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I'm Grandma and I’ve been making homemade chicken soup my whole life. My family says I make the most delicious chicken soup this side of the Mississippi and North of Boca!Unique Get Well Gifts, Baskets and Soup Packages


It was my mother who first taught me to cook in her tiny kitchen. That’s where I learned the secret of making delicious chicken soup.

Now my own children, nephews, nieces, cousins, grandchildren, in-laws and friends are spread across the country. Since 2004, with my soup delivery service I’ve found a way to send them a spoonful of comfort and the warmth of my kitchen through the mail! I can send it for you too - even every month - a bowl full of love from Grandma - a delicious taste from my pot of chicken soup.

Click to see Gift Baskets and Soup PackagesGrandma’s Chicken Soup is more than just soup! Soup delivery is a unique get well gift idea, just choose one of our delicious and nutritious soup combination packages. We offer delightful deliveries in a wide variety of Gift Packages that include noodles and matzah balls or just noodles. Grandma's get well gift baskets are sure to please. And if you're not sure which package to send, why not send a Gift Certificate in the amount of your choice! Just see what our customers have to say in some of our many Customer Reviews.

I’ll enclose a special customized card with each loving care package. Look for the one you like best on the Gift Messages page and you’ll be sending lots of love, warmth and best wishes all at the same time!