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Delicious (11/8/2017)
Delicious and much enjoyed

V - NY
First time ordering (12/3/2016)
Easy to do

Phoebe - North Carolina
loved the mac & cheese (9/19/2016)
Just want to say Thank you for all the delicious treats that were in that package. My son who is fighting a brain tumor loved the mac and cheese the most. Thank you once again. Grandmaschickensoup is a keeper.

Rowena - New York
DELICIOUS (5/18/2016)
My daughter wasnt feeling great and I sent her an order of soup with mac and cheese. She is so excited!!! Keeps sending me texts how delicious the soup and mac and cheese are. I may have to start sending her weekly deliveries!!! LOL! Thanks for making her feel better and me too since I couldnt be there in person to prepare these two favorite dishes.

Karen - New York
martha (2/17/2013)
i have used your site several times and so far... everyone has lived to enjoy more of their life. So obviously grandma's soup does heal the soul

martha - missouri
Great Packaging (12/6/2011)
You girls do some great job of packaging!



(and btw, I found you when you followed me on Twitter.)

MH - Massachusetts
Thank you (4/15/2009)
Hi Grandma,

Thank you for offering up your soup on the web. I've used your site many times to send soup to my friends across the US and each time they tell me how wonderful the soup was!

Keep up the great work and welcome to Facebook!

Laura, - Chicago, IL
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