staff.

Thank you,


Connie - New York
I'm stealing your idea (4/19/2021)
Mom was so surprised and pleased to get your delivery from, which is such a creative and terrific idea, I’m going to steal it next time I need to send something. You are all so sweet!

Roz - Massachusetts
Thank you (5/19/2021)
Dear Betsy, et al. I ordered soup and challah as a think you gift for a dear friend who is Israeli and was our family's tutor for b'ai mitzvahs, ages ago. She had a lovely ""Galentine Party"" on the 14th filled with lots of lovely women.
She loved the soup. I told her this was a family business and she was thrilled. If Rachel talks it up (and you can't stop Rachel from talking about anything) you may be hearing from lots of Israeli folks here in the DC area.
Hope all is well with the Northen Portizky clan.
Love Stefane

Stephane - Washington
Thank you for your quality product (12/30/2020)
I sent Hanukkah dinners: soup, challah, latkes etc to my nieces and nephews last week. They have all been working from home, all have kids (ranging in age from 7 mos to 14 year old twins) We wanted to give them a break, give them a holiday meal they wouldn't have to worry about, and their response was more than we could have expected. We got video calls and photos. To a one they had said there had been no holiday plans made, and the parents of the baby had just moved two weeks before, and the mom was devastated she hadn't done anything for the baby's first Hanukkah. They were all thrilled, as were my husband and I.
We don't but gifts for the adults, and, honestly don't often send gifts to the grand nieces and nephews, but this year we felt we needed to reach out with something for the families.
Thank you for offering such a quality product. I have sent your food before, but this was extra special, and extra appreciated. I just wanted you to know.
Beth Brody

Beth - Massachusetts
It’s a solid 10! (4/23/2021)
Can’t say enough good about Grandma’s!!! I got my first batch during my Covid nightmare and now its my favorite “occasion “ gift.

Thanks Grandma!

Ken - Michigan
Great Staff (4/21/2021)
I can't believe how fast you responded to my question. In this day of impersonal service and computer generated support it was a real pleasure to have a human answer my question. I guess Ruth just isn't up to letting us know that she appreciated your wonderful soup. At least I can see it was delivered.

Grandmas soup not is a great product but has great support staff.

Thank you,


Connie - Florida
full of stuff (4/3/2021)
Full of egg noodles, chicken and large pieces of carrots

WILLIAM - Connecticut
Perfect for after Chemo treatments (3/31/2021)
My husband Tom is going on Round 4 of his Chemo treatments. I just wanted you all to know how much he loves his matzah ball soup and so many of our kind friends keep sending him your products so he can enjoy them on the day he gets his treatments and the following days!
Thank You for the consistency and delicious soup...just like my mom used to make!
Lori (and Tom )

Lori - Minnesota
10 out of 10 (3/29/2021)
Thank you so so much I will Definitely been telling people to use Grandma”s chicken I cannot thank you enough my family was very very pleased and loved your food delicious I will give you a 10 out of 10 thank you

Doreen - Wisconsin
Amazing care package! (3/23/2021)
I found this site through Google and wasn't sure what to expect, but I put together a package (with some extras) for my brother who was on his second go-around with COVID and his son, who had it for the first time. They could not rave enough about the soup and challah, and he actually said to me that the knishes "cured" his COVID. He really meant it was the first food he kept down, but he absolutely survived on that care package for a few days. I can't thank you enough and am SO glad I found this site!

Lori - Natick, MA
I will definately order again (3/8/2021)
I just wanted to thank you again for your help and flexibility with my recent order. Our friend said everything was delicious !

I now know which company (yours instead of Spoonful of Comfort) to use as I get ready to send another care package.
Stay well,

Ellen - Michigan
Amazing surprise! (3/4/2021)
My job surprised my family with delicious chicken soup, bread, Mac and cheese and brownies when my dad passed away three weeks ago. Today, they surprised me with chicken soup and tea while I now recover from covid. I’m so appreciative of this heart felt gift. The food is so delicious and really put a smile on not only my face but my kids faces as well when they saw the box. We are going to continue the grandmas chicken soup tradition for our friends and families!

Naomi - Massachusetts, United States
Just what I needed (2/28/2021)
I had surgery in September and a friend sent this to me. It was amazing and just like a piece of grandma💕

Dena Kropman - Rochester, NY
Thank you so much! (2/27/2021)
Thank you so much! I just ordered the soup/bread with my credit and I want you to know that your efforts in working with me has been wonderful. You have been very accommodating, courteous, and prompt in responding and I have really appreciated your great customer service! Thank you again.

Marylynn - Minnesota
Thank you so much (2/19/2021)
Thank you so much. My friend was thrilled. She is battling stage 4 cancer and this made her day. It is also her birthday. So thank you for the perfect gift.

