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Sorry to hear about grandmas illness (6/27/2019)
So sorry to hear about grandmas Illness her senility has affected her work as she makes chicken soup that is absolutely tasteless. She over charged for her products none of which I would recommend. The cinnamon roll was full of sugar
I’ll send her to Katz’s Deli in NYC to remember what good Jewish food is.

Steve - New York USA
That Challah! (3/4/2019)
We recently ordered Grandma's Chicken Soup for a Crowd along with two loaves of Challah for a party. The soup, of course, had rave reviews. Comments like, ""This is just like grandma used to make- not too salty!"" and then the bread: Where did you get this bread? One of our guests almost consumed the entire loaf. He's from NYC and would like to know where it came from. I remember seeing the word BROOKLYN on it, but am not quite sure because the bread disappeared so quickly along with the soup. . . not a nor matzo ball left. I don't remember it being Boston's Best Cheryl Ann's challah bread (a slightly sweet white bread). Could you let us know where that bread came from? Thanks so much. We will definitely be calling Grandma soon.

Brenda - New York
Maria (1/5/2019)
Love your soup

Maria - FL - Florida
Challah tastes like cake (10/8/2018)
Soup is excellent. Matzah ball soup with chicken and noodles are perfect. So was the challah and potatoes pancakes. Just ordered for a friend the soup and challah. She said the challah tastes like cake.

Beth - Connecticut
I am so glad my daughter had your soup (2/14/2018)
I just wanted to say,”thank you”. My daughter is away in DC at school and had the flu-if she couldn’t have my chicken soup with Cheryl Ann’s challah, I’m glad she had yours! She said everything was “insanely delicious!” Thanks again. Jennifer

Jennifer - Michigan
A more than satisified customer (1/31/2018)
Thank you for your attentive service. My friends in NY raved about how delicious your chicken soup and challah is. I will not hesitate to place orders in the future. You came highly recommended.

A more than satisfied customer,

Linda - New York
Received surgery soup (8/18/2017)
My company sent Chicken Soup, Challah bread and chocolate chip cookies following a surgery. It was the most thoughtful and delicious gift I received! What a fantastic idea for all occasions!

Rachel - Richmond, VA
An absolute brilliant idea (6/22/2017)
What a nice surprise when our package was delivered. We've been dealing with a death and cooking has been the last thing on our minds. The Chicken soup and Challah bread was so good and comforting. Coming to Minnesota all the way from Massachusetts and still being frozen was amazing in itself. I would recommend Grandmas Chicken Soup with no hesitations.

Sue - Minnesota
Liquid Love (4/26/2017)
Aloha, Grandma & friends - My friend Karen, who is recovering from cancer surgery, recently received her gift box of challah bread & soup. She was over the moon! She said she hadn’t had good chicken soup like that since she was a kid in New Haven. Karen more than enjoyed it, it made her feel loved and cherished and warm on a chilly early spring day.

I just wanted to let you know that you are feeding people’s souls as well as their tummies. Wishing you all a very happy Mother’s day and thank you for the “liquid love” that is helping to heal my friend.

Kathleen - Hawaii
BEST EVER (4/5/2017)

Elizabeth - Massachusetts
A little taste of home! (2/2/2017)
My friend just sent me soup & bread after I got hit with a nasty cold. What a wonderful taste of home! It has been years since I've lived somewhere I could easily acquire matzoball soup and this was just what the doctor ordered! Thank you so much Grandma!

Nicole - Utah
Congrats, job well done! (7/25/2016)
Thank you ever so much. My friend who received this gift called me as soon as it was delivered and couldn't stop bragging on how impressive the presentation was and how lovely she felt the gift was........Congrats! Job well done!

M. Brogdon - Maine
Grandmas Chicken Soup (6/25/2016)
THE BEST chicken soup we've ever eaten! You
wouldn't be able to find any
better chicken soup any place.

Judie - Bonita Springs, FL
Praise (1/25/2016)
Mom & Dad (in their 80's) have been struggling with colds & flu for 2 weeks now. They got tired of soup in boxes or cans, so I sent them some of yours, with the challah bread. Mom raves it's better than the medicine, and both of them can digest it easily and feel better. Thanks!

