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sending cheer (1/14/2019)
Everyone loves getting this soup

dee - Florida
Thanks again! (9/29/2016)
Thank you Grandma! I received the package today and loved it! My daughter and her family are so sweet to send me something from you often now! And I always love each gift of food and the pretty mugs!

Thanks for taking such good care of the food you send and making sure it doesn't perish ! And it's always delicious! You do a great job and we all appreciate it! Thanks again, Bonnie

Bonnie - South Carolina
Gooood Stuff (5/14/2016)
Taste like real homemade soup! Best I've ever had!

Elizabeth - Illinois
Will be using you again soon (7/14/2014)
DELICIOUS! My sister sent me the chicken soup as a get well gift after surgery...what a fantastic idea, and I love the soup mug and funky spoon. My kids are still fighting over the adorable carrot pen, and there's enough soup to feed the whole family:) Will definitely be using you in the future. THANKS!

Lizzy - Kansas
great soup (2/8/2014)
Love it

D - UT
great idea (1/22/2014)
great idea

Janet - ma
Terrific (11/27/2013)
Love this company

Julie - MA
Gift Mug & Soup (1/17/2013)
Very nice.

Mary - PA
adored it (12/8/2012)
Thanks...we love y'all - ordered more for us today and also for a grieving family...

By the way: side note - ADORED the precious chicken cookie & has to be one of the best cookies we've had (I got to eat the head!) in a long time...
Again: we love y'all!! :0)

Thanks for being so quick to write me back...

Rebecca - Georgia
Best on a Friday night (6/1/2011)
"On a Friday night when services are concluded it is always good to have your meal ready so you can imagine how pleased I was when my daughter Gayle presented me with a large jar of Grandmas Chicken Soup with Noodles and Matzo Balls, cleverly packed with extra treats. Her wining letter was so flattering as well. Thank you. Sincerely, Ruth S. PS--Excellent soup!

Ruth - Massachusetts
excellent customer service (10/18/2010)
Thank you for your time. And, I will continue to be a repeat customer because you provide an exceptional product backed by excellent customer service.

Thanks again.


Ruby - Michigan
I was thrilled! (10/18/2010)
I received a soup package and was thrilled! It came with a huge container of delicious chicken soup and noodles - TONS of veggies, not salty at all either. A huge soup mug was filled with VT soup crackers, a soup spoon and a carrot pen. To top it all off, cookies in the shape of a Mama and baby chicken. Beautifully packaged with lots of pretty ribbon and shipped in a nice box with ice packs to keep it cold. Delish!

Kyle - New York
look forward to ordering again (9/15/2010)
Dear Betsy:

Thanks soooo much!!! My friend will be thrilled! I look forward to ordering from Grandma's again soon.


Maribel, - Chicago
thank you (7/12/2010)
This is going to a friend who had quadruple bypass heart surgery and is home recovering. By the way, we always get rave reviews about the soup and mug package we send.

Sandy - Masschusetts
Top Notch (6/9/2010)
I send Grandma's Chicken Soup to ALL of my clients when they are sick. It is so personal and such a simple gift. It let's my clients know that I care about them on a personal level and not just because we have business together.

I also appreciate your customer service- it is fantastic and appreciated.

Thank you again!

(Hyatt Hotels and Resorts)

Danielle - Chicago
Just What the Doctor Ordered (1/29/2010)
My mom has been ill for a few weeks, and I sent her a Grandma's care package. She was so impressed she sent me a picture before she opened everything. From the perfectly packaged treats to the e-mail confirming delivery, the attention to detail was impeccable. I am happy to pay for this kind of excellent product and service. I only wish you could deliver to my home state of Alaska! I will definitely be a returning customer.

Melinda - Alaska
Thanks, Doc! (1/18/2010)
My doctor wished me a speedy recovery by sending me some of this soup. It's great, and I want more!

Barb - Wisconsin
you saved another life with your get well gift (1/16/2010)
My sister went back to work today! She said your soup is delicious. Thank You So SO Much! You saved another life!


Denise, - Minnesota
I love Grandma (1/18/2010)
Dear Melissa,

I wanted to tell you that I just received a phone call from my sister-in-law. She just got home from the hospital after thyroid surgery and could barely talk, but she is so happy with her gift. To quote: "How did you know chicken soup was just what I wanted?". Thanks for the next-day shipping! I'm so glad her soup was waiting for her -- I love "Grandma"!!