Marlene - New York
Wonderful and Very Tasty Surprise (2/12/2021)
I was soooo worried about getting Covid, I got Shingles instead! My girlfriend Gail sent me the chicken soup with matza balls and a challah. I'm a cook and I really was skeptical of the soup. Wow it was Really Really Good!!! I will be using your site for sure. Thank you to my friend and thank you to you.

Most delish chicken soup!!!! (2/11/2021)
I got home after a long day at work and warmed up some soup, sat down on my couch and enjoyed the most delicious chicken soup I've ever had! The bread reminds me of a yummy home bread that I used to eat as a child LOVED IT!!! Thank you so much!💕

Alejandra - New Jersey- USA
In need, and happily surprised! (2/9/2021)
So, I bought this soup while my whole family was sick with Covid, and we needed some good soup that could be delivered to us. This was the most promising thing I could find, and even though it’s clearly designed as a gift shop (not something one buys for oneself!) and it was more than I wanted to spend, I decided to give it a try. And I’ve gotta tell you, I’m a Jewish mother who makes damn good chicken soup, and I was pleasantly surprised!! This is the real deal, quality ingredients, well made, the chicken wasn’t over cooked (a frequent problem in chicken soup), good proportions, not too salty... and the challah was equally good, better than anything we’ve found out of NYC!!! So yes, it’s expensive, and the packaging isn’t planet-friendly, but this really is what you want if you want good chicken soup!!

Pamela - NY, USA
Got soup? We did and loved it (2/9/2021)
Our dear friends, who live in another state, sent us this soup post cancer surgery. It was delicious and healing... just what the doctor order.😋

Sarah - Ohio
Good...and not so good (2/8/2021)
I have gifted this soup on several occasions and have received great reports about how good your soup is. I recently was the recipient of the soup and the mac & cheese. The soup was so delicious, and my husband and I enjoyed it so much. However...the mac & cheese left a lot to be desired. It was so very dry...very dry, and lacked in flavor. It was a real disappointment. But, now I know I'll never gift that...but will continue to gift the soup.

Cathy - NC
So touched (2/6/2021)
Dear Betsy,
Tomide and her family called to say how thrilled they were to receive your delicious meal! She said her husband was especially touched, as he has been carrying the burden of feeding their young family while she’s been ill.
Thank you for all you do!
Happiness is a Grandma’s meal!
Best regards,

Jennifer - Kansas
Recipient is so happy (2/3/2021)
FYI – I sent an order of your soup and pot pies to a client a few weeks ago. He’s been home recuperating from COVID. He will not SHUT UP about how much he loved the gift and he’s referred several of his friends and colleagues to your business.



lynette - Maryland
Amazing (1/27/2021)
Received Grandma's soup as a gift a few years back. Was delicious and now have been sending to friends with rave reviews!

Gordon - New York
A Thank you note (1/12/2021)
Just a little note to thank you for providing an unique and delightful alternative to sending flowers, candy, fruit, etc.

I received a lovely package from your company as a gift from my sister, for Christmas. We loved the soups and the special treats!

Last week I ordered two gifts of soup to be sent to friends. Both of them were thrilled with your products.

I will definitely be subscribing to your services in the future!

Jacqueline - Maryland
just like my moms (1/19/2021)
I recently received a gift package from a good friend as sympathy regarding my father's death. I've to say everything: the soup & 2 pot pies were delicious. My mother (still living at 85) always made us Chicken soup on cold winter weeks for colds and just because it felt like a good thing for a really cold day. Thank you for such a fine product.

ps. in the very near future I'll be putting together an instructional YouTube fishing series and your product will be thought of for those cold days/nights.

John - New Jersey
Great gift package! (1/18/2021)
I sent a package including soup, challah bread and a couple of other things to dear friends who were recovering from Covid. They were absolutely thrilled, couldn’t stop raving about how delicious everything was, what a fabulous idea for a gift, etc. My friend even froze some of the challah specifically to make French toast in the future!
Thank you so much for creating products that I am proud to give!

Deirdre - New York/USA
making good (1/12/2021)
I sent my elderly mom a soup/pot pie package for the holidays. She LOVED the soup and believed that she placed the two pies in her freezer. When she went to take them out she was very upset because she could only find the freezer packs. I contacted Grandmas and the staff was great; they sent out two replacement pies immediately. When my mom went to put them in the freezer guess what, she found the original pies. I just got off the phone offering to pay for the new pies. They told me to tell my mom to enjoy them and would not take payment (even though it was our error). This is the type of customer relations that all businesses should aspire to. I would rate them ten stars if that were available! Many thanks! Cliff

Cliff - Mass
Jewish penicillin (12/24/2020)
This was a gift sent from my sister while my family and I were under quarantine and I was pretty sick. I was so excited when I saw the package. I had seen it advertised and had thought what a great idea. The box had matzo ball soup and the Mac and cheese. I have not tried the Mac and cheese yet but the soup was phenomenal. It literally tasted as delicious as some homemade soup that I have had from some pretty great cooks. Big chunks of chicken and the matzo balls were light and fluffy and the soup was so flavorful. I am thinking about ordering some more just to have it again.!!