Richard - Michigan
Great (1/18/2016)
Thank you

Lois - Nevada
UNCLE JERRY (12/9/2015)

Grandmas Soup! (12/9/2015)
I love this soup

Best (11/1/2015)
Just the best. Everyone I send it too loves this.

Marcia - Georgia
SUPER (3/2/2015)
My wonderful sister ordered soup and challah bread for me and my family. I am pregnant with my fourth child, living in a new community, and working full time. What a beautiful thing to have at my doorstep. I thanked my sister profusely, but I also want to thank you for existing. I am so excited to have our soup and bread tonight. A Friday night with a delicious healthy meal that I just have to heat and serve…there is nothing better. Thank you a million times over!

Jiorgia - Nome, Alaska
The BEST! (2/6/2015)
I send this as a gift for all occasions and it never fails to delight the recipients. If you can't be with them to make your own, this is absolutely the next best thing.

Joan - North Dakota
"challah" for the soup and bread (11/3/2014)
Not generally a fan of "frozen" soup but this soup made me break that rule! Delicious and I couldn't get enough of the challah bread! I received this as a get well surprise and Grandma's Chicken Soup is always my first stop when I need to send a get well gift!

Elaine - New YOrk
Deeeelicious (8/22/2014)
I have given this gift to so many friends and relatives I've stopped counting. Every time it gets rave reviews.

Muriel - California
Ordered for the 2nd time (6/30/2014)
I just ordered for the second time. The recipients enjoyed the soup and bread so much. Thank you! Grandma's Chicken Soup makes the perfect gift!!!

Druke - Ohio
Thank you so much! (4/8/2014)
Since I first discovered Grandma's online about a month ago, I have ordered gift packages four times - three get-well and one sympathy. Each gift was greetied with oohs and ahhs. They all raved about the soup, challah, mac 'n' cheese, etc. I just wish someone would send me some soup from Grandma's. I may end up sending it to myself if they don't take the hint!

Aurora - New York
Best Medicine Ever (10/18/2013)
My girlfriend sent me this soup after a surgery and it was the best best every. I'm a foodie and I was so impressed with the quality. I'm ordering for my brother now who just had surgery.

Joann - Ohio
Spectacular (12/5/2012)
My girlfriend just received her package of soup and bread and called to tell me that it looks wonderful and the packaging was spectacular. Thank you and I will let you know how they like the soup. She said the bread is so fresh. She is keeping your card to order for others. I'll be in touch.

Cheryl - Minnesota
Best Gift! (3/22/2012)
I didn't even know you existed until I was sent a container of matzah ball soup. a challah and banana bread as a get well gift following some major surgery. It was the best gift ever, and the matzah balls were so big and fluffy. My only personal recommendation would be to cut down on the salt, just a little. Receiving a gift like this beats flowers any day! I will be sure to order some as a get-well gift in the future. This was a REAL treat!

Margie - Golden Valley, MN
Like Rosh Hashanah! (2/15/2012)
I got this because I'm battling the flu, and am not disappointed. It's just like the soup my Mom-Mom used to make for Rosh Hashanah, minus the cement matzo balls! Thanks Grandma!

Carlyn - MA
Rock On!!! (6/6/2011)
My order of Chicken soup and Challah arrived to the Siemen's house, only to delight them with such a wonderful surprise. They plan to have it today after a Dr. appt.
Your gift for making soup reaches the soul, heals the heart and body...brings a song to the day...
Rock on!!!
Thank you, Terry W.

Terry - Connecticut
loved the challah (10/18/2010)
My mom who is 85 received the soup and Challah bread ( which she liked even more than the soup ) last year when she was ill with the flu, she loved it and now gets a package even if she is not sick; and, she lives in NYC !

Elenora, - NYC
for Chanukah (10/18/2010)
I received soup and challah last year from a friend for Chanukah. It was an amazing surprise. Even though I can have my (real) grandma's soup any time, it is certainly on par with her recipe.