Thank you again!
-- Patricia

Patricia, - Massachusetts
rave reviews (11/24/2009)
I have used you before and those folks gave you rave reviews AND we are a soup cooking family so that says a lot! Happy Thanksgiving

Virginia, - Indiana
THANK YOU! (11/24/2009)
Thank you!! It be a treasure I'm sure- it's for my cousin who has swine flu-she just called and is back at the doctor's today with her daughter-now her daughter has it too! Will let you know if we need more!

Linda, - Mass
I enjoyed every bite (11/2/2009)
I just ordered my first order and the recipient enjoyed it very much.

Danielle, - MA
I enjoyed every bite (10/19/2009)
I enjoyed every bite this weekend, especially since I have had a cold for the last week and a half. It was perfect.

Ann, - Ca
Will order again (10/14/2009)
Thanks! We'll certainly order again as it was a huge hit!

Have a good day!

Sent from my iPod

Amy - NYC
Great gift for a University freshman! (9/30/2009)
Hi there Betsy,

I was walking across 79th Street at 3rd Ave in NYC early this afternoon when my cell phone rang. The call was from a very happy University of Richmond freshman, our son Sam who just tasted some of Grandma's chicken soup!!! The truth is that he couldn't wait and the first sip was right out of the container before the soup even has a chance to fully defrost! Can you believe it? Not only was the packaging a wonderful surprise, but we later got a call saying the soup, chicken and matzo balls were a huge hit!

Thank you so much.


Fern, - New York
better than my local deli (9/14/2009)
Thanks Melissa,
It arrived and looks amazing - nice big chunks of chicken. Much more than my local deli's I think.
Thanks so much,

Michael, - California
Universally Loved (7/22/2009)
I've sent the soup to friends with HIV, recovering from chemo during cancer treatment, and suffering flu -- all of them told me this soup was as good as any medicine (not that I recommend that anyone abandon their doctor's instruction or therapy)

Richard - Michigan
Thank you for caring!!! (6/15/2009)
Thank you so very much. We had it yesterday and my family loved it. My husband commented that he thought that this container had more of everything, perhaps because of the Matzah balls. I would definitely order it again and recommend the soup, not only because it was good, but because of the service. Thank you for caring!!!!

Kristen - Michigan
sent to many and they love it! (5/13/2009)
i've sent your soup to many, many friends, and i know they all enjoyed it...

Juliet, - Massachusetts
best chicken soup ever (5/13/2009)
Seriously, it was the best chicken soup ever. I remember last year when I decided I was going to conquer chicken soup -- it took FOREVER and was no where near this good. And I will be eating that challah all weekend.

Thank you (AND Grandma!) for a wonderful treat!


Sally, - Michigan
Bless You! (5/13/2009)
Bless you! Thank you so much. You have made our Mother's Day very happy!!


Judy, - Florida
Thank you (4/15/2009)
Hi Grandma,

Thank you for offering up your soup on the web. I've used your site many times to send soup to my friends across the US and each time they tell me how wonderful the soup was!

Keep up the great work and welcome to Facebook!

Laura, - Chicago, IL
OMG!! AMAZING!!! (4/13/2009)
OMG!! AMAZING!! And, my story couldn't be better. My mother was truly sick when the soup arrived (she lives with me). She LOVED it! And so did I. The broth was yummy. The noodles were AMAZING (so fresh and NOT overcooked). I've been sending out lots of tweets about it already on Twitter. WOW! WOW! WOW!! THANK YOU!!

Yeah! (4/1/2009)
Yeah!! Yahoo!! Can we say "we knew you when???" Congratulations and we know this means your business will soar after the TV spot. I also want to compliment you on the follow-through you did with me in my ordering of the three gifts this week. I ALMOST want to get sick so I can order some for myself!!
Carey and Art

Carey, - California
Warmed the Soul! (3/19/2009)
I recently sent the cold and flu package (with some extra additions) to a very special person. I was far from home and my young son got the flu. As a mother, I was tormented because I could not be there for him during his illness. I began to search for something that I could send him and happened on your website. Perfect, I said.

He received the package yesterday and I could see the light in his eyes all the way through the phone. He felt better and honestly, I believe it warmed my soul as much as his.

What a great product you have. You allowed me to be by my son's side even when I couldn't be.

I will recommend to anyone I meet.

God bless. And thank you for such a soul warming experience!

Amy - Kentucky
you went above and beyond (3/11/2009)
Thanks so much! Shortly after our phone conversation, the UPS man showed up with the “soup package.” It will make a delicious dinner, and we’re looking forward to it!