Kara - Massachusetts
Thank you (12/18/2020)
This was the perfect gift to receive after the sudden loss of my brother. The soup, bread and cake was delicious. I would highly recommend this gift package.

Linda - Massachusetts
YUM!! (12/10/2020)
I just finished a cup of this delicious chicken soup that I received as a gift. Such a thoughtful gift from a dear friend.

Mary - Grayson, Ga
Post Surgery Gift (12/3/2020)
Such a wonderful thoughtful and delicious gift sent by a Friend after my Surgery. Very nourishing and filling. Just sent the same gift to a Family member who just had a Baby!

ANNE - Florida
The grieving package was perfect (11/30/2020)
I just wanted to thank you for a recent order. My friend's husband died from a brain tumor (horrible, I know) and I was at a loss as to what to send her in these trying times. I had sent many of your challah & soup care packages to my daughter while she was at Duke University & she always loved them so I returned to your site. The Grieving package was perfect for my friend. She loved the book & the food. I just wanted to thank you for helping me say "I care". Best, Jen

Jen - North Carolina
Act of kindness (11/17/2020)
Dear Betsy,

I received with great joy ( and some confusion) your wonderful present. Really cheered me up during a very difficult time in NYC. Also, my colleague in Colorado was just thrilled. Although, she had to refreeze it because...she has ""anosmia"". One of the not-so severe signs of Covid is that you often loose your sense of smell and taste for a time. She is saving it to savor it. I brought my soup into work today. With more and more of us again ( Docs and nurses) getting sick, you may need more inventory:) I am looking forward to lunch.

Thank you so much Betsy for this act of kindness and generosity. I hope we stay in touch.
( Shel)

Shel - New York
COVID lifesaver (11/11/2020)
I was sick with COVID for 3 weeks. Generous and caring friends sent soup. It was a lifesaver. Thanks grandma.

Peggy - North Carolina
Soup package for caretaker And patient (10/22/2020)
I have ordered from a similar company before and it was unsatisfactory. I sent two soups, 2 breads and 2 pond cakes and the recipients were so pleased! Thank You!!

Tina - Usa
Delicious! (10/16/2020)
I received this while I was recovering from COVID-19. The soup is comforting, delicious and not salty. The bread was incredibly fresh and the chocolate chip loaf was moist and tasty. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to send a caring gift.

Michelle - Massachusetts
Amazing alternative to flowers (10/14/2020)
Thank you!

By the way, I adore your products and have recommended them to many people in addition to using them for the company I work for.

Thank you for an amazing product and alternative to flowers.


Cindy - Boston, MA
DELICIOUS!! (10/10/2020)
Have ordered your products (yet never tasted) multiple times for staff members and all raved! Received your soup and challah bread myself yesterday as a get well gift. Absolutely the BEST and most delicious soup and bread EVER!!

Jo - NJ
My 15th gift from your compan - and couldn't be happier (10/7/2020)
I just send my 15th gift from your wonderful company to a friend who had surgery . She was so thrilled to receive such an awesome gift and it is a pleasure to order from your company. Thank you for your wonderful products!!

Debbie - New Jersey
Welcome Surprise (10/6/2020)
I sent this to a friend who is going through a round of chemo. She said it was great! It is much better than flowers because chicken soup always makes you feel better!

Rosemarie - New Jersey
I am a bit obsessed (10/5/2020)
After a recent loss, a friend sent me one of your packages that included chicken soup, large bowl, challah, 2 trays of Mac n' Cheese and brownies. Everything was delicious and I've shared your website with others.

And, I'm a bit obsessed with the excellent packaging insulation and ice packs. The box made it from Boston to the Bay Area in fine form! Great food, great delivery.

Ellen - New York
Grandma's Soup Saves College Kid!!! (9/24/2020)
My daughter was feeling sad and isolated, starting her freshman year at college online from her room. On top of that, she got sick. So... Grandma's Chicken Soup to the rescue. Sent her 2 containers, a mug and the cookie, Her review: "The soup is insanely good!" She is feeling much better, thanks to you. Eternally grateful, and we will be repeat customers for sure! Thanks!