Miles - New Jersey
thanks for sending love, vibes and healing (9/13/2010)
(an excerpt from a letter forwarded to Grandma) Thank you so much for sending the love, vibes, healing and

What an astounding gift arrived at our doorstep just in time. How did you know that neither of us would be eating much but that challah and soup tonight? Of course you would, it’s YOU!

Millie - South Carolina
Cures the soul! (6/9/2010)
My husband is undergoing cancer treatment. This soup was definitely the best medicine! What a wonderful gift. AND....I didn't have to cook:-)

Sallie - Long Island, New York
Top Notch (6/9/2010)
I send Grandma's Chicken Soup to ALL of my clients when they are sick. It is so personal and such a simple gift. It let's my clients know that I care about them on a personal level and not just because we have business together.

I also appreciate your customer service- it is fantastic and appreciated.

Thank you again!

(Hyatt Hotels and Resorts)

Danielle - Chicago
a big hug (3/15/2010)
Thanks so much.

When I received your Chicken Soup and Challah it felt like a great big hug!!

Diane - Massachusetts
The bread was so fresh (11/12/2009)
Thank you so much..he did love it and he could not believe how fresh the bread was…thank you.

Mary, - New York
it's not just for a cold (9/3/2009)
I am recovering from Rotator cuff surgery. A good friend sent me a get well pack yesterday. A few hours ago my pain pill started wearing off. Instead of taking another high-powered pill, I tried your chicken soup. It stopped most of the pain.
WOW ---- I was raised knowing that chicken soup was a good cure, but no one ever told me that it was better than Oxycodone for pain

And, It does tastes like MY Grandma's Chicken Soup


Jim - Pennsylvania
Comforting Food at it's Finest! (7/22/2009)
I was absolutely miserable with a headcold and my dear friend wished she could travel to be with me & make me some soup and TLC, but could not. She found you on-line instead; What a Find! The package was very timely, the chicken soup & challah the best I've had (and yes, I'm from a Jewish family), and I felt incredibly loved and cared for! What a great service you have, & terrific packaging, too. Thank You from the bottom of my Heart. I feel better already!

Amy - Pennsylvania
it was the best chicken soup ever (3/4/2009)
Seriously, it was the best chicken soup ever. I remember last year when I decided I was going to conquer chicken soup -- it took FOREVER and was no where near this good. And I will be eating that challah all weekend.

Thank you (AND Grandma!) for a wonderful treat!

Sally, - Washington, DC
That's Fast! (1/7/2009)
Wow, that’s great (and fast!). I will definitely order from you again when the need arises, and also will continue to tell others about you and your great product!

Beth, - New York
Thanks again (12/8/2008)
Thank you again. Your attention to 100% customer satisfaction is what just won me over as a returning customer, and I will gladly recommend Grandma's Chicken Soup to anyone I hear looking to send someone special a get well gift. My girlfriend FINALLY got her soup on Friday around 7:30pm and she loved it! She said it was very delicious and loved her mug.

Thank you once again.

Lain, - California
thank you again (12/1/2008)
I live in Southern California.
My cousin in Northern California had major surgery. I knew if only I could send her my chicken soup, she would enjoy it and feel better. Due to the distance (11 hrs) I knew driving my homemade soup to her was not an option......So I sent Grandma's.......I sent soup, challah and lemon pound cake.....Wow they were impressed with the efficient delivery, and the excellent taste! I was told that everything was outstanding in flavor and freshness! I will not hesitate to use Grandma's again! Thank you for being there!

So. Calif.

Priscella, - California
OMG!!! (6/9/2008)
just got the MOST fabulous gift!!!!!! HOW COOL ARE YOU! I called mom, wanted to know how do you find these things??? I just tore off a piece of bread and had an afternoon snack. Looking forward to dinner for the first time in days!!!!!!

VERY VERY COOL! I told mom she can come over after her meeting and I'd share with her.... thank you so much! Sure beats the lipton cup o' soup i've been stomaching!