Thanks for your help -- truly above and beyond the call!



Christine, - California
it arrived perfect (3/4/2009)
Thanks. My brother said the soup was great and everything (including the mug) arrived well.

Mary Beth, - Marblehead, MA
HUGE hit (3/2/2009)
Just wanted to let all the "grandmas" there know that your soup was a HUGE hit with my 81-year-old father, who enjoyed it immensely. And since he is quite a matzo ball soup expert, that's quite a compliment! He just got out of the hospital after three weeks, where he lost 15 pounds (and he was thin to start with). So fattening up with some chicken soup was just the ticket.


~ Lisa

Lisa, - New York
Thank you Grandmas! (1/7/2009)
Dear Grandmas,
Thank you so much for your valuable service.
I have a very good friend hospitalized in critical condition in another state. I was at a loss as to how I could help since I could not be there. My usual way of helping in a crisis is to cook, so those involved have good nutrition. Anyhoo, I sent your chicken soup to the husband, who was spending most of his time at the hospital. He received the order today, and was so grateful!

Thank you again.

Sandi, - Michigan
We love your customer service (11/24/2008)
Thank you so much Melissa. Not only do we love your products, we love your customer service.

Lee, - Mass
Plenty for the two of us (10/27/2008)
I had the soup last night - my husband and I both enjoyed it very much. Thank you very much for a splendid dinner. Yes, we had it for dinner. It was plenty for the two of us, and, I even have some left over and that is from the first 1/2 gallon.

Gladys, - New York
Thank you (10/20/2008)
how timely that I was about to order, yet again, my favorite gift, only to receive our own gift of grandma's! my father in law's death seems quite surreal, as much as we knew it was imminent. our grandma's will help soothe our souls for sure!

thank you

Audrey, - Massachusetts
my son is healing (9/24/2008)
Hi There - My son is healing thanks to YOU!!!!

We will certainly be back for more!!

Happy New Year to those at Grandma's who will celebrate Rosh Hashana!

Take Care - Sari

Sari, - California
Nothing Like Chicken Soup (8/13/2008)
Just wanted to let you know that I recently sent your soup to two people who were under the weather and it made a world of difference. They loved the thoughtful and tasty gift. Will definitely order again.

Reva - Flushing, NY
My Family Loved It (7/21/2008)
My ordering experience with Grandma's Chicken Soup was wonderful. My soup arrived promptly in great condition. Everyone enjoyed the soup. My mother surprised herself by loving it. She was sure chicken soup bought over the Internet would not be very tasty. But, she loved it. I know I'll be ordering again sometime in the future. I'll be sure to mention your site to others if I can.

Janice - New York
so traditional (4/8/2008)
Eating chocolate macaroons reminds me of when i was a child . . . and the soup is absolutely delicous . . thank you for sending it!

Sarah , - Massachusetts
delighted and charmed by your work (4/14/2008)
I am the recipient of the gift and first, I must tell you the soup is absolutely DELICIOUS! It was a wonderful, amazing surprise, and not only am I enjoying it, but I really do think it's curing my flu - thank you!!
Again, thank you for your part in a beautiful, delicious surprise. You have a great idea, perfectly executed, and it's lovely to think of how many people must be delighted and charmed by your work.
With best wishes and gratitude

Judy - Chicago
That Soup! (11/24/2004)
Gotta tell you! We received a box with your soup and mug today as a gift from a friend. That SOUP! Please don't tell my wife, but I think it's the best I ever tasted! No small feat as hers is one of the world's finest, made from a reciep handed down for generations! The balls were pretty good too!

John - NY
The Best I Ever Had! (8/4/2004)
THE BEST I ever had .. The whole gift package was adorable, from the carrot pen, to the crackers and the soup spoon. The soup was the best we ever had. What a great idea. I will recommend this highly. Keep up the good work ..

Ashlie - New Jersey
Fabulous Product (6/28/2004)
You have created a fabulous product that anyone would be proud to send and most delighted to receive. Perfect for a new baby, new neighbor, get well or "thinking of you" in the middle of winter.The occasions for sending are endless. The logo is wonderful and the presentation is terrific. It makes you smile when you open the packaging. The contents are great and most of all the chicken soup is YUMMY!
Thank you for sending me Grandma's Chicken Soup Gift Package.
Warm regards, Carolyn Perlow, EVENTMAKERS

Carolyn Perlow - Masschusetts
Soup is delicious! (6/10/2007)
Not only is the mug adorable, the soup is delicious.

Peter - California
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