Marla - PA
i love your gifts (9/22/2020)
Betsy, no problem with delivery date..I want to tell you how much my family and I enjoyed our Rosh Hashanah soups and trimmings! Really felt good to be somewhat traditional in dinner fare while on Nantucket!!! I love your soups and am happy your product is my go-to for all sorts of occasions. I do find that the soup+ is very helpful and comforting for both illness,surgery, and sympathy! I'm happy to be a loyal customer! And your personal customer service is so makes me feel that you really care!
Thanks again..Hope you have a wonderful week! Jill

jill - massachusetts
Chicken Noodle Soup (9/21/2020)
My granddaughter was sick & I sent her chicken noodle soup - she said it was delicious & really warmed her heart! It arrived on time & the presentation was very nice! Highly, highly recommended!! 5+ stars!

Barb - MN
Up and down the east coasta (9/21/2020)
I sent three orders for Rosh Hashanah, and am using this one to reply, but all three that I sent- to Orlando, Florida, to Havre de Grace Maryland, and to Scituate, Massachusetts, arrived in a timely fashion, as always, and all three families were very happy with their holiday package.

Thank you for giving me a way to continue to help my adult children and their families celebrate the holiday with matzoh ball soup, round challah and honey even though we are spread up and down the east coast.



Barbara - New York
Can't wait to place my next order (8/2/2020)
Just wanted to tell you package delivered ! Thank you so much for all your help. They loved everything about the gift especially the soup. They said it was delicious! You have customers for life now! Can’t wait to place my next order!
A pleasure doing business with you!

Sandy - Minnesota
Delicious (6/12/2020)
I received a gift from my cousins n this was the BEST!!! Coming out of the hospital n Enjoying my matzo ball soup/ chicken soup, potato pancakes n challah bread . Large matzo balls , chunks of chicken. This rating I give 10 stars !!!!! Makes me feel close to home n family 😊

Kelly - Florida
You made me look good (6/1/2020)
The “thank you” call I received this afternoon from the recipient of the “Comfort Package” was the most heartfelt, excited, choked-up and appreciative call I have ever received. He felt compelled to describe every component (almost as if I didn’t know how diverse and interesting everything was), primarily because he had never received a gift that included so many things to make him feel better.

Thank you very much for offering such thoughtful gifts. You made me look good! 😊


Sissie - Connecticut
Received a Package of Love (5/26/2020)
The most perfect friend sent me a love package with your chicken soup and Mac & Cheese during this lockdown. My parents were gourmet cooks and your soup is superb! I can't wait to try the Mac & Cheese next. I was amazed at your packaging and ice packs. Brilliant! You can bet I'm going to order from you in the near future.

Carol - CA
Disappointed (5/18/2020)
I sent soup, challah & banana walnut cake to my sister for mother’s day. The soup needed salt, there were about 4 carrots & very few small pieces of chicken. Plenty of noodles though. Cake and challah good.

Cookie - United States
My Birthday during this Covid 19 Quarantine. (5/15/2020)
I received a birthday gift while quarantined during this pandemic/quarantine. The chicken soup was better than from any Jewish deli in Philly. Packed with Chicken pieces and noodles. That with an entire loaf of challah made a fulfilling meal which was truly welcomed and appreciated.

Louis - Philadelphia, PA
Mother and Grandmother (5/13/2020)
I received Grandma's Chicken Soup, Challah Bread & Bequet Caramel's for Mother's Day and this is my testimonial : Well packed and each ingredient is high quality and very tasty. Excellent all around !!

Claudette - Watertown, MA
Great customer service (5/12/2020)
Hi Betsy,

My friend received her order and said everything was fine!!! She loved the items and plans on ordering some for her nephew whose family just had a baby. Thank you so much for your great customer service!


Gail - New York
Ordered numerous times (5/7/2020)
My daughter received the package today. She loves it! I have ordered from your company numerous times.

Your products do not disappoint!
Thank you for all you do!


Patricia - New York
A Perfect Gift! (5/7/2020)
In searching for comfort food for my son who is self isolating, I came upon Grandmas. What a find! Not only was the food “outrageous “, but was packaged beautifully, came exactly as promised and cheered my
son up tremendously!! I can’t wait to order again-this is a wonderful company and I’m hoping you expand your menu!

Cindy - New York, USA
Love your soup and bread (5/6/2020)
Thank you Betsy!
You guys are awesome! Hope you and your families and your entire Team are safe and healthy! Thank you for still helping our loved ones enjoy some wonderful hugs from afar in the way of your soup and bread!

Tina - Cambridge, MA
Many Many Thanks (5/4/2020)
Hi there. My daughter just called shouting with joy and bubbling with laughter. She absolutely loved receiving her package from you! She was totally surprised and completely caught of guard with the contents. With all that is going on in the world right now, she truly felt the love today, which is exactly the reaction I was hoping for. Many, many, many thanks. I will be placing another order with you very soon.


Sheree - New York
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