Beth, - Chicago
Thanks for the high quality product (5/14/2008)
I just want to take a minute to let you know that my family loved your soup and the bread I sent with it.

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for having a high quality product I would feel good about ordering again.

Mary, - Michigan
a note of thanks (5/14/2008)
Just a note of thanks for packing the above order so well. Both the chicken soup and the Challah tasted great!!! My brother enjoyed it!!!! It arrived cool and ready-to-eat!!!!! Melissa even took the time to call UPS for me to make sure that it was going to arrive as scheduled. And it did!!!!!

Doris, - Alabama
Mother knows best (3/24/2008)
Dear Grandma,
I wanted to thank you for the excellent service I received today. I spoke with Jackie who was patient and beyond helpful. She walked me through my options and could not have been nicer. My mother, introduced me to Grandmaschickensoup. She raved about your service and she was absolutely correct. I plan on becoming a regular customer for all of my gift needs. THANK YOU!

Mary, - Massachusetts
I had to write to you! (3/8/2008)
After learning I have been suffering with a bad cold, my brother sent me a “care package” of your soup, complete with matzo balls, a challah (from a bakery in Chestnut Hill no less) and a little blanket in case I should get a chill. I emailed him twice and called. And now, I am compelled to write you. Is there a real grandma making the soup? If so, we’ll she adopt me? I am not exaggerating when I say the soup I had tonight can only be compared with what my bubbe used to make. The broth was rich and seasoned perfectly. The chicken was moist and tender, like it just came off the bone and the knadle was like a feather! I am originally from the Boston area, now living in Oregon. Before I moved here, I lived in Los Angeles, where there are a number of well reputed delis. No one makes soup like what I had tonight. You have to be invited to someone’s house! Who would have thought you could find such homemade goodness on the internet? It is a great idea and a better product. I know what I am having for lunch and dinner tomorrow!

Barry - Oregon
Thanks! (11/19/2007)
I just wanted to send a quick note to thank you for your service. I am so impressed with your company and have been telling everyone about you. The experience from start to finish was fantastic.

First, when I called to make an inquiry not only did I get a "live" person, but so so pleasant to boot - what a nice surprise. Then I sent an email to make a quick change on the gift card and again - quick and efficient with the change.

The gift package was delivered when promised and most important the receipent was so pleased. But best of all, when I received the call from his wife that the package had arrived safely and that the bread was wonderful and my dear friend was peacefully snuggled up on the couch sleeping with his comfy blanket (soup was in the freezer, as he had just had major surgery and really did not have an appetite yet, but he made sure that it had to stay frozen - because he REALLY wanted that when he was up to eating).

Thank you for making the miles between us shrink a bit - we told them it was a big hug from us!

Dawn, - New York
Love your soup (10/29/2007)
My daughter said it was the best challah she had ever had. And, even though the soup wasn’t Mom’s, it was darned close!


Cathy, - Minneapolis
Love your soup (10/29/2007)
Love your soup and recommend it all the time to those looking for a unique gift idea.

Mark, - New York
The best chicken soup ever (5/9/2007)
I just wanted to let you know that my grandma said that your chicken soup was the best chicken soup ever. She said that she herself could not make a more delicious chicken soup - - - thank you SO much!

Freida, - New York
Great Experience (2/26/2007)
I recently ordered your soup for my parents and I added a Challah Bread to go with it. I happened to have had to travel to their home unexpectedly and got the opportunity to taste your product first hand. Needless to say, I was very happy with your products. The soup was very, very good and the bread was the best we had tasted.

Thank you so much for a great experience. I certainly will pass your website to my friends and family and will definitely purchase your soup again!

Cheryl, - New York
High shipping but worth it! (2/26/2007)
I sent your soup and bread to my mom for Christmas. Just so you are aware. she enjoyed the soup (it just so happened that she was sick at the time, so it came in very handy as she did not feel at all like cooking for herself), As the customer, I found your customer service to be excellent. Your company was able customize my order and it was processed efficiently. The only comment I have is that the shipping costs can be a hindrance to the sale. I know that I had to think twice before I ordered as the shipping was almost as much as the product.. I understand that food is perishable, but maybe you could so some thinking about trying to reduce the cost of the shipping. Otherwise my experience with your company was great.

