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Top Notch (6/9/2010)
I send Grandma's Chicken Soup to ALL of my clients when they are sick. It is so personal and such a simple gift. It let's my clients know that I care about them on a personal level and not just because we have business together.

I also appreciate your customer service- it is fantastic and appreciated.

Thank you again!

(Hyatt Hotels and Resorts)

Danielle - Chicago
I was thrilled! (10/18/2010)
I received a soup package and was thrilled! It came with a huge container of delicious chicken soup and noodles - TONS of veggies, not salty at all either. A huge soup mug was filled with VT soup crackers, a soup spoon and a carrot pen. To top it all off, cookies in the shape of a Mama and baby chicken. Beautifully packaged with lots of pretty ribbon and shipped in a nice box with ice packs to keep it cold. Delish!

Kyle - New York
excellent customer service (10/18/2010)
Thank you for your time. And, I will continue to be a repeat customer because you provide an exceptional product backed by excellent customer service.

Thanks again.


Ruby - Michigan
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