Marisa - Florida
A Birthday Gift (2/26/2007)
I sent this to my Jewish girlfriend for a birthday gift with matzah balls and noodles and a loaf of challah bread, She lives in Texas and loved it.

CarolAnne, - Michigan
wonderful soup (2/18/2007)
I sent this soup to my daughter who is away at college and feeling homesick. It was just the thing to cheer her up! She couldn't get over what a wonderful idea it was. Indeed, nothing comforts like hot chicken soup on a cold evening.

Sue - Texas
A Very Satisfied Customer (10/18/2006)
Hi Grandma!
I wanted to let you know how very much my mom loved her soup and bread I ordered.I ordered a few days ago and had it sent to her home as a surprise. Her husband is very ill and in a nursing home, recovering and hopefully coming home soon.Meanwhile she has not been eating alotas she is so worried and I heard about you and your yummy, it was a hit! She called me and sounded so happy and said the soup was the best she's ever had..and the bread was wonderful.So, it made her so happy and she ate 2 bowls in 1 sitting. Chicken soup does cure alot.....
Thank you from a very satisfied customer

Maureen, - Ohio
1st Time for Challah (9/13/2006)
We were completely satisfied and will definitely spread the word. My aunt had just come back from a Chemo session with her friend and it was pouring rain in Turners Falls, Mass. Her neighbor brought the package over and since they were starving, she told her friend, "let me open this and then I'll make us some lunch". What a delightful surprise she said and it was apparently her first time to have Challah - and she loved it! I am so glad I was able to find your site, at first I made the mistake of putting in canned soup, but then I think the terms Get well package or basket brought it up.


Jeanne, - California
Better Than a Prescription (1/25/2007)
When my daughter returned from a trip to Israel last year she gave me a bottle of Ahava skin cream which I found very soothing, so when she made another visit last month, I requested another bottle. She called me last week advising me to look for a package and I assumed that it was Ahava Cream. When I went to my door, there was a heavy box which I assumed Ahava cream. However it appeared to be quite heavy for cream and the box read Grandmas - which I thought my daughter had used the box from something she had purchased. Opening the box which was professionally wrapped was YOUR SOUP. Several days later I had to spend a day at the hospital. I had a so so turkey sandwich - which I ate some and left most of it on the plate. My son drove me home and I was hungry, remembering the chicken soup in the freezer, I warmed up a bowl. Better than a prescription!! It was better than my cooking. What a treat! A great, innovative idea! Good luck on your venture

Estelle, - NJ
I've told everyone about your company (1/6/2006)
This is a belated thank you for your wondeful service and products! In December, I ordered 2 gifts from you, - one sent to my daughter, studying for her finals at Cornell, in Ithaca, NY. The other package went to Florida to a friend who is ill. In less that 24 hours my daughter had received her soup! I was amazed and delighted, and even better, - she said the soup was delicious! The package to Florida arrived the day after that, just as you promised. It was the BEST gift, and was very much appreciated!


I wish you a very happy and healthy New Year!


PS. I was so pleased and excited about your company, that i've told everyone i know!

Sheila - MA
A Terrific Cure for What Ails You (11/17/2005)
I received this as a gift from one of my staff members while I was recovering from a back injury. After several meals that my husband "cooked", this was heaven sent. I only wish that you could order extra loaves of the bread!

Teri - Nevada
Huge Hit (4/2/2005)
The soup arrived and was a huge hit with my family. Thank you for

Babe, - CT
My kids thought I made the soup! (1/31/2005)
Your soup and that challah are a delicious combo. Thanks, we enjoyed it so much on Friday night (my kids thought I made the soup myself!)

Jannet - Boston
The Best Challah (1/31/2007)
The challah dipped in the soup is UNBELIEVABLE - it is so delicious! My son is at college and he had a cold - it helped so much - thanks!

Maryanne - Boston
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